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Ezreal Build Guide by Skittlez

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skittlez

Ezreal - Let the magic flow - AD

Skittlez Last updated on October 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I've been playing Ezreal for quite a long time and I decided to put together this little build of mine which I have found to work quite well.. and hopefully this will put a stop to Ez's I see in-game building . This literally pains me to watch @.@.. I'd like some feed back on how I could improve it.. feel free to criticise :D

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For runes with Ez, I tend to usually go

Greater Mark of Desolation x9
Greater seal of replenishment x9
Greater Quintessence of Desolation x3

however, instead of Greater seal of replenishment you could swap this for / Greater seal of vitality whatever floats your boat.

What you do with yellows / blues doesn't worry me too much, however prioritising Armor penetration for Ezreals seems to work best imo.


You can swap the Greater Mark of Desolation's for AD Reds and Quints.. try and see what you feel is best.

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As for masteries.. they don't worry me too much.. I tend to grab the CDR .. which I don't believe needs to be explained.. armor pen and magic pen.. the magic pen isn't needed but I like it anyway.. and the rest I pump into mana regen/exp/cdr.. these are really the only things Ezreal needs...

Also.. it's not always a bad thing to put the 6 points in the defensive tree for armor/MR.. it's up to you really.. if you don't feel that the mana regen is that needed.. go for it.

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Summoner Spells

Always bring .. double flash is one sexy beast of a thing, gotta love duking over walls with two flashes.. makes Ezreal a real b@#!h to catch. As for the second summoner spell.. / / Even if you really wish.

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Skill Sequence

Eh, I most likely screwed up the little chart up there ^.

I max my ASAP leaving one point in my and throwing the rest in my and ulti at lvl 6,11,16

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Farming/ Team work / General playing


Ezreal can be a very powerful mid champion, especially against AD Carries so I've found.. however personally I don't really like going middle.. but I will if needed.. Ezreal's can devastate people 1v1.. especially when you're lucky enough to get an AD carry middle with 4 bars of health and boots, God I love going against them; this is also where can be used quite well to absolutely wreck them.

I've had my friend David scream at me for using my offensively however the power of Ezreals E and Q together against a squishy is devastating; so don't be afraid to use your E offensively.. even if something happens you always have flash.. remember to always use Ezreals to put him in a better position to line up skill shots.

Farming/Early Game

Ezreal is very item dependant as is every AD carry so prioritising farm is obvious, however early on harassing and zoning an opponent I find to be more important; last hitting whenever possible but being aggressive early on I found to work best. is an amazing item in general, rushing a wriggle's first I have found to be great, it's the armor you need early.. free ward.. amazing farming tool.. and a bit of ad and life steal to boot; all in all I find wriggles to be an amazing item for it's price. Many people tend to have an issue with Wriggles; so do what you will with it.

Mid game

By Mid game you should have easily acquired your; , , and . All these items are under 1600; the price of a bf. This is a VERY strong core which you should have quite early.. your should be absolutely ripping through peoples butts with your armor pen.

Late game

There's not too much to Ezreal's late game.. however if you have acquired your blood thirster and will of ancients once it is fully stacked you're a really solid dps with great survivability. Ezreal excels at poking and getting in and out of the battle.. due to the spell vamp from and life steal from and you can get to full health in a matter of seconds. I found that with other builds Ezreal simply gets steam rolled by anyone, a caster can simply Q Ezreal to half health meaning he can't stay in a prolonged battle; this is where I found spell vamp and life steal are great on Ezreal.. but always be sure to be behind your team.. if Garren decides to spin to win all over your squishy ***; there isn't that much you can do about it as he can cover the distance of your flash with ease.. so always try to be with team mates..

Late game.. Ezreals combo of Q W E Sheen can one shot any squishy.. also if you ever come face to face with another AD Carry.. don't be scared to take them on.. the spell vamp and life steal will win you the fight for sure.. I once went up against a crit twitch.. we were both fully built.. walked out over half hp ;)

General playing

As for Ezreals don't wait until the last moments of a battle to ks everyone with it... the very moment you see them bunched together use it.. don't be one of those gay kill hungry Ezreals... The great thing about Ezreal is that he can help a team mate in need from the other side of the map; you can be pushing a tower top lane whilst your team fights in the jungle and he can always give a helping hand with his ulti which late game should be doing quite a bit of damage to squishies.. this is also where the AP from comes in handy.. people say that any AP on Ezreal is terrible.. one game I actually had someone tell me to go straight AD.. .(not built Sheen) .. I lol'd.. but it does help you even in the slightest.

Ezreals and make him a slippery son of a ;;; so don't be afraid to get out there and poke with your Q.. also because of your and Ezreal makes amazing bait.. as he can quickly flash over walls / behind his entire team. Not to mention that the moment people see an Ezreal they don't see an AD carry.. they see a fresh piece of meat to be consumed.. use this to your advantage and get baiting ;D

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As for items.. there isn't really much to be said that I haven't said a million times over.. the only real exceptions in the build are the boots of lucidity which can be swapped for / Mercury Treads / . Whatever floats your boat.. CDR isn't as important on Ezreal as his is all the cdr you need.. the only reason I build CDR is for the itself.. but change it up make it suit YOU.

If you become stupidly over fed.. sell your and replace it with either / / another / and either build your into a and or sell it for a Last Whisperer if need be.. or just sell it and build whatever was listed above.


So.. the reason I like to start off at lvl 1 with Dorans Blade is simply because of the health... I personally hate leaving the base with 4 bars of health.. one on a squishy with 4 bars of health will take a full bar away from them... I'd rather not risk it.. as for go to "b]Farming/Early Game[/b]" above ^ ..kay so... I'm guessing some of you are going.. w...t....f? ... Hextech revolver is not completely necessary it's just an item which I have found to work quite well.. this game about when I had team mates with Will of the ancients giving me spell vamp.. after playing Ezreal for a while I realised that he can't simply be auto attack dependant.. he doesn't have the range nor the survivability for it.. and when someone like has a jump.. you can't get into auto range without being violently molested.. and I don't think Blood Thirster needs to be explained.. it's health.. it means you don't have to b every single time somebody pokes you with a skill.. and life steal and spell vamp go hand in hand with Ezreal since of his skill spamming and auto attacking..

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Pros / Cons


Durable early game due to MR runes and armor from Wriggles
Amazing nukes
Can stay in a battle due to his spell vamp and life steal for a very long time
Great burst damage
Very slippery due to summoner flash
Powerful 1v1
Can take some damage as you just heal it back
Powerful farmer
Amazing poker


Squishy late game as most AD Carries are
Having no mana can render him weaker however Golem buff can solve this.
Not an extremely strong auto attack

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Ranked Play

As for ranked play.... I'm not really quite sure about it.. I'm not a big ranked player myself.. but please feel free to comment what you find works and what doesn't work for him in ranked.

Well uhh, that's it I guess.. thanks for reading? Remember to vote :DD