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Ezreal Build Guide by DN 8Shot

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DN 8Shot

Ezreal - AD Assassin & Carry

DN 8Shot Last updated on March 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome summoners, I am DN 8Shot.

I'd like for you to read, test, and provide feedback for my Ezreal, The Prodigal Explorer Guide!


Why use this more expensive build?

The reason I tend to use this specific AD Carry/Assassinator build more often than the early game domination that or provide, is I tend to want to have the game lengthen to late game, so that most of my specific meta-golem teams are at their full potential. Though I will not always use this build, I do use items like if my team is more an early game domination complexity, like , .

Why Ezreal, as to other AD Carries?

Ezreal is never completely useless, or underpowered like many say. Ezreal, in my opinion, is one of the stronger AD Carries in League of Legends, sure he may not have any CC or Steroids, but he has an amazing ability to grant free positioning, free attack speed, and a high-damage, game-changing Ultimate (specially when combined with other ultimates).

What is this Guide For?

In this guide I will be thoroughly explaining how to use Ezreal as an effective AD Carry early game, mid game, and late game. So please, take your time in reading, and if you want, apply some feed back in the comments down below, on what I could add/remove, or what makes more sense than something else, statistics - whatever you think could help this guide. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy Ezreal!

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Ezreal - Pros & Cons, Rune Choice

+Great farmer
+Great harasser
+Nearly unbeatable early game by an opposing ADCarry
+Amazing passive
+Your Ultimate is uninterruptable!

-Very squishy
-Relies more on autoattack than abilities late game.
-Difficult to master
-Passive is fairly hard to keep up w/ limited mana

Rune Choice, and Why!

Main Rune Set

Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Mark of Desolation x6 Greater Mark of Might x3
Decent amount of Armour penetration, and the AD Per Level makes your scale very well throughout the laning phase, combined with the mastery ADPer Level and Ezreal's base AD per level (which is pretty high).

Greater Seal of Resilience x9
These provide a great amount of Armour for your early game, and even benefit you greatly late game combined with Ezreal's Armour per level, and your +6 Armour from the masteries.

Greater Glyph of Shielding x9
The MR per level really helps you against aggressive supports like & , or even .
It also helps late game (giving you roughly 82.5 MR) when dealing with those annoying AP Carries that can burst you down significantly easily if they can get a hold of you.

Greater Quintessence of DesolationGreater Quintessence of Desolation x2 Greater Quintessence of Mightx1
The reason for only two/one is because you end up with 16.62 Amour Pen. and roughly 3.8 AD Per level (combining Runes/Masteries/Ezreal's AD Per Level).

This was 26 Minutes In-Game (Mid-Game) and if doing very well what your build should be at/look like, unless you differed from the original

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Summoner Spells

The reason for Ignite rather than or is because of or , , . The Ignite (timed right) will annihilate an AD Carry or Support healing or attempting to heal by reducing it immensely, usually allowing you to pick up an easy kill or two.

The reason for Ghost rather than is because Ezreal already has a built-in Flash: . If you manage your mana correctly and take caution of when to use it, this will be your flash more often than the summoner spell ever would. Ghost also helps you keep up with fleeing opponents that are near-death, and Ghost can often outrun Flash if used right, and you'll kill them even after Flashing.

Other Summoner Spells

is often a great spell to have even on for the same reason as ; provides a secondary form of escape and/or offensive ability.
ie. You can over one wall, then over the next, incase another champion you are escaping from also has a flash to chase you with, you have two!

is another great spell to take if you really want to have that early-game domination against your opponents in lane. Having both and can allow you to be very, very aggressive with your opponents, and be able to zone them effectively since your E can catch them if they flash. If you can also farm effectively while zoning them/dominating them with both of these summoner spells, all the power to you, you'll see how powerful having two offensive abilities like this is. But again, it's up to the summoner what they want to use.

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Ability Sequence, and You!

