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League of Legends Build Guide Author Starcaller

Evelynn-How to do it better

Starcaller Last updated on May 10, 2011
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Evelynn: AP and AD builds


Evelynn- Anti Jungler

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
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Utility: 21

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Click on the ugly Eve portraits up top to view the builds

Want to see junglers rage-quit? Care to see people burn over a thousand gold on wasted Oracle's Elixir? Do you like to troll without saying a single word? Then you're in the right place!

Evelynn is a stealth, hybrid* damage champion. Since she can be built as a bursty, snowballing assassin, or a sustained damage champion, she has the ability to adapt to her team, and even her enemies.
*Hybrid damage refers to her damage type, meaning, she has a very nice, scaling nuke AP based ability, and a sustained Attack Damage source from Sheen*(like) procs.

As you read on, I will cover Evelynn's main build types, peculiar strategies, and much of your team fighting role throughout the guide. This is a work in evolution, so please use some common courtesy and mind your manners.

These wins below cover BOTH AD and AP Evelynn. They are both very viable builds, with slightly different play styles.

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Well, congratulations, you caught me. As with any champion (except garen, because garen is overpowered), they will often have low health and the like without some items.

So you may ask, "Remedy this Muthaf*cker".

And I respond: How good are your enemies, after all, Evelynn should only die due to 1 of 4 reasons.

1) You're an idiot. IE: You are unstealthed in the middle of their jungle while their entire team is MIA.

2) They have a vision ward and you or your teammates didn't see it drop.

3) They actually got a kill off an oracle because you're an idiot.

4) You died in a team fight. At least you tried. Usually not your fault.

So you may ask again: "Why are you so negative? Not everyone is an idiot."
My answer: If you are playing Evelynn, your deaths are often your fault. Evelynn is all about finding OR creating opportunities for your teammates to grab kills and push towers. If you cannot create or find opportunities, than Eve is certainly not the champion for you.

If you plan on heavy team fighting with Eve (which you should be, every single time), you must choose your enemies wisely. Stunning an overextended target so your team can catch him/her, soloing a squishy character that is clearly away from their team, fighting AFTER the enemy team is pre-occupied with your tank, interrupting ults, chasing down low-health champs, ganking lanes frequently; these are all part of your job description.
br Good Eves know how to teamfight. This guide does not promote just sitting around and picking off low health enemies like a ******ed vulture.

Of course, I wouldn't leave it on that note, I'll explain in detail on how and when are the best chances to make a little bit of luck.

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Evelynn, depending on how you care to play her, is all about some sort of penetration. (I said it, stop giggling). The move quints can be subbed out for pure Arm. or Mag. penetration. Yellows are a bit of a toss-up, so they're free range. Cooldown reduction runes may be used in the glyph spots as you please.

Move Quints: These are invaluable early and late game. Three move quints and a Boots of Speed will land you with 392 movespeed. Considering how quickly you move, on top of your Agony's Embrace I often skip over Boots of Mobility until later in the game, depending on how well I'm snowballing.

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I chose the standard spell-caster skeleton 9/0/21 build to compliment Eve's ability to travel around the map and have her ignite up as soon as possible. Since crit damage is negligible for a champion such as Eve, I chose to forgo the end tree talent points in offense, as you will often find yourself wishing your ignite/teleport was up five seconds sooner, or wish you had a little bit more movespeed.

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AP Evelynn- General Overview

Evelynn has an uncanny ability to heal. You kill, you heal. So if you think you can clean up the four people left on the enemy team with low health, by all means, go for it.

AP Eve is your standard, burst potential champion, and my personal favorite. Once you have witnessed a fed Evelynn 2 shot Ashe, and than proceed to 3 shot Lux, with a Banshee's Veil, you'll come to quickly realize why she can be a lot of fun. AP Eve has a very strong mid-late game, but will taper in effectiveness against tank stacked teams.

AP Eve is best often played as a snowballing champion. The high reward from Mejai's Soulstealer, often outweigh the risks if you're playing cautiously enough. The core build centers around grabbing Mejai's and Lich Bane as soon as possible. Though, playing Evelynn is highly dependent on your ability to coordinate with your team and pull as many murders as you can before the clock hits 20. Most of games generally should end with an opposing surrender, and a decently fed team.

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AD Evelynn- General Overview

Though often considered the less popular build among the two, it does have its merits. AD Eve is centered around sustained damage and chase. AD Eve has an edge over early game Evelynn in terms of damage output, but will often suffer mid-game. With the appropriate item build, she can become a strong force late-game and take towers quickly if the going gets rough.

