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Ezreal Build Guide by damster

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author damster

Ezreal - AP or AD?

damster Last updated on January 14, 2012
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Still in progress!

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This build is my first one, so first of all if you think it's bad or anything just comment it. Im begging you, if you rate, comment it aswell. Also sorry for few mistakes as im not familiar with this creating build system yet.

I heard many times from my friends - AP or AD ezreal? I keep finding only AD builds as the top rated here on Mobafire, but i also think AP ezreal is not a really bad idea. Well the only idea i got was making him hybrid - AP and AD carry. Why? He does decent damage with his Q and W, and his ulti is not as powerful as it could be but it does decent damage to the escapers or helps in teamfights.

Hope you enjoy it and feel free to add me on LoL: damster1337

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Summoner Spells

I reccomend those!

Flash My favorite spell of all time. Ezra gains incredible escape possibilities with Flash and his E. Or chasing ;)

Exhaust I get this because it's great for slowing the enemy, and with the option of your ultimate you can really kill him easily, even if he is trying to escape.

Teleport If you're playing mid, it's a great spell since ... you know alright. You can back up and be back in few seconds.

Can be!

Clarity Ezreal has sure big problems with mana. It's really annoying, im having enough mana not even in the mid-game sometimes. You have to get used to it, if you don't, take this

Ghost Great spell, also great for chasing & escaping. Instead of flash, i see less options you can do with it. Flash can go throught walls

Cleanse I think you can use this one too, but remember you will have only the flash-spell, so you're not going to escape out of a gank with this so easily.

Just ... no.

Heal I hate people who pick this. It helps but the feeling when someone survives just because of a heal is even worse than the one you have, when you see a team with 5 heals.

Pretty much the rest ... not so useful spells or support spells. Nothing to say about, here :)

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Well there are two options. I don't put here the exact runes because it depends on your game style. But i prefer the Offense option number 2.

1. Defense

If you are not that good at escaping or you just want to play more deffensive, take similar runes to tank runes (health & armor & magic resist)

2. Offense

If you are good at harrassing and not completely new to squishy champs, take those. Basically you can make them as you want, but i got some armor and magic pene + attack.

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Pros / Cons


Insane damage with abilities and autoattack
Easier way to play ezreal than pure AD
Insane harassing
Can play mid or lane
No more "omg, he survived my ulti, impossibru!"
W is awesome to teamfights and harassing through creeps
Best dance in the game
So much fun!
No CC (crowd control)
If you have bad early game, it's harder

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Creeping / Jungling

I don't reccomend this champ as a Jungler, tbh haven't tried it yet.

Creeping is really great with Ez, nothing more to say, by building both ways you can autoattack them and from time to time finish one with Mystic Shot.

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Early game i focus on AD, because later on you will buy some AP on already maxed spells. But get sheen ASAP, because of your mana. After you have 6 items you can sell Doran's blade and the rest is pretty much your choice, if you feel like not having enough mana buy Manamune, if you need some healh buy Frozen Mallet. I personally buy Frozen Mallet, but it depends on your style again.

Doran's Blade - self explanatory. Not as squishy in the beggining, you can heal a bit from creeps and give decent damage

Berserker's Greaves or Boots of Lucidity Great for your attack speed/cooldown. Choose what you feel like, but in late-game you can sell Greaves for Lucidity, because you gain attack speed with your passive & Nashor's Tooth.

Sheen gives a bit of AP, and MANA! Finally!

Trinity Force ultimate, must-have item on Ezreal. Gives you health (not so squishy anymore), gives you attack skills, gives you AP. Just perfect for this build.

Hextech Gunblade here starts the true powers of Ez, the explorer. Also with the passive spellvamp, you regain health very fast - no need for The Bloodthirster as it is in most AD builds!

Guinsoo's Rageblade same as the item above ^^

Force of Nature or Thornmail or Guardian's Angel, if your opponent's team is 3+ AD's (or fed ones), go for thornmail, if 3+ AP's (or fed ones) buy force of nature, if it's 2:2 and tank or support, buy guardian, the passive is really useless sometimes because you die anyway but with your Flash and Arcane Shift you can escape pretty fast

Frozen Mallet With this item you finally lose the squishiness, although i got only once to this item. Gives you also some more AD, on this point you should have pretty the same AD and AP. :)

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Skill Sequence

There is no real combo for Ez, but i always use first Essence Flux and then Mystic Shot because it has lower range and if enemy is attacking, decreses his Attack speed. After you do those two spells, run around and autoattack the enemmy. If it's meelee, keep away from his as long as he cannot attack him but you can. If he is trying to escape, use Arcane Shift to give him last hit and if he survives, shoot the Trueshot Barrage.

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It it's tl;dr to you - I play hybrid Ezreal, Ap and Ad. Before you comment and rate (it may look a **** build!) play two or more games with it, and tell me how it was. Remember, you can always send me your stats and i can add it to this build.

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My first three games, legendary many times in two of them and dominating in one Twisted Treeline. The fourth got ****ed up, because I had a feeder in our game and play against two feeded enemies. Ended 2-4-3 for me, we surrender in the 30th minute. :D

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Tips & Tricks

This was always one of the most interesting Chapters to me, so i decided to write one.

1. Teleport to a great position with Arcane Shift and shoot both spells, then autoattack.

2. Use your ulti in two occasions; if you want to kill low hp enemy (the great feeling when you actually kill him and get a "LUCKER OMG !!" in chat, OR if you want to damage as much enemies as possible in a teamfight.

3. If an enemy went "to the dark", you can try shooting the ulti to towers, grass (usually they recall there) or just in a straight line before you.

4. You can shoot through walls or in grass if you predict someone is there. Also you should count with the enemies moving - shoot a little bit before the enemies. (obviously ...)

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Since i think Ezreal is really bad in teamfights, you should always stand next to the enemies and shoot them with spells and autoattacks. Try to come there a second later that nobody notices you, and if you didn't use the ulti before, kill the escapers with low hp.