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Gnar Build Guide by keepin it fancy

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author keepin it fancy

Fancys Gnar guide

keepin it fancy Last updated on July 9, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi Welcome to my Gnar build

This is my Guide to Gnar after playing around on Gnar For Some time Learning both Mega and mini Getting deleted and Being a nightmare I have worked out what was the best Set up for me and wanted to share.

This is my first Guide When i saw Gnar i had to get him once i saved up and got him I've played him as much as i can working out Runes/Masteries To leveling up moves and summoners spells.

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Early Game (1-6)

Early lane as Gnar can go both ways you can do really well or you can get deleted before you even get a chance fight back.

While In mini Gnar try combo(AA-Q-AA) Once you have your W it will give Good Early poke and make People think twice Before diving you And the Speed Boost helps with Kiting/Getting out of trades.

I've learned you don't pick fights with Gnar till 2-3 When mega is about to come up if you can lane a nice Combo (E-W-Q) then most will run away or try trade if they try to trade make sure your in your wave if they went to dive you before you got mega or make sure your not in there minion wave as mega Gnar isn't Fast and can get kitted.

Trades in Lane as Gnar is one of Keys to not Getting zoned/Dying or missing Cs for Lane Bullys such as Riven i find Maxing your Q first helps with not only Poking but CS if you can wait for minions to get low and as they come in for CS try use your Q to Cs as well as poke will Help you out for when they Try there all-ins.

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Mid Game (6-11)

Mid game is when Gnar starts to really Open up and come out to play Once you have your core items You can go for Quick trades in mini and even do chases after mega.

A good way to get ahead/Catch up is once your 6 get Bot lane to ward the bush for a TP gank when you have about 80% Rage do this by Pushing your wave up while your laner is Roaming/Running back to lane or if there are there just Poke with Q and some AA try not to let them push the wave the use your E to get Out of his sight to TP down to bot If there pushed up for a good Gank with Mega Gnar ready to Change the fight before your top even knows what happened.

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Late Game

Late Game Gnar is a beast your Ult can change a team fight while mini your still tanky and can do some damage and zone the Tanks once you get mega you want to Dive with your E into Mega and Get a Ult that can get 2-4 Stuns and allow your APC/ADC to clean Up while you peel for them.

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This is Keepin it Fancy Guide to Gnar

This is my first Guide any Tips or Suggestions Are more then Welcome

Have Fun Showing how "Fancy" you can be

Please Up Vote if this Guide Helped you out