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Fiora Build Guide by Vigillis

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vigillis

Fiora is the definition of OP // ~Vigillis~

Vigillis Last updated on March 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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My name is Vigillis and this is my Fiora guide. In some way I hope to show the pros and cons of Fiora to those who are just starting out with her, and also to show off my build.

This is my first build; so read the entire guide before down-voting or flaming. This guide is for the purpose to fulfill you with plenty of information on her specs that you may or may not already know, showing outstanding results, tips and hints. I don't mind critique. Please don't do any stupid things for stupid reasons. Cheers.

Just some games following the build/guide.

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Fiora has got to be the champion who outputs the most early game dps and can carry that damage throughout the entire game; carrying her team along with her, she solos pretty much anything. Throughout my experience with Fiora, she has gained enough awesomeness to become my favourite champion atm. Every game, people have cried about the OPness (<- say that then lol)

She relies a lot on farming, using a tiamat makes this easy but to get to those, the effort is involved.

Ulting in team fights can result in multi kills or your death. I suggest only doing ults in a 1v1 til you get your tiamat and vamp scepter. Without those you won't be able to do enough dmg to change the tides of the team fight if you're losing. Once you get the tiamat and vamp scepter, try to use your ult as much as possible.

Burst of Speed is the essential bread and butter skill that Fiora can't enter a fight without. You use it for everything and anything.

Fiora is very dependent on farming. If your minions have pushed to the enemy turret, since you have no way to harass, go pick up the creeps on your side of the jungle. Kill these guysBefore recalling, it is a very good idea to pick off these creeps and burn your mana and hp. You're going to get it all refreshed back at the spawning pool, so just get that tad bit more of gold and exp.

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    High damage early game.
    Outstanding burst of dps.
    Lane sustain.
    Solo mid/top.
    Parry for counters.
    Great for farming
    Dat accent.
    Dat ***.

    No CC.
    Ulti can lead to death.
    Thornmail counters hard.
    Akali's shroud counters ulti.
    Fizz counters hard.
    No bush check skills.

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Building the standard 29/0/1

Summoner's Insight Is a must. That 15 second CD can save your killstreak, get you a kill, or just save your ***.

Sorcery Just for the CD on your lunge, to give that extra oomph

The rest is standard AD, armor pen and crit. Helpful early game and can give you the upper hand on your laning opposition.

I use this mastery page for most of my AD carries, it's simply just a great way to your early game.

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Doran's Blade Just a nice early item. the small lifesteal helps when you follow the Vampirism x3 with that passive, the lane sustain is fantastic.

Beserker's Greaves For the attack speed
Boots of Swiftness If your opposing champs are going to stomp you.

Now, for the Tiamat. Seems a bit odd am I right? When you get that your AD becomes something near 200 and you 3 shot the casting minions, farming becomes a breeze and your dmg output stands out. You'll make people cry 'OP, WTB nerf.'

The combination of Blade Waltz with the tiamat and a The Bloodthirster makes the most amazing thing to ever happen to this game. Splash dmg + lifesteal + multi target jumping, You can really just solo anyone after that. Only problem is against an Akali; Make sure to use your ult AFTER her shroud wears off, otherwise your ult gets canceled if she stealths again. I have to say, this ult just makes her flawless, if she wasn't already amazing, this ult puts the cherry on top.

Without CC, she depends on a Frozen Mallet. I chose to get this towards mid/late game because it's so damn easy to get fed with her, plus the Tiamat makes her able to farm her items easily. Adding onto the pain, the 120% attack speed when your Burst of Speed is activated, the Frozen mallet's chance to slow increases, allowing you to chase far and hard. Be careful not to overextend too far, your chances of being ganked increase.

Infinity Edge Just for extra core damage. Will put you up to near 400dmg. No attack speed is really needed because of your Burst of Speed. You'll drop them too fast anyway. Replace dorans blade with the IE.

Well, why not? If your build is finished, you have no more room for anymore items. Elixirs are really the only thing you can buy. Plus, you Glow like a boss.

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Greater mark of desolation
Greater Mark of Attack Speed
Greater Mark of Critical Chance

Basic AD for the early game superiority, each of them can help you in anyway. I recommend Greater mark of desolation. Armor pen is always good. These are what I use


Greater Seal of Critical Chance
Greater Seal of Magic Resist

Same as marks, each can help you a lot. I think that the M/R helps to keep you from being destroyed by the AP carries that seem to handle early game pretty well. The crit chance helps too. Sometimes you get lucky and can finish people off or just plain win the 1v1, leaving feeling good.


Greater Glyph of Critical Chance
Greater Glyph of Critical Damage
Greater Glyph of Attack Damage
Greater Glyph of Attack Speed

Basically anything that helps you with the aggressive gameplay. I like using AD focused glyphs so I can concentrate on the early gank last hits.

Greater Glyph of Critical Chance Adds to your crit. Helps a fair bit

Greater Glyph of Critical Damage Some AD, can be used, not recommended.

Greater Glyph of Attack Damage ^

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed Attack speed on Fiora is pretty damn good, assisting your Burst of Speed. You get that little bit more and can make people run as soon as you jump them.


Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

These quints are what the rune page is lacking; since the Quints give you so much out of the 3 that are provided, I recommend these 2.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed and Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed both add onto your Burst of Speed. Either of these runes can make your laning opposition run and be scared by how fast you attack or how fast you run. Either are strongly recommend.

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Choice of skills, why?

