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Ezreal Build Guide by DFog

AD Carry Ezreal - The Prodigal Genderbender

AD Carry Ezreal - The Prodigal Genderbender

Updated on April 14, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DFog Build Guide By DFog 4,177 Views 0 Comments
4,177 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DFog Ezreal Build Guide By DFog Updated on April 14, 2015
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Pros / Cons

- Extremely mobile
- Can escape tight situations
- 1100 tile range poke in Mystic Shot
- Scales well into late game
- High damage output with full build

- Gay
- Very Mana hungry before Manamune is stacked
- Essence Flux is essentially useless
- Reliant on skill shots
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Offensive Masteries

Double-Edged Sword - This mastery is great because it amplifies your damage and you receive the same amount of % damage that is amplified. I take this because it just increases your overall damage and has amazing synergy with Havoc , which in total gives you 4.5% damage increase.

Fury - The reason why I take this over Sorcery is because Ezreal's base attack speed is pretty low with this build, and Spirit of the Elder Lizard + Iceborn Gauntlet + Ionian Boots of Lucidity = 40% cooldown reduction. Fury 's job is to just make last hitting a little easier for you.

Brute Force - I take this mastery because it gives you attack damage per level and just increases your overall damage throughout the game, obvious choice over Mental Force for an AD Carry.

Martial Mastery - This is a great new mastery because it gives you a flat 5 attack damage at the start of the game, another obvious choice over Arcane Mastery.

Expose Weakness - This is very good, especially in laning phase, because if you land a Mystic Shot on an enemy, your jungler and support will have increased damage to them as well which helps you get more kills in lane.

Spell Weaving - This mastery has amazing synergy with Expose Weakness , Blade Weaving , Spell Weaving , Havoc , Executioner , and Double-Edged Sword . With these fully stacked, you can have up to 16.5% damage increase against an enemy below 50% health and 11.5% damage increase against an enemy above 50% health, which is insane.

Blade Weaving - Same as above.

Warlord - Obvious choice over Archmage , you value the bonus AD over the bonus AP since the only AP you are getting is from Iceborn Gauntlet and you are not blue ezreal.

Devastating Strikes - This mastery has great synergy with your armor pen. marks. Another obvious choice over arcane blade, since you only have 30 ability power from Iceborn Gauntlet.

Havoc - Obvious choice and amazing mastery for any AD or AP Carry, overall damage increase is amazing and Havoc has so much synergy with all the other masteries, you need it.

Defensive Masteries

Block - I take block just because it protects you a bit from auto attack poke and lets you stay in lane a little bit longer.

Recovery - This mastery is great because it increases your health regeneration which is essential for Ezreal especially in the early laning phase because he is extremely squishy and doesn't have much sustain without items.

Enchanted Armor - This mastery is amazing, it increases your overall sustain since the MR protects you from support pokes and the Armor protects you against ADC pokes.

Utility Masteries

Meditation - Ezreal is very mana hungry in early levels, so this mastery is a must. It allows you to poke more often while still being able to farm with your Mystic Shot.
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Caitlyn - She is a complete *****. Her range is overpowered (650 Tiles) and her poke will burst you down if you don't dodge it with your Arcane Shift. Make sure you have a healer support ( Soraka, Sona, Alistar, etc.).

Sivir - Same as Caitlyn. Poke is far too strong early game and she essentially has infinite poke since she can regenerate mana through her Spell Shield and have infinite poke through Ricochet.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DFog
DFog Ezreal Guide
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Ezreal - The Prodigal Genderbender

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