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Gragas Build Guide by relavi

Feel the fat of the mighty gragas!

Feel the fat of the mighty gragas!

Updated on September 8, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author relavi Build Guide By relavi 9 4 19,401 Views 4 Comments
9 4 19,401 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author relavi Gragas Build Guide By relavi Updated on September 8, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Hey its relavi this is my first guide on mobafire so please give me a tips on how to improve my guide and please over se grammar errors english is not my native language. Lets talk about about gragas now shall we, gragas is my current main champion and my favorite champion at the moment. He is a great champion with alot of utility, however he isn´t one of the easiest ones. And many may argue that he is quite easy but in my opinion thats wrong. But when you play him properly you can carry the team pretty hard. There is alot of guides on gragas but not many to my liking, so im doing my own guide and the main difference betwen this guide to the others is that i build heavy ap and no hp or mana stuff, this leads to more dmg but less sustain. Becouse this you will be able to farm the creeps very easy and since you one hit creeps early in the game you will only need to spend mana for one barrel so the mana lost in a lane isnt the biggest. And one shoting creeps leads to heavy lane pushing and as many knows this is bad sometimes but since you push them instantly you can go gank or take the wraiths.
And not only will you be able to gank a bit easier you will be able to do alot more dmg to the people your ganking.
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Pros / Cons

great harras and farm from range.
great ap ratios 0,9 on your Barrel Roll
and 1.0 on your Explosive Cask.
High burst, mobility and sustain.
Amazing team fighter with Explosive Cask and Barrel Roll.
really fat and got a beard.

squishy if you build him this way
will be removed from the league in time
becouse he will die of alcohol poisoning
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My runes are nothing special really, but you can play around with your runes quite a bit what i think is manditory is the magic pen red other go what you want.

For expample you can go movement quints or magic resist on your blue, its really up to you.
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Pretty standard mastery i take swifftness instead of medetation becouse i feel movement speed is better than mana reg. If you are up against a thought lane matchup you can go and take the defensive masteries.
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summoner spells

Flash:becouse of its utility its probobly the best spell you can use even with the nerf, you can: flash and immedietly body slam and do your combo on your lane opponent to get a quick kill escape over walls couse body slam isnt that reliable sometimes

Ignite: can secure some early game kill and late game its a great counter to Heal Dr. Mundo and Volibear or any likewise champions with anoying heals.
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Ok so a good thing to know about this game is that you should build according to the situation. Depending on how well it is going and so forth.

I start of with Boots and 3 Health Potion simply becosue its the best starting item for almost every champion in the game! you can escape ganks easier and chase better, and the sustain form the pots are so good if you take a bit of damage durning the gank you can get that back so easily! you have better lane aswell since you can outrun if they try to go forth and harras you and dodge the skillshots better.

next up is a kage's lucky pick it helps with your income and so forth and then we buy Doran's Ring and i like to get 2 becouse we wanna use all our items sloths, and next up is Sorcerer's Shoes so we can take their mr in the early game to mid.

We start with the Rabadon's Deathcap since we want to be dealing "tons of damage" and really after its really up to you on what you want to buy. se the chapter below if you wanna know on different items
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Different items

I said before that you should build different every game and becouse people want me to go deeper into this i added this chapter.

Will of the Ancients: recomended that you buy this item since the health gained by the spell vamp can help you against poke heavy teams or if you want don´t want to recall after a team fight and you are not full hp

Abyssal Mask: After the nerf i dont know how good this item is after the nerf since you wont be in the front line so i dont know but i think the item is wonderful otherwise since it really helps so with mr and you can rush this item to counter their mid

Zhonya's Hourglass: gives armor to reduce the damage of the ad carrys or bruisers. The active is very good and can save your *** many times but often it wont since sometimes they will just stack on top of you and will insta kill you

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: I tried this item a few times and it works great! since the enemy since you will probably either engage the team fight or just trough it in there everyone will e slowed. And the hp is wonderfull with your Drunken Rage

Void Staff For the late game you pretty much have to build this item since you will want to penetrate there mr but when you build the item depends on whetever how much mr there is on the enemies team

Deathfire Grasp A really good item to build on gragas you will be able to kill every squishy in their team with this item, and the rest of the stats arent to bad either

Rabadon's Deathcap build it. You have to. you Really have to!

Lich Bane Its really nice if you want to BLOW UP people, but remember that this items require you to be in melee range so you may die if you are not careful.
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Abilities and skill sequence

Happy Hour: this one of the things that is very underrated with gragas, but its actually one of the best passives for laning, if you take some poke just keep using your abilities and you will be full at no time! its that amazing but in team fights and direct 1v1 dont expect this passive to keep you alive.