Highly recommended to get a Defense/DPS item: Frozen Mallet, or similar.

AD Eve can be built as an attack-speed/bloodrazor champion, or even play semi-bursty with pure AD stacking. I personally choose to forgo snowballing items with AD Eve, as you will often be on an enemy champion a bit longer as you wittle them down, opening you to more attack. Though, if you're comfortable enough to snowball without getting counter-ganked, by all means, do so.

Your main build centers around Trinity Force, Infinity Edge OR Madred's Bloodrazor, and a Phantom Dancer. If you plan on going the Bloodrazer route, you may choose to skip over Trinity Force and go straight into Madred's. Though, you will want AT LEAST Sheen before building into bloodrazer.

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AP Evelynn: The Counter Jungler

Evelynn is among the best anti-junglers in the game aside from Shaco. The only real difference that separates you from getting a free kill and not, is your ability to predict when the enemy jungler will move. And a ward of course. A ward.

There's a reason why teleport is taken on all three slots of my builds. It lands you kills. Lots of them. Not just here, but to catch players all over the map.

If you look below, you will find a picture outlining where to place a ward in the enemy jungle.

1) Grab your boots/pot/and then ward. Make sure there is no space in between your items in your inventory, or they'll know you grabbed a ward.
2) Put one point into 'W' and start dashing towards your enemy jungle's Lizard buff.
NOTE: Tell your teammates you will be laning near their red buff, so call out 'top' or 'bot' accordingly if you want that lane. Walking across the map is undesirable. Also, say something along the lines of "Just planting a ward, don't mind me.". Nothing ****s up a jungle gank harder than a bunch of uncoordinated teammates in the enemy jungle.
3) As you hit the riverbed, hit stealth and wait in the bush depicted below. It's rare that people will run through that bush, but be prepared to hit 'W' again if you see someone coming.

4) The buff minions spawn at 1:55 min, so to maximize your time on the ward, hit stealth at 1:40 and plant the ward as depicted below. Throwing down a ward does not break stealth. You will be able to clearly see when the jungler is moving to the two small golems, or is attempting to take the lizard. Now run back to your lane.

NOTE: I choose to go to the red buff because many junglers grab blue first, and will travel to the two tiny golems anyway, and if they're attempting to take the lizard buff, you may end up with both RED and BLUE. Giving you a huge advantage.
5) Now you play the waiting game. The ward should be good up to 4:43-48 minutes if you were precise about the timing; if the jungler does not suck, than this is plenty of time. You should be laning during this period.
6) To port to an object stealthed, hit 'W' and than have your port ready and CLICKED on an object before the 1.5 seconds lag period is over. This should be plenty of time, but will take practice with some.

If you notice the jungler is moving to the two small golems, wait about 4-5 seconds, and THEN port, giving them about 8-9 seconds while they get one golem, and take some damage. If the jungler is taking red buff, make sure you pay attention and see if they already popped their Smite, if they have, wait until the lizard is at 30% health and port over. If not, port to the lizard when it's at 55%-60% health. You ideally want to attack them when they have low enough health, you can do the math, and preferably with the minion attacking them at the same time. Have your ignite ready, you can pop it without getting unstealthed if they're sitting at 50 health.

Note: Enemies cannot see a player port onto a ward unless they are able to see the ward themselves.

TIP: For some reason, there are those who immediately travel to their jungle and begin to "jungle" after a big team fight. If among those who escaped were at low health, this is your time to shine. Just make sure no one had a Oracle or the like.

There are a few champions you may find difficult to gank.
1) A good Udyr: plant the ward anyway, may have lots of health left over.
2) A good Warwick: plant it, but they may have lots of health left over.
3) A good Shaco: due to the unpredictable jungling pattern of Shaco, you may find it difficult to gank him. He may start at red OR at blue, or may be setting up a trap in your jungle. Regardless, I suggest planting a ward, but be very wary of his Jack in the Box(s). If he has a few stacked up and you become unstealthed, you may give him first blood.

Fortunately, unless you're sitting in 1600+ ELO, you probably won't see too many good junglers. So for most players, this strategy will work just fine.

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The above item builds, as always, are a very generalized thing. People often complain if I do not post a build, so with that said, you are free to change it up as long as you follow the same basic pattern. You will often buy Boots of Speed -> (Optional Mejai's) -> Sheen -> Ability Power or AD items -> Survivability or Lich Bane/ Trinity Force.

