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Fiora Build Guide by OhNos

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author OhNos

Fiora ~ Fencing in mid lane. In process of being updated.

OhNos Last updated on September 7, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Before we start...

Hi i'm OhNos and this is my first guide on LOLMOBAFIRE. It is also my babies first guide so feel free to leave comments on how to improve. I decided to make this guide when my friends continued to ask how/why I played Fiora in the mid lane. I was going to link them a guide on LOLMOBAFIRE or solomid but I failed to find one. About an hour later this guide was born. Even though I made this guide because my friends wanted to try out Fiora mid I want to share this resource with everyone. This guide will be updated as long as Fiora is viable in mid so don't worry about this going out of date any time soon.


- Currently looking into new build options for better team fight potential

I'm a gold elo player (Top 7%) on the NA server. While I'm by no means the best player in the NA I definitely believe I can offer advice to other players and make suggestions that have some weight.

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Guide Milestones

7/18/2012, Guide created! First guide exclusively about Fiora mid!
7/18/2012, Reached top 10 guides for Fiora within a day of release.

8/30/2012, Gold Elo! Feels good mang~
10/1/2012, Been sitting proudly at #3 for awhile now. Thanks for all the support!
3/20/2013, Guess I'm #2 at the moment. Long live Fiora mid!
8/6/2013, Still updating the guide as I go, will be overhauling items soon.

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Fiora is a champion with a pretty bad reputation at the moment. She has one of the lowest w/l rates out of all the champions currently in LoL, and suffers from being a squishy melee champ in a game full of ranged AD carries.

We can get around many of these problems though by sticking Fiora into the Mid lane instead of the death trap that many players take Fiora called Top lane. If played correctly, Fiora will be able to shut down the AP carry in a similar fashion to Kassadin while having a much stronger late game.

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The runes of power

See the top of my guide for my suggested runes.

Other runes you could consider taking would be additional move speed quints or additional armor pen quints depending on your play style. You 110% need the armor and MR runes to provide you some much needed bulk to survive early game harass and fights.

You could also replace the armor pen reds with AD reds but this is largely a bad idea. Armor pen reds along with quints allow you to deal nearly true damage to AP carries early on. I would only take AD reds if you have trouble with last hitting.

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Masters of the Universe

See above once again for my suggested masteries.
There is very little wiggle room for where to otherwise put points although you may consider moving points in Resistance to Hardiness if it's an AD mid you are facing like Talon but if you are facing an AD mid Fiora is not an ideal pick.

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See above for my suggested items and build order.

This build gives you enough armor pen to do do you anti-carry role while still being a borderline bruiser.

The Flask, Ward, 5 Potion start is very standard as of right now but there are a few variations you can try. For example you can start Rejuvenation Bead Flask, double pot if you plan to build into a Ravenous Hydra.

Always remember to build what you need, if you need hp do not be scared to change up the build order and grab a Giant's Belt a bit earlier. Also try to buy at least one ward per back. Vision saves lives!

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The easiest way to spot a bad or mediocre Fiora player is if they level up Riposte or Burst of Speed first. What you should be doing esp. in mid lane is sinking most of your early points into lunge. This gives you a pseudo-escape along with a bunch of up front burst. This is crucial to winning mid lane when it is full of low to no armor ap carries. Lunge also applies your passive which is crucial to winning early trades. Max Riposte 2nd because it will help you win trades and helps keep your AD up in the constant race with the enemy AP carry in terms of damage output.

Try to delay Burst of Speed as long as possible but if the enemy is looking for prolonged engagements pick up a point in it.

Naturally get your ult at levels 6,11, and 16.

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Summoner Spells

: No exceptions.
: No exceptions. The synergy with Blade Waltz is to good to pass up.
: I lied, there is a single reason why you should run Exhaust over Ignite. If your team does not already have at least a single Exhaust make sure to pick it up because your team needs it for the enemy ad carry.

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Laning is a huge part of the game and will be a big factor in your success. As Fiora you want to be aggressive and capitalize on as many opportunities to get ahead of your lane opponent.

