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Evelynn Build Guide by Polski Twardziel

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Polski Twardziel

Evelynn The Widowmaker - Guide To Solo Queue Evelynn Jungle

Polski Twardziel Last updated on August 31, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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What's good summoners. Evelynn is my absolute favorite solo queue jungler in all of league of legends. Now, here's some questions you might ask yourself.
-Why Evelynn?
-Why jungle her?
-Why isn't she banned if she's so great?
**Why Evelynn?**
Why NOT? Evelynn is and always will be the greatest assassin. Even if you are a terrible Evelynn, you are forcing the enemy team to constantly purchase vision wards. EVEN IF YOU CAN'T KILL AN ENEMY IN LANE WHEN YOU GANK, Show yourself to them. Attack a minion or walk in range so they see you. It will spook them enough to buy a vision ward. That's helping you lane out by forcing the enemy to spend that hard earned gold.
**Why jungle her?**
It's not worth it to play her mid or top, sure you can poke pretty hard but you are very squishy and there is really no point to doing it because then you are wasting your ability of being invisible.
**Why isn't she banned if she's so great?**
Sometimes, she is. When you see an Evelynn banned in a game, chances are whoever banned her got butt hurt from losing to her in a previous game. Unfortunately for Evelynn, not many people play her. But FORTUNATELY for me and you, not many people play her (:

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Runes are self explanatory. Always armor yellow. The ability power and attack damage help massively with your Q. Especially since you spam that bad boy like no tomorrow in the jungle.

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21 for very fast jungle clear , 0 because there is no point in being an assassin if you need to go tanky, and 9 so you can get a hold of that Runic Affinity mastery. Helps with blue buff a lot.

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Ranked Play

Like I stated before, Evelynn is rarely banned. She's a great pick. If your team as much as starts the sighs or the "omg troll" when you lock in Evelynn. Mute them immediately. I have not had one bad game with Evelynn. No matter who I'm against I always do massive damage. It is hard to pick up kills depending who you are teamed with but the damage you do can go anywhere from 150-260,000 at the end of the game. Which is pretty decent.

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Pros / Cons


    Outstanding ganking capability
    Force vision wards on the enemy team
    3 shot capability late game on adc's and apc's
    Vision wards or oracles and it's GG for you
    Not a lot of sustain especially when your build does not include spellvamp

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Creeping / Jungling

Now. The important part. Start blue, always get somebody to watch river bush. It's really scary playing Evelynn. Their team may be scared of you, but they understand how blue buff starved you are. If you get invaded, and lose blue buff and die or escape and have no possible way to solo their blue or get to it, your new primary goal is roaming their jungle invisibly preferably waiting at red to kill their jungler who took your blue, to take it back. Blue buff for Evelynn, is life.
Now if blue buff is life, won't mid get mad when you don't give him blue? No. Your blue buff, is the enemy blue buff. Assume their jungler is starting blue. Jungle how you normally would, don't go invade their jungle, don't try to counter jungle or kill them in their jungle, focus on yourself and your team. But at exactly 7:00 you want to have one ward, and you want to be in their blue bush. Ward the other side towards wolves to see anyone incoming, and you take that blue as fast as you can at approximately 7:10-7:15

Start blue, get level 2. Rush to red as fast as possible. Clear and smite red to obtain level 3. Run mid, force a flash. Go invis, run top, force a flash top. Come back mid for a kill, go back top for another kill. Make sure to tell your team not to burn any summoners when you first gank for you are only there to waste the enemy summoners. Then you are set. Back and get your spirit and boots and gank and farm and gank and farm and gank and farm. And you're GOLDEN PONY BOY!

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Team Work

Self explanatory. Try to get a leona on your team. Leona ult on 2 enemies = your ult on 2 enemies = approximately 500 hp shield level 6 for you. That's pretty amazing for any fight.