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Skill Sequence

There's always a little skepticism when it comes to skill order with Evelynn. To clear things up, I generally like to keep two points into Shadow Walk throughout the early levels, as the stealth aspect is very situational. However, it is acceptable to have three points in stealth once you have mastered your DPS ability of choice. Thirty seconds, as you may find, is much more comfortable to a newer Eve player.

THE BIG QUESTION: Ravage or Hate Spike? The truth is, there is no clear cut answer. In my personal opinion, Ravage is very much worth the burst to land you kills on low healthed champions. Some may consider this the "noob" or "KS" type of spec, but this is honestly the best way to go in my opinion. Early game tends to host a lot of tower hugging, so Ravage is a very consistent tower diving and ganking mechanism. A combined Auto-attack followup with a sheen proc is often a guarenteed gank on most half healthed individuals early game. This often opens up a window of opportunity to cast ignite and lessen your time around enemies or towers.

Hate Spike is a wonderful chasing tool, as it only requires proximity, and arguably the highest DPS ability that Eve's arsenal offers. The downside is, hatespike requires proximity. The initial burst from HS will only target the closest enemy unit dealing full damage, than halving it for the next. This creates problems when coupled with minions, some early game team fights, and its overall lack of reach around units.

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Summoner Spells

Acceptable Summoner Spells.

Teleport will be your best friend throughout the game. Evelynn's character, in my opinion is about creating fear in your opponents. The fact that you can teleport in stealthed on any friendly structure or unit is a huge strategic advantage. Not only does that open up other lanes up for ganks as early as level 3 or 4, but the fact that you can counter jungle so easily makes you that much more of a viable team member.

To port to an object stealthed, hit 'W' and than have your port ready and CLICKED on an object before the 1.5 seconds lag period is over. This should be plenty of time, but will take practice with some.

Ignite is my personal favorite when it comes to Evelynn. Not only can you cast it while stealthed, effectively putting you out of harms way if you're just catching someone on the run, but it really shines in taking down powerhouse characters like Vladimir or Swain.

Flash would be the only other real contender, upping your survivability by a ton. The other abilities put you out of stealth, and are really not worth your time or fit your role.

Smite, I have noticed a few Eves in the woods jungle to level two. As effective as this is, it is fairly situational and can really put a damper on your killing potential throughout the game. You may be able to steal a blue or Baron, but you can just as easily steal both buffs from their jungler early game with a little teleport magic. Smite's usefulness tapers off as the game wears on, and does not compare to the benefits of ganking with a well timed teleport and giving you a 6,000% (That's percent. As in, you get 300 gold for a normal kill) gold bonus in comparison to smite.

Trying to steal Baron with Smite: Higher Elo brackets, or any real team that has their heads screwed on right will buy Vision Wards and place them at Baron, putting you in danger, potentially giving them gold, and is really a bad idea all around. You're better off buying wards and placing them in high danger zones for your teammates. I've tried this build myself for 20-30 games. It is very inconsistent, as most teams have Oracle's Elixir and Vision wards up the Wazoo. Assuming you don't die to either, you're doing your team a favor as long as you can join team fights consistently and net your team kills.

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Tips and Tricks

Just a reward for reading on, I'll just list off the tips and tricks that any veteran eve player should know.

1) Always assume that you're unstealthed. The biggest mistake you can make is walking into a Vision Warded bush full of baddies. Feinting in and out of areas to watch your opponents reactions before going in can save your life. Look out for minions hitting you while you're stealthed, that's a huge indicator.

2) Planting a ward and teleporting to it after blue pilling in front of your enemies can land you with a kill or two during laning phase. Just let your teammate know what's up, and land a surprise gank.

3) Pressing 'W' and immediately casting teleport on an object will teleport you stealthed to that location.

4) You can ignite while stealthed; does not unstealth you.

5) During laning phase, you can land a surprise tower gank by stunning a opponent if they get cocky and start hitting your tower till the last minion. Just time your stun right with the last minion death.

6) If you have Guardian Angel, any and all effects that took place after you 'died', including heals from your Agony's Embrace and a Shadow Walk queued before the event, they will both take place before you are targetable again. Meaning, it is possible to resurrect completely healed and stealthed before reviving.

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Team Work / Team Fights

In progress... don't mind the dust. :>