Rising Spell Force
is your main scouting ability, and source of attack speed early and mid game. The reason is great for scouting, is that you can fire your or in to a bush, if you play like I do constantly moving your camera, this passive will be the best scouting tool for you. The fact that with can scout multiple opponents in the bush (ie. You hit 3 opponents with , your passive will have 3 Stacks.) This passive tends to make have a much higher attack speed than all AD Carries except , due to her's increasing her attack speed by 90% Lv.5.

Mystic Shot
early and mid game is your main source of harassment, and quick bursts of damage. There are so many uses out of this ability, from long-ranged farming to combining your in between Auto Attacks to quickly burst your opponents, for a powerful punish... well and the 50 Mana Cost, which is ridiculously low.

Essence Flux
is definitely not an ability you want early/mid game. Which is why I don't take it until level 13. It's primary use on AD Ezreal is to boost your allies attack speed while attacking turrets, or team fighting. It does minuscule damage to opponents, and has a moderate mana cost, thus; pretty useless early/mid game.

Arcane Shift
is your main ability for positioning, escaping, and sometimes DPS. This is probably one of the best teleports in the game, next to Kassadin's in my opinion. It has a decently low cooldown, and moderate mana cost, and is quite effective for free positioning in team fights, while providing a substantial burst against opponents. This skill is maxed second due to it's damage, and cooldown alone. Left at level 1, it has a ridiculously long cooldown, and will not be much use to you as it would being at level 5 once you're level 12.
Arcane Shift is also one of your best abilities for kiting/dodging. You'll note that, if timed right, you can completely dodge skillshots/cones: A Skillshot or Cone has a projectile(s) that you can actually shift right through it, and still be in the face of the AD Carry that attempted to hit you with it ( , , , ). The amount of kite/dodging Ezreal gets from is pretty ridiculous. What's even better about it is it's an ability, and not an ultimate like 's (although 's is on a 4 second cooldown.)

How to Use Your Abilities Most Effectively

When laning and harassing the enemy your obvious course of action will be to hit your opponents with - however, you'll want to be very conservative with your mana and when to use .
Your main course of harassment / early killing will be using & in combintation inbetween autoattacks. (ie. Attack, Shift, Attack, Mystic Shot, Attack) for a relatively quick burst of damage that nearly outdoes any ADCarries early game damage.

When in Team Fights, your general Skill Sequence will be:
- - -
Repeat this order during most team fights / skirmishes to have the most effective dps mid game. Late game you'll be a lot more reliant on your basic attacks, however if you recently used , keep using to reduce it's cooldown further, and further thanks to mystic hsot's passive.

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Essence Flux, Why?

Essence Flux

There is a huge reason why you shouldn't normally take a point in to until Lv.13+ - and the biggest reason: there is no point early game for you to even have this ability, it does minuscule damage at level 1, and only provides an attack speed buff/nerf to your allies/enemies not yourself. Early game and even a portion of mid game this ability is nearly completely useless to you because of the fact that taking points in to or is of much more importance considering these two abilities along with your Auto Attack will be your main source of damage when harassing and killing opposing team members. has a pretty significant damage output early and mid game, and the may scale off of AP, but it's base damage can get pretty high and when hitting an enemy with it while they are escaping can do a good deal of damage - especially if it's the last hit and you aren't exactly in range to autoattack ('s range is 625).
is a good ability on AD Ezreal for his team members, but it's even better on AP in which you would max it first, however you can stat up any way you want - I'm merely strongly suggesting you do not take a point in to this ability until level 13. Your other two abilities are far more important and crucial to your early game damage than .

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Trueshot Barrage, and How to Use It!

Trueshot Barrage
Ezreal's Ultimate, probably one of the best abilities in my eyes in the game for an ultimate, it does quite significant damage on both AD and AP Ezreal (however, much more on AP Ezreal), and has so many uses from sniping stragglers, putting out massive dps during a team fight, or as an initiating ability. Even combining your with inbetween autoattacks, you will do devastating early game damage to your opponents in lane.
There are also many big reasons not to use , for example: Never use Trueshot Barrage mid/late game in a team fight, if you're already autoattacking, you'll deal significantly more damage using your autoattack and/or than waiting the 1.5 second Channel time to fire your ultimate. Your primary use of this ability, will be to pick off stragglers for easy kills in other lanes or your own lane, or both!.
Thanks to BottlecapsGames for the video

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Your Enemies, and What Supports are for You!

