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Evelynn Build Guide by Rattray

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rattray

Evelynn, still viable, still deadly.

Rattray Last updated on August 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Why this guide, why now?

My favorite champion have for a long time been the sexy little smurf Evelynn, who unfairly has gotten a lot of hate through her life time.

So when I saw they where going to remove my delicious stun and on top of that change stealth I sat down on the couch opened up some ben & jerry's, watched a girly movie and cried myself to sleep.

So I woke up 4 days later... 20 pounds heavier, covered in chicken wings, ice cream and some unmentionables that I won't go further into.. I realized that something had to be done... I wouldn't give up on my one true love this easy... this was not how it was suppose to end.

Alright enough jibbledabble! now onwards to the sweet stuff!

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So since the recent nerf of Evelynn's Shadow Walk I have heard people call her the most useless champion currently ingame, witnessed countless of people queue dodge or go "ooh please not eve" in almost every match setup just to find that I pretty much end up carrying the whole game.

In this guide I hope to enlighten people and change this generalized view on my beloved smurf, and show that if played right - she can still be a huge benefit for the team - and not a squishy, useless burden that most people currently see her as.

One of the most important, well... probably the most important and hardest part as eve to get right is to know when you pick a fight and when you don't. You need to have a good overview of what's going on around you, you'll find that as eve you almost constantly take peeks at your map for ganking opportunities.

There are quite a few ways to build eve successfully - so you might wan't to play around with this till you find a style that fits you - I have added my build, and I recommend you try it out, it might look a bit weird at first - but it's very effective.

What you bring to the team is a killing machine that can be everywhere on the map in the matter of seconds, you're a great multilane harasser, a great scount and a formidable counter jungle. Also a little tip, after using this playstyle for a while you'll find that you almost never die, so pick up an Oracle's Elixir and those wards can suck your smurfy high heels (this is also something great about eve, buy the elixir early and during your roaming you will screw up the enemy's map control big time by wrecking all their delicious wards, the elixir is mandatory if the enemy has Teemo)

Anyways! another wall of text down, hope you're still hanging in there - now onwards to more goodies.

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Pros / Cons


- Great Mobility.
- Great Ganker due to stealth and massive movement speed.
- Insane carry / anti Carry (When exhaust is up you can kill each and every carry in the game, even trynde with ulti will bow to your mighty boots)
- Potential for great map control.
- Great at picking up runners.
- Can keep going with returning to base due to ulti.
- Actually not that item dependent.

- Rather squishy - but you can work around this
- sight Ward / Oracle's Elixir are your nemesis - counter with own oracle / oracle wearers can still be jumped with ulti + ghost combo - they wont see you coming till it's too late anyway.
- Watch out for dots - you restealth will be prolonged by these.
- Rather weak early game - you make up for this with ganking early (more of this later)
- You will be focused! - (learn to pick your fight, can't be stressed enough)

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Summoner Spells

I know that you might think, eve without flash?! by the grey beard of Gandalf, this guy must be ******ed! but just bear with me... yes I said bear...

Exhaust is an extremely flexible skill and has various uses - I mainly use it for 3 things:
First blood (I will explain this later)
Escape (pretty much explains itself, pop exhaust - run - restealth)
1vs1 (very usefull against champions as Tryndamere and Jax - (tip ganking trynde - jump him, spamming q - he will drop fast cuz he's very squishy apart from the ulti - he pops ulti, you pop exhaust and avoid the massive damage he would normally do and you got yourself a kill)

Actually... I only take ghost over flash cuz I'm a movement-speed'O'holic and I don't want people to get away - I recommend new players pick flash, cuz towerdowing without flash requires a bit more experience and so does surviving - though it's still more than possible to do.

Ghost is also great for chasing/escaping and will pretty much guarantee you restealth.
Also - a reason I pick this over flash is how amazing it actually is on eve, for example - you approach a mid that's around 60% hp - you pop ulti and start spamming q, they flash - you pop ghost and you will catch up to them at the tower, kill them - and since ghost is 11.5 seconds, and you gain hp from killing the poor bastard, you have enough time on your ghost to turn around and run the fudge away.

I also use this to counter Oracle's Elixir (as previously mentioned, ulti + ghost and they will not see you coming before it's too late regardless of their shiney dot hanging over their smirkey faces!

I always play with ghost/exhaust - but you might wanna try some of the below listed - it's all about finding your style.

Flash - Great escape, great "over the wall/tree" chaser.
Teleport - Map control, more gankability, more pushability... (but I find mobility boots do pretty much the same job)

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The 9/6/15 build gives you good overall stats for everything that eve needs:

Takes what she needs from offensive, some early game survivability from defensive and some great roaming masteries from utility - mana regen, movement speed and xp are all great for this purpose.