Barrel Roll this is gragas bread and butter the skill that defines him for what he is, althought its an amazing skill you cant spam it in lane becouse it costs way to much mana its actually quite expensive 80 mana at rank 1 with 280 mana? so what you should do is try and last hit with you aouto attacks at LvL 1 and when you get you drunken rage you will be able to substain your mana a little better.However when you get you substain going with dorans and drunken rage you can harras and farm with barrel roll quite easy but! you cannot spam it you will go om really fast. In lane try to both last hit and harras at the same time to make the most out of your mana. try and aim the barrel behind your enimies becouse the natural reaktion to a barrel being trown is that you run back, but some of the enemies will atemt to run forward or to the sides and therefor try and know your enemy analyse his moves at the first barrels and try to throw your Barrel Roll accordingly, and if your new to gragas be ready that you will have a hard time against some enemies but as you get better with gragas you will be better at trowing your barrel.

Drunken Rage: this is a intersting skill that will increase your lane presents and together with Happy Hour you will have great sustain not only that it will give you a ad boost and becouse of this ad boost and gragas atack animation last hitting is super easy and your lane opponent wont have as much ad that you have you can just auto attack all the time and you will get some extra easy harras.

Drunken Rage also gives you reduces damage taken and you will be able to take some extra hits, but since the reduced damage is in procent it scales the best with hp but since we arent going to build to much hp the reduced damage is wasted for the most part.

Body Slam this is a really cool spell, what it allows you to do is that you gain really great mobility the damage is mainly used as a part of your burst combo in 1v1. You can jump trought alot of walls and becouse of its low coldown people will often rage at his escape abilities, it also slows your target. i max this second becouse the reduced coldown, increased dmg and drunken rage isnt important until late game i take this second.

Explosive Cask now this is the hardest part about gragas, when you are a good gragas this can lead to many kills or you can end up to save them. Its great to burst people and save yourself, in a 1v1 scenario. You would want to throw it so that they move to you so you can body slam right in there face or throw them in a direction that you can body slam to! In a team fight you can use it 2 ways in my opinon one way is to throw one person away from his team so he gets cought or you can throw it in the middle of a team fight so you screw your opponents position and that will mean that they have a disadvantage from the start of the teamfight. And since its you ult you max it whenever you can.

Combo: you general combo will be to ult them to you and then Body Slam into them and throw a Barrel Roll right at them so you cant miss, after that ignite if necessary and Continue body slaming and throwing barrels.
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Early-mid-late game

Earlygame is quite strong for gragas for the most part. you want to last hit with your aouto attacks if you can but if there are 2-3 creep that you can get with a barrel go ahead and get them. Never harras over getting creep kill unless it can lead to a kill, gragas early game damage is quite high early game and you want to take advantage of that so harras them if you can and wont lose creeps or even better harras and last hit with the same barrel. Ask the jungler to give you the 2 blue or better the first! when you have blue buff you can ignore all the mana rules spam whatever you want. Dont overextend so much preferebly but when you got your body slam. you are very hard to gang thanks to you body slam and you ult. Your goals in this stage of the game is to survive and get as much minions you can

Midgame: in mid game you probably one hit creeps or atleast caster minions so farming is a breeze. Whenever you opponent is missing or you lane is very pushed go gank or b yourself. Your goals at this stage is to try do gank other lanes so you can push and take a tower.

Late game: now everybody is grouping up and the lanes are empty. You should just throw a barrel in the creep waves so that you still can farm the minions on the lanes but you rarely want to go alone. Your goals at late game? win the game, take baron ward push win teamfights etc.
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Buffs and monsters

Blue buff: this is you most wanted buff this will give you strong lane presents and spam your abilities and it gives you cdr wich is perfect for harrasing and team fight. You want to ask your jungler for the second or the first blue so you will have a easy lane.

Red buff: meh you dont need it it gives you a slow and a dot, better of to your jungler or ad carry. But if you did got it by a kill or steal or whatever use it, you want to body slam into there face and then use your combo and aouto attack they will be slowed and take increased damage.

Dragon: this will be one of your main objectives early and mid game dragon is worth
about 2 champion kills total so its a very important objective.

baron: this is a game changer. you should do this when you have the chanse of doing so. when you get the baron buff you should make use of it like push and force a teamfight. baron is worth 5 champion kills in total.
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This had been my gragas guide. and i hope you liked it, if this gets positive results i will continue updating the guide but if you dont like it thats fine to. pls vote and comment on how i can do better.
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