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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dinnin

Ezreal : Only My Railgun~

Dinnin Last updated on January 9, 2011
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Intro to Ezreal and My Guide

This is my first guide
Don't judge the guide by the information above, meaning just looking at the skill sequence, runes, mastery's, and items. I'd prefer if you read the guide below and hopefully given some input in a comment as to why you DON'T or DO like it.

As I stated in the title: This is my first guide. I want some feedback from various people, thoughts, or opinions. The usual types of characters I play in League of Legends are:
Annie, Ezreal, Katarina, Kennen, Lux, Vladamir, Akali, Shaco, Ashe, Nidalee, Master Yi, and Amumu.
Each of them have their own purpose for why I bought them. At times I wanna play Melee, AP, AD,Tank, Support or random heroes I don't own.

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Pros/Cons of Ezreal


One of the Longest Range Ultimate's
Can be both used as AD or AP build
Permanent Flash regardless of Riot killing the summoner spell
Skill shot's are extremely fun and total control of how you play
If your Anime friend and have watched Haruhi. This Dance is for you!
Spam able skills
Great Mid
Can hit multiple targets with 2 skills
Nuker, High DPS
Your Mystic Shot reduces cool downs of all your moves
Can Provide a good support to your fast attacking Melee or Ranged Carries


Sloowww (It just feels as a ranged Carry you have very little speed when being chased)
Your built in Flash has a long cool down
SQUISHY! (Not as squishy as other hero's but regardless squishy)
Difficult to Master for starting skill shot users

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Summoner Spells

Ghost: I think that Ezreal is extremely slow since I personally am use to fast escape carries. I almost always get at the very least Ghost or Flash when I play anyone as an escape mechanism. Essential
Flash: What's better than screwing over your opponents during a chase than flashing over a wall and if they flash with you all you do is do it again but with Arcane Shift!

Other Options

Ignite: Good for killing off enemies you are chasing and fail to hit some skill shots with. After all no one is perfect with skill shots, well maybe someone is.... (Not Me, but still fun!)
Exhaust: Fun to use when being pounded on by someone like Warwick or Tryndamere, Honestly though if your not stunned or not in the front lines of the battle I see no use to this as you can escape and as they chase you can shoot a Mystic Shot or Essence Flux back at your chaser as you run away and happily escape.

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Something to keep in mind when doing runes is that each rune type (Seal, Glyph or Mark) have a primary and a secondary kind.
For example the Primary types are as follows:
Marks: Armor Penetration, Magic Penetration, Attack Speed, Critical Damage, Critical Chance, and AD.

Seals: Health, Dodge, Armor, Health Regeneration, and Mana Regeneration.

Glyphs: Cool Down Reduction, AP, Magic Resist, and Mana.

Quintessences are always primary and never undercut-ted on anything.

What I use

Greater Glyph of Force x9Greater Mark of Insight x9Greater Seal of Vitality x9Greater Quintessence of Force x9
Summary: I use these ruins because they give me the AP, Magic Penetration, and Health. The main reason for the health is because I played Vladamir a whole lot so I ended up using Health for most my characters. It also gives me a head start and a little bit more HP so I'm not getting screwed up at the start.

What I suggested in this build

Greater Glyph of Force x9Greater Mark of Insight x9Greater Seal of Force x9Greater Quintessence of Force x9
Summary: The reason I say this for your build is because if you want the most AP you can get from runes and still Penetrate with Magic. This would be your best option as you get use to Ezreal.

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Gameplay/ Items/ Early-Mid-Late Game


Gameplay of Ezreal is really getting use to your skill shots, how much of a hit you can take from other champions, and when to shoot that Mystic Shot (Q) move at those minions to farm.


I played around in practice a whole lot with the AP items to find the best possible items to get the highest ammount of AP you can get. I came up with the following build I listed below and going to talk my reasons behind getting them as well (not only because it ended up giving me the best AP).

Keep in mind that I said these items were the best AP build, I left no room for armor that maybe needed against those hard hitting AP/AD carries that are trying to rape you every team fight. You might need to sacrifice an item for Armor so you can live longer in fights. If your doing terrible and not getting your mejai's stacks and it doesn't look like you will I might even advise tossing it for an armor.

