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Elise Build Guide by Lariena

Elise - The Spider embrace [TT]

Elise - The Spider embrace [TT]

Updated on November 13, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lariena Build Guide By Lariena 16,922 Views 3 Comments
16,922 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lariena Elise Build Guide By Lariena Updated on November 13, 2013
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Welcome on my Elise build.

I will keep this one short. This is not a guide to teach you how to play League of Legends. I don't aim to show you every aspects of Elise gameplay. I focus on developping an item build order that would be efficient for her. Judge me on that. There is certainly many different good items Builds for her. I hope this one is one of them. If I have time, I will upgrade the current build with secondary information.

This build is dedicated to the Twisted tree lines map. I play most of my games in 3v3.
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Elise is a mage assassin that needs to commit her self in melee. This package require us to consider the following factors:

- She needs AP to improve her skill and maintain her deadliness through out the match. However, she have already good dam burst without AP bonus.

- She need to have a defense mechanisme to support her when she will jump in melee. That means, she need HP bonust and/or Armor/Magic resistence to survive in close combat fight.

Not essential, but her abilities, beside her Q, have low cooldown. She could benefit from Cooldown reduction bonus.

Given these needs, here is how I build up my Elise.

My main item will be the Blackfire Torch. It offer a decent boost in AP and it also give us HP and some mana (not very necessairy on her, but it is good nonetheless). The passive on this item also give us a boost in damage, which is perfect for her damage dealer role. The passive works great vs high HP champion, which is perfect for Elise since she isn't as strong as pure Fighters, so she need some way to level down his opponent in terms of resistence. The Passive on the Blackfire Torch will work particulary well in spider form with her Q.

The Blackfire Torch reciepe include the Kage's lucky pick which mean it reduce the real cost of that item and also allow you to reach other items faster. We will take advantage of this, since in 3v3 I like to get my items quickly, because the game doesn't last long.

We start with the Kage's lucky pick. You can buy a potion also, but it is not an absolute necessity. Then after, use the Kage gold bonus to get your Boots. Buy a Rugby Crystal after to make you more resistent in combat. After the Rugby, complete the Sorcerer's Shoes to boost your damage through magic penetration. Once you got your boots, complete the whole Blackfire Torch. If things goes very well, wait a bit before to complete it so your Kage's lucky pick helps you to get the correct amount of gold to complete the item AND to buy another Kage's lucky pick. In normal situation, it is better to complete the Blackfire Torch when you can do so, because it will make you much more deadly, so you will have greater chances to score kills or to help your team in fight.

So once your Blackfire Torch is complete, you need to buy another Kage's lucky pick. This time, it will help you to reach two items. Once you got your second Kage, buy the Giant's Belt for another boost in HP. Later on, it will be part of your Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Once you get the Giant's Belt, complete the Morello's Evil Tome. This item give you a nice boost in AP, since it is build out of the Kage Lucky, it cost less than its actual price. Also, it give you a good amount of Cooldown reduction. The active part of the item will be very useful versus all those fighter who depend more or less on Life leech or Spell vamp, which is the case for many of them. This option is very good for Elise when she will be in Melee, because you cut down one source of sustainment from your adversairy, while you own "W" give you some amount of healing.

After the Morello's Evil Tome, complete the Rylai's Crystal Scepter. At this stage, you need AP boost, which fall perfectly in time, since you got already the defensive component of this item. The passive on the Rylai will help your team to stay on the enemies when they try to flee.

After the Rylai's Crystal Scepter, buy either the Zhonya hourglass or the Abysall Scepter depending on the composition of the enemy team. If most of their source of damage come from AP, then take the Abyssal Mask, if it come from AD go for the Zhonya's Hourglass. If it is mix, well balanced, then take the Hourglass, because the passive on it is very usefull and also Armor might help you more than Magic resitence to stand against AD fighter and champions's passive attacks.

After the Zhonya hourglass, buy the Abyssal Mask or vice versa, if the enemy team is well balanced. If they are not, reinforce your damage output by taking an AP item. The safe bet would be the Void Staff to counter Magic resistence stacks that your enemies could buy to counter your presence on the field. If they don't build up Magic resistence, go for Wooglet's Witchcap.
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For the runes, I go with Magic penetration Marks, Hp per Level Seal to reinforce this strenght developed on this build. I also takes Ap per level for Seal for more damage on the long run. Finally, I complete with the Quint of movement speed, because Elise base movement speed is slower than most Champion, even in Spider form. The Quint help her a lot in many situations. They give you a better controle over the map.
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I hope you enjoyed this build.

Your constructive comments, recommendations and critics are welcome. I take also praises and flatteries = )

On needs and given your comments and critics, I will improve the build.
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[03-11-2012] Build goes online.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lariena
Lariena Elise Guide
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Elise - The Spider embrace [TT]

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