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Feed The Troll

Feed The Troll

Updated on March 2, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sandinista Build Guide By Sandinista 4,000 Views 3 Comments
4,000 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sandinista Build Guide By Sandinista Updated on March 2, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust



This is a guide for my favourite champion, , The Cursed Troll.

its allso my first guide so any comments about how i can make it better are welcome.

I play Trundle in one of the Sidelanes (Not jungling from level 1 but in midgame for ganking from jungle to get some easy kills.)

I like Trundle alot and i play him as a durable DPS champion with alot of utility.

With this Build i get first blood most of the time witch explains the guide title.
Time to Troll! - Defeat Trundle?! you must be trolling! - Smash through the pain! - Suffer as i do!

CDR - Cooldown reducion.
CC - Crowd Controll. Cryptic Gaze
Arp - Armor penetration.
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Pros / Cons

Strong 1v1
Decent jungler
Exelent chaser thanks to Lizzard elder buff, Phage and Pillar of Filth.
Decent ganker
Quite team dependant(for first blood)
no good cc
not as good damage output as Olaf for example.
Wants the jungle buffs for maximum effect.
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Trolls have never been well-regarded beings of Valoran. Generally speaking, they are barbaric, cannibalistic, and sneaky. They are creatures relegated to the murky recesses of the world, hidden away from most intelligent beings. Despite their maleficent natures, however, the Ruhgosk never deserved the grisly fate that was visited upon them. Generations ago, a twisted necromancer known as Hakolin the Bonecrafter attempted to enslave the Ruhgosk tribe. These trolls are considerably more genteel than their ill-mannered brethren, although still uncouth by human standards. The Ruhgosk fought tooth and claw against the necromancer, ultimately driving him from their land. As a parting gift, Hakolin afflicted the trolls with a leprous disease, forever cursing the members of the tribe. The leprosy would have rotted their flesh away to nothing were it not for the trolls' natural ability to regenerate. Caught forever in a hideous rotting state, the Ruhgosk endured their curse while desperately in search of a cure. They never found one.

A wise Ruhgosk shaman learned that he could magically bind the disease to a single troll, provided that the troll could bear the weight of the entire tribe's curse upon himself. However, there was no such troll...until the birth of Trundle. His ability to regenerate was so profound that it appeared as if he did not carry the disease. As Trundle grew, he came to understand his gift and what it could do for his people. When he came of age, he took the curse from his tribe in a baptism of searing agony. Through the shaman's ritual, Trundle became a horrifying creature whose flesh constantly sloughs off his body, only to be re-grown in an unremitting cycle. He has joined the League of Legends in hopes of eventually finding someone who could dispel the henous curse completely.

''I've learned a thing or two about pain! Let me show you.''

- Trundle
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Skills and thoughts

as for skills, these are my thoughts.
- Pretty nice passive, gives a good laning power aswell as it keeps you up in bigger teamfights.
- Your main source of damage, you steal AD from an enemy
- attack speed, movement and cc reducion, make sure to cast it when the fight is on.
- this have saved me many times and have allso made my enemies taste Trundles Baseball Bat
- Ultimate, cast it either on the enemy tank or thier squishiest carry and smack em.
The skill itself doesnt do alot of damage but its very good 1v1 for example as it lowers armor and magic resist and increases your own.
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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells i take Ghost and Exhaust but im sure even these will work:
what i would not reccomend:
Clarity even though you get mana thirsty.
Just dont:
Fortify Really?
Revive its not worth a spell slot even though you might die once or twice.
Cleanse you got W for less CC.
Teleport you got Ghost and W if you are in a rush.
Smite unless your jungling ofcourse. but this guide is not for jungling.
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For masteries i go 21/9/0 with 3 points in CDR(offence) and down to Nimbleness in Defense.
The reason for this is to make Trundle more durable but i sometimes go with 0/21/9 down to Utility Mastery with extra exp gain and longer buff duration.
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As for Runes i go with my AD rune page with:
Greater Mark of Desolation Arp i like these marks becouse they help me early game to get kills
Greater Seal of Vitality Health - helps me throughout the game to get even more beefy as well as early game to stay in the lane
Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction CDR - i use these so i can bite more but you can go with whatever set of glyphs you want its just what i prefer
And Greater Quintessence of Health for even more health early game. if you want to be more tanky and hard to kill im sure Greater Mark of Armor Armor will do. Along with
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist Magic Resist.
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Allright. i usually go to my lane and try to last hit with Q Rabid Bite if the enemy overextends me and my partner try to lock them within turret range with stun and Pillar of Filth, exhaust and good old face beating.
At level 5-6 i like to recall to get madreds Madred's Razors and Boots. i pick up the red and blue buffs and gank a lane, i might do dragon before i gank depending on when i recalled (dragon at 8-9)and then gank.

In teamfights Trundles job is to block enemy runners/chasers aswell as to shred with madreds.
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Pillar Of Filth placement.

I did not make this video but i think it might be helpful and well suited for a trundle guide!
i know the quality is not great but i think you can see the where to place it in what situations.
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The items i selected for purchase order are the best for my way of playing Trundle, you can go full attack speed but you will miss out on alot of damage and durability in my opinion. i try to rush Madred's Razor and Berserker's Greaves for the armor, damage attack speed and the proc from the razors to help me pick up the buffs and slay the dragon.
After that i build madred's bloodrazors and start farming for Phage.
i get Phage for the damage, health and especially for the chanse to slow my foes, making me an exelent chaser and to ensure kills.
Next up is Bloodthirster, this item gives you alot of damage and some nice lifesteal to help you stay alive throughout the fights you mostly wont get to this item as the time before you can surrender has been decreased to 20 minutes from 25 minutes. but if you do and you go into endgame you can go on building Sheenas it is a good item for trundle as his Rabid Bite Q Triggers the effect, from there you can build Trinity Force but i hardly get it anymore as you can build Phantom Dancer for more crit. movement speed and attack speed witch will add up to your madreds Damage.
if you are doing very good early game you might want to build Sword of the Occult.
Situationally items!
you might be up againt Karthus?. no probs, get a Force of Nature or a Banshee's Veil, these are just situational items alongside with Sunfire Aegis, Thornmail and Guardian Angel
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First Blood!

Warning: you might see this as lame and/or obvious but i thought id let you know anyway.Warning

Allright so for my first blood i pick a lane with a Friend and ask him to start of with a cc ability such as Cryptic Gaze (Stun) and then we run into the Brush in the Map corner (the closest to the enemies turret)
if we meet up with the enemies just run straight into them with rabid bite + your friends cc, then Exhaust and keep on biting the most squishy target.

For some reason the enemies goes for my friend instead of me wich most of the times gives me either firstblood or a doublekill if not both.
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