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Seraphine Build Guide by FDiBA

Support FDIBA's Flexible Seraphine Guide / Support (Work in Progress

Support FDIBA's Flexible Seraphine Guide / Support (Work in Progress

Updated on December 26, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author FDiBA Build Guide By FDiBA 5,298 Views 0 Comments
5,298 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author FDiBA Seraphine Build Guide By FDiBA Updated on December 26, 2020
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Runes: Poke AP scaling Seraphine

1 2
Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Presence of Mind
Legend: Tenacity

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
For majority of games
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
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Hey, FDiBa here. I've been playing League since beginning S7 on EUW. I've played many many hours on every role (Too many hours). I have a very good amount of time played on the majority of champions. But currently play only Seraphine, Nami, Lulu and Yuumi.
Small reminder for this guide: From my experience this is the best way to play Seraphine. I am not Challenger. My preference on how to play Seraphine may not suit you. Keep an open mind try to learn from my experience and guide, better your own playstyle we are all unique!

Why Seraphine in Support?!

While yes, being Support Seraphine means you can't one shot the enemy team. It doesn't mean you can't crowd control the whole enemy team WHILST buffing your whole team.
She has very good range, good shielding, movement speed buffs, good healing later in game, good engage/disengage. And her damage in Support is not even that bad either! The new S11 Items work amazingly with Seraphine!

Reminder this Guide isn't fully finished yet!!!

(This is also my first guide so any tips or critiques are appreciated!)
+ A lot of Crowd Control
+ Safe with a lot of range
+ A lot of utility
+ Good base damage
+ Good engage and disengage

Seraphine is really consistent. She can play aggressively and get early game leads or she can play passively and scale.

Her Beat Drop is great for poking and slowing/rooting enemies, additionally Beat Drop works very well with other Champions to combo for a stun.

Her Surround Sound ability is also really great for both disengaging and engaging, gives alot of shielding to all allies, and later on heals for a very high amount in AOE.

- Squishy
- Slow base Movement speed
- High Surround Sound CD

Seraphine is really vulnerable to tankier CC oriented Supports. Such as Pyke, Leona and Sett, just to name a few.

She struggles in very aggressive lanes. She doesn't have the Cooldown on her Surround Sound to reliably trade with many aggressive Champions, this forces her to keep her Surround Sound up at all times incase its needed for surviving an all in. And forces her to awkwardly manage her abilties around her passive Stage Presence.

There are many rune pages you can take on Seraphine, it is to be honest completely preference. You can go the normal Arcane Comet and Inspiration build. Which works well for many people.
But for me there are plenty situationally better rune setups. It very much depends on the enemy team.


If you're fine with your runes you can skip this section
I'd recommend you give each Rune setup a thought. Maybe even a try in a game one day. For me these runes really ease hard matchups.

Now onto my Rune preferences!

When thinking about what runes you want to take, the first question you will ask yourself is:

Do I want a more defensive or agressive rune setup?

If you're in a bad lane matchup, the best you can do to ease the stress is go the Resolve runepage.
The only really reliable Keystone in the Resolve tree is Guardian so we will always take Guardian when choosing a more defensive page.

Now in the more aggressive Sorcery build, you can take Summon Aery or Arcane Comet, its preference. But I find myself enjoying and having more success with Arcane Comet. Arcane Comet also works really well with your E Beat Drop

In the 1st row of runes in the Resolve tree, it completely comes down to preference. I prefer Shield Bash most of the time and sometimes Demolish. So I'd say try out each Rune and you choose what's best for you.
In the 1st row of runes in the Sorcery tree, there's not really much of a question. I almost always take Manaflow Band, only sometimes do I take Nullifying Orb, and if I do it's against a minimum of 4 AP Champions.

2nd row depends on the matchup. Do they have a lot poke? Say Ashe Volley? Take Second Wind. Do they have a more all in type of lane? Pyke, Draven for instance. Take Bone Plating. And while I really only take those two runes, maybe you would prefer a more scaley rune like Conditioning its just the, laning wise, unsafest Rune you can go. It does therefor reward you in return.
2nd row there is only one option for Seraphine, and that being Transcendence the 10 Ability Haste and the passive that removes 20% of remaining CD really helps Seraphines biggest struggle, being her Surround Sound CD. Late game having one takedown can remove 2 or more seconds off your Surround Sound. Making it likelier that you will have it up to save teammates, possibly turning the whole teamfight around.

3rd row gives us mainly 2 options. Do they have a lot of Crowd Control and specifically slows? Take Unflinching you gain 10% Tenacity and Slow Resistance, this Rune does wonders against tankier CC supports. So I almost always take it. If they don't have much CC, you can however choose Revitalize, it strengthens your heals and shielding. This is obviously amazing on Seraphine
3rd gives in my opinion only one option, being Gathering Storm. This of course can just be my preference, many think Scorch is good, and while yes, it gives extra poke early game. Past 10 minutes Gathering Storm only gets better and better. But hey maybe you would prefer Waterwalking. I haven't given it much of a try yet myself.

Now that we have chosen our main tree, we will need the secondary tree. Here we have a lot of flexibility. We can choose any secondary tree we want. Depending on what we want for the specific game.

Domination is good for a more aggressive playstyle

Ghost Poro is great for extra vision and extra AP. Unless you don't ward, this Rune is consistently good!
Ultimate Hunter gives you CD on your Ultimate Encore allowing you to be more aggressive with your ult.
Relentless Hunter is especially good if you roam alot.

Biscuit Delivery is good if you struggle mana wise in the laning phase.
Cosmic Insight is only really good if you use 2 or more actives. ( Mikael's Blessing, Redemption ect.)
Perfect Timing is good if they have alot of Assassins, especially AD Assassins. When choosing this Rune you have to be sure you will get Zhonya's Hourglass 2nd or 3rd Item
If you don't need Cosmic Insight or Perfect Timing I'd say Magical Footwear can be the 2nd Rune.

Presence of Mind is a must when using the Precision tree, gives a lot of Mana during laning phase and ensures that later on you won't have many problems during teamfights.
For your second rune, you need to ask yourself if they have alot of CC, if so you take Legend: Tenacity for the 30% tenacity. If they don't, the best rune you can take is Coup de Grace, it works well with your Q High Note acting like an execute.

Manaflow Band is great because it reduces your Mana problems which is really good on Seraphine.
Transcendence is one of Seraphine's best runes, because of the 10 Ability Haste and the 20% passive it gives you.
Those are in my opinion by far the best runes. But if you don't struggle with mana you can swap out Manaflow Band for either Scorch or Gathering Storm

In Resolve you need to ask yourself, do they have poke? Take Second Wind, do they have all in potential? Take Bone Plating.
For your second rune its mainly between Unflinching if they have alot of CC including slows, and Revitalize if they don't have much CC.
Again you can take Conditioning or Overgrowth for more scaling, but I'd then say Sorcery is a better option for the second tree.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author FDiBA
FDiBA Seraphine Guide
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FDIBA's Flexible Seraphine Guide / Support (Work in Progress

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