- -
Sivir, Vayne & Graves
These champions will give you the most trouble in lane.

How to fight a

will no doubtingly give you the most trouble in lane. Her early game burst is comparable to yours, and her will be used to negate most of your and especially your . I've found that the best way to beat a in lane is to play mostly passively and focus on last hitting/harasssing the enemy Support. Make sure to stay behind minions, and when positioning to fire your watch out for those 's!

How to fight a

is a bit easier than Sivir to fight in lane, but a bit harder to fight in lane than a . 's will give you a run for your money when you're trying to position yourself correctly with . If you shift nearer to a wall, the will likely in to a wall, which usually means you're dead or near it, as that combined with her is pretty deadly. My suggestion to laning against one is to wait for her to use her to harass you, when you see it, use: Attack, , Attack - and you'll output nearly three times the damage she would to you.

How to fight a

is one of the easier champions to fight in lane as Ezreal, his is fairly easy to dodge/shift past, and it's easy to out-dps him as he has a very slow base attack speed. However, is especially deadly when he successfully combines and , this combo can do such high damage in a short period of time, that's quite a bit greater than 's. However, farming versus a Graves, and being able to sustain through the 's are fairly easy to do as it doesn't do as much damage as it used to.

There are three specific supports that are great with

Having a

is probably the best support to have around when you're . Her constant health/mana restoration will make your early game and lane-sustain just that much more over powered! The mana costs for 's abilities are already fairly low, and the huge mana boosts from pretty much keeps you at inifnite mana, and too, since costs 0 mana. I would suggest having your Soraka to take instead of , and to max out and first, so that your lane/mid game presence is just devastating and never-ending.

Having a

is another extremely great support to have around. I prefer having in lane if I'm against a in lane, as I can be very aggressive with the bonus ad from to improve the damage of your even further. Not to mention if you need the quick get-a-ways her 's movement speed boost is a great help in combination with your . Her is also a great, low-cd healing mechanic, however I wouldn't have her max that out over if you're dominating your lane from harassment and strength.

Having a

is probably your best pick if you want a lane that is mainly focused on zoning, and poking your enemies to death. 's combined with can do up to a 75% of your opponents HP in a chunk, proceeding to finish them off with your Ultimate. is a great support with because of the pokes, the great heals from and the awesome . Honestly, is probably my favourite support to have around just because of the vast versatility of both their kits combined, they make for a powerful bot lane combo.

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The Annoying Ones

These few champions, will give you a lot of trouble.

- - -
Tryndamere, Volibear, LeBlanc & Fizz

Dealing with a

Assuming your top lane didn't utterly feed , he is still fairly difficult to fight face to face with . Though you can kite him often with , he can often catch you with it using . I'd say the best way to deal with is to have an ally by your side that can provide a decent to great form of cc effect(s), as doesn't have any, it makes versing just that much harder. Though if you're having trouble with him going straight for you in every team fight, I suggest you get a to compensate while your team punishes him for targeting you - and you're waiting 2.5 seconds to revive.

Dealing with a

is a very annoying tank to deal with / kill as . Kiting him is fairly difficult due to , you can't really away because it lasts quite long, and he can usually catch you after unless you shift over a wall. His is also very, very painful - and combined with , you probably won't kill him by yourself because of the execution combined with massive health regen. Best way of dealing with this guy is to stay away from him generally, and have your allies focus him after the carries are down in team fights, or you can build a to counter his HP Stacking, and save your for his .

Dealing with a

She... is just probably your worst nightmare in a game. You should honestly never one versus one a , as she can usually two-to-three shot you using her sigil of silence and or - however, if you can get the jump on her she is one of the squishiest champions in the game, with the lowest base resists and hp per level. If you can manage to quickly burst her down before she can even realize what's going on, you're fine. But if she's ever missing from her lane, don't overextend unless you know where she is, because she will find you, and she will two shot you. All, the, time. The best way of beating a is to wait until late game, where your attack damage and critical strike power is so high, you can generally 3-5 shot her, or even use your to halve her HP instantly, usually causing schism to proc.

