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Ezreal Build Guide by Shadow7

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shadow7

Ezreal: Hybrid Assassin

Shadow7 Last updated on April 21, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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A Non-ranked guide(>.<)

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Pros / Cons

-Low cooldown on abilities.
-Passive grants attack speed
-Can grant an attack speed buff to allies

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-I use Greater Mark of Hybrid PenetrationGreater Mark of Hybrid Penetration To make use of the damage on all of Ezreal's abilities.You can substitute Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration for Greater Mark of Armor Penetration Greater Mark of Armor Penetration if you want more damage on just .

-I use Greater Seal of Scaling Attack Damage for more added damage mid to late game, you can replace these with Greater Seal of Attack Damage, Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power, or Greater Seal of Ability Power.

- Greater Glyph of Magic Penetration add massive damage to Ezreal . Can be replaced with Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power or Greater Glyph of Ability Power.

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-30 offense because I want max damage output for this build. I feel like Ezreal mana is find , so I don't spec into , and . Sheen gives me enough mana for harassing the enemy team damage dealers.

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At the start of the game purchase Warding Totem to gain control of the bushes in bottom lane, it makes harassing a lot easier early game because you have visual control. Doran's Blade helps with farming and harassing, and recovering from damage. good for when I've allowed the enemy team to lay some hits on me.
Adds moderate damage to essence flux early in the game.
Makes farming easier, more damage on Ezreal mystic shot, spells become a bit more spammable.
Usually buy this after sheen or amplifying tome
Combine with sheen,and the armor pen I receive from runes mystic shot damage becomes lethal to squishy targets.
like this because it has good synergy with sheen proc on mystic shot, while make all my spells more spammable.
I like this because it give more added damage to Ezreal mystic shot, while increasing his survivability, and kiting potential.
Great for the physical damage dealers on your team. A good balance of offense and defense. My favorite Item for team fights.
Add more poke damage to with a moderate amount of sustain.
Get this mainly because it had both armor pen and cooldown reduction. I look at the crit chance and active as an added bonus.
Synergizes well with rising spell force stacks. Gives a lot of sustain, and can be even more damage efficient with armor penetration.
Tons of magical damage
Tons of physical damage

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followed by gives an instant 20% attack speed bonus.
works well with on hit effects and cooldown reduction allowing for more harass, so I max this 1st.
I usually use this spell after , and for buffing the damage dealers on my team. with some added ap it a good follow up shot after . Max this 2nd.
I max this 3rd and is a life saver. You can max this 2nd, for a lower cool down on your escape. You can jump over walls with this, which is pretty cool.
Good for peeling off the enemy team, and sniping down low health targets.

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Normal Play

Early game
-Keep bushes warded
-Let your minions damage enemy minions for you and then try to last hit their creeps.
-Harass with followed by an for more damage.
-Don't stand behind your minions too much. Stand in the bushes were your is, and harras with Q and W, this tactic should make difficult for the enemy bottom lane to farm minions.

Late Game
-Keep pushing towers until you notice that an enemy on the map is making their way toward you.
-Make use of the scoreboard to see when dead enemy champs will be back up, also useful for seeing whether the enemy team stacking Health, armor, or magic resist.
-Use before engaging in teamfights.

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If you Win
-I usually just leave the chat room.

If you Lose
-When I do lose I blame myself for my team loss I notice I have better games afterwards.

If you disconnect
-Eat something
-Do some type of physical activity
-read a book
-open the blinds
-Play BF or COD
-walk the dog or cat
-study for that test
-Get a girlfriend/boyfriend.
-feed the pigeons
-feed the birds
-take a relaxing bath

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Scratch Paper

15.5+ 17+ 17.5+ 20+ 16+ 19+ 16.5+ 17+ 18+ 14+ 19+ 19+ 17.5+ 16.75+ 18+ 19+ 18+ 19+ 17.5+ 13.3=347.55÷20=Raphael(17.3775)/(20)

3.4+ 3.5+ 3.5+ 3.3+ 3.5+ 3.2+ 3.5+ 3.5+ 3.75+ 3.5+ 3+ 3+ 3.5+ 3.25+ 3.75+ 3+ 3+ 3.3+ 3.4+ 3.4=67.75(1), 67.25(2),(2)67.25, 10.4+10+10.75+9.5+10.5+16.1=(2)67.25÷20=Raphael(3.36)/(3.50)
{1armor=1%more Physical Health}
{12.3armor=12.3%more Physical Health}
level 01:(17.3775)armor
level 02:(20.7375)armor
level 03:(24.0975)armor
level 04:(27.4575)armor
level 05:(30.8175)armor
level 06:(34.1775)armor
level 07:(37.5375)armor
level 08:(40.8975)armor
level 09:(44.2575)armor
level 10:(47.6175)armor
level 11:(50.9775)armor
level 12:(54.3375)armor
level 13:(57.6975)armor
level 14:(61.0575)armor
level 15:(64.4175)armor
level 16:(67.7775)armor
level 17:(71.1375)armor
level 18:(74.4975)armor
level 18:(75.0000)armor

395+ 390+ 375+ 420+ 350+ 410+ 420+ 380+ 403+ 440+ 390+ 435+ 390+ 378+ 378+ 415+ 389+ 437+ 400+ 359=7102,(1)7954(2),(2)7954÷20=Raphael(397.7)/(400)

79+ 80+ 82+ 82+ 80+ 84+ 90+ 82+ 79+ 84+ 80+ 85+ 85+ 82+ 82+ 82+ 81+ 89+ 82+ 83=1653(1),1653(1)÷20=Raphael 82.65/(85)

level 01:(0397.70)health
level 02:(0480.35)health
level 03:(0563.00)health
level 04:(0645.65)health
level 05:(0728.30)health
level 06:(0810.95)health
level 07:(0893.60)health
level 08:(0976.25)health
level 09:(1058.90)health
level 10:(1145.15)health
level 11:(1227.80)health
level 12:(1310.45)health
level 13:(1393.10)health
level 14:(1475.75)health
level 15:(1558.40)health
level 16:(1641.05)health
level 17:(1723.70)health
level 18:(1806.35)health
level 18:(1800.00)health

Physical Effective Health(PP)
level 01:(466.81)PP
level 02:(579.96)PP
level 03:(