If your a heavy believer in Mejai's and don't want to throw it away so fast than get rid of your Rabadon's Deathcap for the new Zhonya's Hourglass because it gives armor. If you need magic resist than I still might suggest Rabadon's Deathcap because all it brings to the field is AP where as your other items help out with everything and give AP. Possibly Banshee's Veil? Force of Nature? Depends on what you like most. It's more of a preference, or who your paired up against team wise.

My items!

Sorcerer's Shoes 20 Magic Penetration towards the start and throughout the game is helpful and it means you will hit harder. The movement speed is decent so it's all good.

Mejai's Soulstealer Any AP carry should have this item if they plan on carrying the team, getting kills, or assist. It helps drastically with your AP and once you reach 20 stacks you get 180 in total AP added. Plus Cooldown Reduction of 15%!!!! Get good at your character and this item will be your friend. Confident AP users will get this item first as they start killing.

Archangel's Staff Archangel is amazing with Ezreal because you don't really have a huge mana pool at all with him. The pro's to getting this item goes with one of your mastery talents I put up, (Expanded Mind = 5% more Mana). It gives an extra 1000 Mana to your overall mana as you spam moves in mid to get money or when you return to pool to buy/heal you could spam to get mana. 3% of your Mana pool is now AP. Fast Mana Regen, Some starting AP and overall when 1000 max mana added.

Lich Bane Hesitant at first when I built this as Ezreal but I slowly came to realize that some extra movement speed, A whooping 80 AP, 350 Extra mana, a little magic resist for other AP carries, and the fact that 100% of your AP is now a physical attack after casting a spell. Spamming moves with Ezreal all the time I found out it's amazing to have.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter One of my favorite item's for almost all my AP characters because of the nice HP boost, the slow, and AP amount. Great item! Very much needed for Ezreal in my thoughts because you can slow to catch up or slow to run away!

Rabadon's Deathcap Now this is a new item and it replaces Zhonya's ring in my build. With your overall AP it will boost it by 30% and 155AP Added. Amazing and overpowered in my thoughts for AP users.

With my entire build 894 AP! With No Baron Buff or elixirs. This includes having Full Mejai's stacks! I believe in a practice game getting everything and my elixirs I had about 998 AP overall! That's about 2 AP off from 1000 :( So close!

Early Game

Early game is extremely important to Ezreal. You want to take mid with Ezreal if at all possible because if you go into any other lane you will be competing for money and your pretty squishy. If you keep your distance in mid and just farm and hate when you can you should be fine!

The very first items I get are a Meki Pendant Health Potion Mana Potion
Basically all you want to do in mid is Mystic Shot creeps when they are low to get the final blow and get money. Farm up money until you have about 1800 you should be able to get Tear of the Goddess and Sorcerer's Shoes When you go back make sure you have your ulti if the lane is being pushed pretty hard and Tele back to pool, Fire your ulti up, buy the items and your choice of Ghosting up or running regularly. I usually Ghost up but sometimes I save it.

Mid Game

You will hit mid game pretty fast after those items and you want to get Mejai's as fast as possible and start getting assist or kills to get those stacks. Switch between lanes and get some kills but watch out since you are really squishy. Double Flash and Ghost. Use them if you need to get out.

Late Game

Late game is all about how much damage you are doing and how you innate in fights as well as where you are in the fights. I usually stay in the back of the fights and hate with my Mystic Shot until we start the fight. When the fight breaks out you want to stay decently far back. If they are in a line and you can hit all or most of the team you wanna Trueshot Barrage > Arcane Shift > Essence Flux > Mystic Shot.

Otherwise if there is no good time for your ulti than go for a Arcane Shift > Essence Flux > Mystic Shot > Trueshot Barrage

The real important part of the late game fights with Ezreal is, if you do have stacks you want to try to not die if at all possible because your gonna lose stacks and your squishy, easy target, and a good DPS dealer.

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For an ALL skill shot hero not only is he extremely fun to play but he is a good carry if in the right hands. Just looking at this guide and following my advise no one is going to be uber good with Ezreal. It takes time, practice, and patience because of how squishy he is. I promise you if you love skill shot moves than Ezreal might be worth the IP for you. Just get use to the fact your a little slower than what you would want if you play faster characters. You can be AD or AP and it's a fun switch every now and than just to try it out. Overall I think this hero is a great team character that can provide a nice helpful AD support while doing good AD Damage and pushing towers fast because of his buff.

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Verison Notes

1/9/11 -

Completed the guide and fixed small typing errors.
Will be looking for all Patches that LoL puts out on Ezreal and will update when needed.