Dealing with a

is just a pain in the ***. Seriously, he is. He contains more late game burst than almost any champion in the game, and his combined with is very, very deadly to squishy AD Carries like . Also, you really want to watch out for when you time your on a , as he can usually just over your . I find the most effective way of dealing with a is similar to , although since he scales a lot harder than late game, you'll definitely want him to focus most of his fire on your tanks / metagolems before you enter the team fight to immediatly burst him and the ad carries down.

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Other AD Item Choices, the Early Game!

Other Recommended Builds

Note: You can differentiate the build in any way you want, or that fits you!

Build Two

Note: Build particularly useful vs. AD-Heavy teams.

Build Three

Note: Build particularly useful vs. Tank-Heavy teams

Build Four

Note: Build particularly useful vs. AP-Heavy teams.

My Early Game Starting Choice

I would suggest to use these items if you're not doing too well early game. I would rush a with for the extra armour penetration, cooldown reduction and damage. If you don't have a healing support, or a support with then getting a early on will definitely help you in lane, and give you a component for mid/late game.
The reason I go with this build for a not-so-good early game is it tends to scale very well throughout the game, but doesn't has quite less damage late game than that of my original build (remember these builds are not required, you can change it as you please while you play games with .) However, this build does seem to work very well against a meta-golem kind of team late game, as you have quit a bit of survivability from , and . Enemies will nearly never escape you because of 's proc, and your even amount of crit chance and damage will keep you almost up to scale with the other ADCarries that may have built pure damage / crit heavy.

Why to Take or Not Take

is a great item, on quite a few champions in League of Legends, however it's not always the best item to get in a lot of situations. provides substantial buffs in nearly everything you could want in an AD Carry, but it doesn't provide the best buffs in any aspect. I consider Trinity Force a more of a survivability-type item in a meta-golem or damage-heavy team that can focus you down easily without you being able to do much against them. The 150% AD Proc Bonus from is also very great to have in sync with your , the reason being is that when you cast your , the proc goes off at the casting point, when hits, it uses the same proc that it triggered, 'causing you do deal roughly three times the damage your normally would to an enemy.
But, there is a downfall with this. Late game the tanks or meta-golems will often intercept your for the opposing carries and supports, and this can greatly effect your damage output in a team fight if you aren't careful at when/where to shoot your . Both builds, are very effective, and both very pleasing at what each one does. You can alter any build however you want, and if you happen to find item choices that are seemingly better than the two I've provided, provide feedback and I'll make sure to make a Chapter and explanation as to what that build is used for, what it specializes in and what kind of team to use it with.

Situational Substitute Items

Maw of Malmortius
is an extremely great item to have if you have a few deadly AP Carries on the enemy team, specifically a - his will often be negated by the 450 Magic Damage shield provided from 's Unique Passive. However, it's not all this great addition for an item can do - it also has the potential to give you a total of 75-94 extra damage from it's base AD Buff, and it's secondary passive: *+1 AD for every 2.5% HP Missing = +20AD @ 50% Missing HP, +39 @ 99% Missing HP* - it also gives a fair amount of MR to even further screw over those damned 's.

Madred's Bloodrazor
is definitely an item you want if most of the opposing team is stacking hit points, and not much resists. The additional HPShred on top of your critical strikes is quite devastating to HP Stacking champions like , or . It also provides substantial damage due to the recent buff, and a nice attack speed bonus, as well as armour, so there isn't much to lose when you get this item versus an HP Heavy team.

Guardian Angel
is a very nice item to have if the opposing team is doing nothing but going straight for you - no matter what. While you're waiting the 2.5 seconds to revive, your allies will likely take down one or two of them and have them scatter from your corpse, allowing you to lifesteal your way back to full HP as you're killing off the rest of their team with your allies, however *is* a situational item due to it giving somewhat sub-par resists, and passive that is only useful in team fights.

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Courage Today, Victory Tomorrow!

This has nothing to do with the build, but a presentation to those Ezreal players who haven't seen exactly what this is. PULSEFIRe EZREAL WHERE