Basics to laning as Fiora: Last hit and be passive until the enemy creates an opening then proceed to Lunge, auto attack, Lunge, auto attack and once you get Riposte you will use that as you back out of the fight. Continue this whenever you feel like you can do this and get out ahead until you feel like you can win a all in or they back. Proceed to either get the kill or shove out the lane and back yourself or look to roam. This puts pressure on the enemy mid laner and punishes them for backing. If they are looking for prolonged skirmishes pick up Burst of Speed otherwise ignore it. Lvl 6 is when the fun begins, follow the usual sequence and use your Blade Waltz + Ignite combo to finish them off.

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Laning V.S AD Mids

I'll be frank, the lane match up against the majority of AD champs that go mid is not nearly as good for Fiora. A easy way to get around this is to understand how picks and bans work and save Fiora for a 4th-5th pick. Another thing you can do is have a AP that is able to go top or mid so you can switch it up if need be.

That being said there are a few things you can do to ease the pain of an AD mid.
Early items like Ninja Tabi cripple champions like Talon and Gangplank.
Continue your build as normal after the Ninja Tabi but make sure you grab a Warden's Mail.

These key item changes will allow you a fighting chance vs a AD mid. The rest is up to you out playing a bad situation. Play passive while keeping your passive up as much as possible while you wait for the jungle to come save your bacon. Remember that Fiora is one of the best champions at freezing the lane. Abuse this.

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Bad match ups for Fiora to watch out for.

: I hope you like to play dodge ball because that's what this lane is. She auto trades more then probably any ap carry in the early game and harasses hard not to mention has a ton of zone control. Unless you can win lane before her ball is under a 3 second cool down you're not going to have fun.

: Lots of zone control, tankier then you would think and has built in sustain, not a good idea.

: Hard counters your passive which makes trading much harder. Skill match up.

: Sustain, hard cc and more escape then you have gap closers. Uphill battle.

Zone based AP mids such as Zyra, Lux, and Syndra can give Fiora a hard time because of the sheer fact that she is a melee champion.

Lucky for us that the majority of Fiora counters do not see a lot of play sans Ahri. When I play Fiora I usually ban Malphite, Jax, and Ahri. These are all extremely strong picks at the moment that also manage to make your job near impossible.

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Team Fights

Once lane phase has ended your job is simple, you need to lunge onto the AD or AP carry and force them out of the fight or straight up kill them. By doing this you team should be able to win the fight handily if they did even remotely well in laning phase.

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Tricks and things to remember.

You can cast Ignite while in your ult, remember to do so and to not engage if both of these skills are not up.

When you are trading early with Lunge remember to allow Fiora to auto attack once in between each cast if possible. This allows you to leave the trade with a full stack of your passive and gets a lot more damage in there that you normally would not have.

Try to buy at least one ward if possible on every back. It is not just the support or junglers job to buy wards. Do your part to give map vision.

Places that are good to ward:
Red: This should be warded at all times after your first back. It denies ganks for both you and your top lane while also warning your jungle from invades.

Pink: Ward this as well if you or your bot lane is losing or they are being aggressiveness towards blue/red.

Purple: These are objectives that by mid game need to have vision coverage. It doesn't matter if it's the support or who ever, just make sure you have it covered.

Gold: Good aggressive/defensive wards for the back half of the game. This will give you info on enemy team movements throughout the jungle and allow you to catch people/make plays.

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Game play

Here is a video of me piloting Fiora to a win in mid lane. Feel free to watch to get a feel of how to play her in the mid lane.

My enemy is a Ziggs that capped out at 1600+ elo at one point.

My enemy is a Zyra that capped out at 1525 elo at one point and was hoving around 1470 at the time of this video.

My opp. summoner profile:

Enemy is a Twisted Fate who sat at 1600+ elo at the time of this match.

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Success stories.

Feel free to send me some of your games and I'll post exceptionally good ones.

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Summing it up.

This was a very basic guide to building and winning as Fiora. She is a great champion that is underestimated because of her bad player base, not because the champion itself is bad. Feel free to offer suggestions or ask questions. I'm more then happy to flesh out this guide if needed.

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- Added a match ups section for the guide.
- Added a Laneing section.
- Expanded on the items section.
- Expanded on the champs to avoid adding a suggested ban list.
- Updated and simplified ward map.
- Added a laning vs AD overview.
- Expanded bad lane matchups.
- Heavy revamp inc.