I tried around with different masteries, but these suit me the best and I've found them very effective.

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Skill Sequence

Evelynn's skill sequence have changed drastically compared to the old Deathfire Grasp - Ravage - Lich Bane proc burst that instantly removed squishies from the face of the earth.

I now focus on leveling Hate Spike first since the damage from this ability is actually massive when you get Sheen

I pick Ravage at lvl 5 as it's a decent opener and provides mr reduction which boost Hate Spike damage.

I know that many eve's doesn't really level Shadow Walk more than once and then focus on damage, this is see as a mistake - eve's biggest force comes from this ability - yes I focus on hate spike - but I get this as second priority for counter jungle / scouting purposes.

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Evelynn is all about getting a good start since you will be week with 1-2 early kills.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration for dmg on hate spike
Greater Seal of Health survivability early game
Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction Hate spike more spamable / faster restealth
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power early game dmg on hate spike
Greater Quintessence of Health early game survivability

There are many ways to build this and it's not that important, I just find the insight marks mandatory - other than that, play around with it till you find what suits you.
I'm not saying this is the best, this is what suits my play style - I like the early game boost this setup gives and the utility they give throughout the whole game.

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I start of with Doran's Shield for the sole purpose of early game - it helps me stay in lane, where I want to reach lvl 3 before going back to base where I buy Boots of Speed

After this I rush Sheen which is your core item on evelynn - this fella boosts your damage by a poopload...

Wit's End I love this item on eve, it helps you take down ap carry's easier and the passive scales well with you spike spam

Trinity Force when you get this bastard, you'll notice the enemies go down fast - and I mean fast, your hate spike spam will now be one of the strongest dps in the game and you actually will not need more dps at this point.

Usually the game is pretty much over at this point, but if it's a long one the last items are situational and I switch between 3 choices:

Banshee's Veil if the enemy is cc or ap heavy this is your friend, upon your initiate you can block out the cc and they will slam their keyboard while they watch their hp bar deplete against your delicious spikes!

Sunfire Cape this is actually a really good item on eve, more survivability from the armor and hp... and passive, by the bearded dragon do we love this passive - the combined damage from this, wit's end, and the hate spike / trinity spam... is insane... there are no words for this... sorry.. got a wee bit emotional there... carry on...

Madred's Bloodrazor in rare cases I pick this up after my trinity if it's a particularly tanky team, this item scales very well with eve's stats as well.

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Ok so I've picked up eve again a few days ago and came up with the above build, which I find is an effective way to play her - I've won the last 10 out of 13 games and still getting fed on the ones I've lost being the number one carry in many of the games.

Make certain that you go to your lane with someone who can handle themselves since you'll be roaming a good part of the game - I found for example laning with Mordekaiser being very effective.

Early game you focus on last hitting with hate spike till you're around lvl 2-3 then take some damage and pretend you're going back - but go mid, set this up with you mid player and jump the him. this will either waste their flash or get you a first blood, I've gotten a lot of first bloods with this tactic, rinse and repeat this a lot early game - your mid will outlevel theirs and outfarm cuz theirs is forced to spam buy wards. (if ward is up, wait for them to be around the middle of mid - come their side of mid with either ghost or ulti and you have yourself a kill (had a few people ragequit over this =D)

Mid and late game you'll pretty much be all over the map, you're going to scout the map, destroy their wards, steal their jungle, gank and pick up runners in team fights.

In teamfights you are not as weak as you might think Agony's Embrace and Hate Spike is your bread and butter here, the trick is to wait till the fight starts and jump their carry, he/she will die fast - you will be focused, but you just gained health from ulti - you spam q for massive damage on 2 targets - more often than not you will survive because of the hp you gain from ulti when someone dies, and get away with double or tripple kills, this happens often if you manage to get fed early... trust me on this, it takes time to master but when you get there - your enemies will rage like them german kids you see playing cs on youtube!

Other than that I can pretty much just say, be a team player - spread those wards, wreck theirs - gank as often as possible - be aware of the map at all times - and most importantly, know when and when not to pick a fight.

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What I got out of this build

Here's some pictures of how I've done with this build so far



I think that pretty much covers it, hope you've enjoyed the annoying wall of **** and I hope that I changed your view on evelynn so that when you queue with me in the future, you wont leave me all alone crying!

Tell me what you think, and if you have any idea's for improvements - I'm always open to try new things.

Finally I want to Thank everyone who died in the progress to make this guide possible.