Burst of Speed Get it first; max it first. Profit.
This burst destroys squishies. When laning against a Veigar or LB, you have to target them hard before level 3. Fiora is more than capable of doing this.

Riposte Amazing parry. Get it second; max it second.
This skill is a very good way to start off jungling and another way to counter AD champions.
[NOTE] It parries GP's Parrrley.

Parries parrrley. Say that to yourself, sounds weird. o_o

Lunge is a very handy skill, works like Akali's Shadow Dance (ult).
I maxed this last because the other two seemed more necessary. Don't get me wrong: this skill is still very good.

Blade Waltz I've said enough for anyone to know, this skill is just...Great. Nuff said.
Get the skill whenever you can.

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Skill Sequence

E>Q>W>Q For aggressive and engaging.





W>E>Q>Q If they engage the fight.





Explanation of ^

Burst of Speed (E) Is a must have before entering a fight. Pop this as soon as a fight engages. Since my build doesn't have any AS, E is your only chance to get some attacks in fast.

Lunge (Q) Is the way to engage most of the time, using your E beforehand so that you can get the upper hand in the fight. I normally only use this to engage the squishy champions. If you can help it, push them behind their minions so when you need to escape you can use the Q again on one of their minions, using it like a Flash.

Riposte Is your only form of defense. This is a great way to block/counter Jax's Empower and GP's Parrrley. It is most handy when used against AD carries and for getting away. Use this when you are losing the fight or just to balance out some dps. Using this reflects some magic damage back, like a Thornmail. I try to use Riposte to block certain attacks when in a fight. This may be your only lifeline: use it wisely. Also very good for the jungle; should be the first skill acquired when jungling.

Blade Waltz Untargettable rape? Yes please. This is somewhat of a risky ult. In a 3v3 situation, you can rip apart their entire teams hp and allow your team to win the fight, however, If you're in their base or near their turret, a simple flash (whilst your ult is active) towards the turret/Spawning pool will most likely get you killed. It's very hard to get out of a situation like that without Flash or a well used Lunge. In an open environment, use the ulti to win and get a lot of '**** yeah's' and 'gj's' from your team. No matter, the ult just destroys anyone.

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Summoner Spells


Flash When in doubt, jump a wall. The biggest problem with Fiora is that she doesn't have a very good escaping mechanism. Flash is fantastic because you can use it on a wall, then, Burst of Speed out of there. It's a must have spell for Fiora.

Exhaust Great for the first blood, in a combo with Burst of Speed. Fiora is already so fast when using her E that when you use it with Exhaust, they'll be defenseless and helpless. Amazing for beating opposition in 1v1's or to get away.

Ghost Helpful, good for chasing and running. I personally prefer flash but ghost can be a second option. Depending on your play style, pick either one.

Ignite I have used this in some games in unity for aggressive gameplay. If the opposition has flash (in the starting gank), be sure to ignite them when you feel them stepping out of the fight for what could possibly be first blood.



Shouldn't even cross your mind. Unless you wish to have a laugh, Clairvoyance and Cleanse. See where they are, get CC'd on purpose, Cleanse. walk away. *giggle


For starters, I hate Heal. I wish Riot would just get rid of it... I only ever use it on people like Soraka for that funny triple heal. Garrison is dominion, I haven't included a dominion build as I personally don't enjoy the map. Leave Fortify to the tank, ALWAYS


Derrrr.... Once again, just don't. Promote for giggles, Revive for giggles, rally for... Has anyone actually ever used Rally? Doesn't suit Fiora so don't bother.


Smite Is a must for jungling. Pick it up with either Flash or Exhaust when you do. Surge for more AS and to help you with first blood. Teleport for that solo lane sustain. All are good.

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Farming with Fiora is a breeeeeeze. Although, if you can't farm, you need to make sure that you rush your Tiamat, picking up the jungle creeps on your side when they spawn. Laning with a support champ like Soraka can have its benefits. However, she is also very good at farming. She can out-farm you and leave you in a tough situation. Just ask her to ease up on the Starcall and aim for last hits. Using your Burst of Speed for faster farming is always a good idea. Be sure to not burn a lot of mana. If or when you get ganked, you need to have enough mana to counter or run.

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Team Work

When you and your team get into a team fight, do your best NOT to be the one to bush check or Initiate. You will be royally destroyed, with no mercy. Let your tank or some beefy champion run in first. (That is if you are ganking the opposing team). When your team are ganked, run away and let the enemy team peel off you and onto the rest of your team. When they do, turn and use Blade Waltz for some AoE damage, to ensure your team the win. Also, follow the skill sequence when running back (E>Q>W>Q). Target the squishy champions with lower defense and health, using your Q for last hit or basic attack. Be sure to ping which champion you're targetting so that your team knows what you are doing as well.

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Jungling is a great way to farm with Fiora. When in ranked games, if no one else is jungling, you can easily pick up the role with Fiora.

Pick up Vampiric sceptre and run over to wolves (1); grab your W. Use your W, ask for a leash and a guard and then pick up the big wolf (you can solo these).

Move over to the Blue buff (2). Get your leash, use your parry and then smite the blue buff golem.

After that you want to run over to the other side of the jungle, hit up the wraiths (3). Get your Burst of Speed next and the wraiths should be a breeze.

Move onto red buff (4) use E>W>Q>Q (repeat after CD's). You should have your smite by now, make sure you use it on the red buff.

Afterward, check on your team, "Any lanes need help?" or gank those who have over extended.

If there's no need to gank a lane, help push a lane or occupy the lane so that the soloer or pair can B.

Pick up the golems (5) then B.

Repeat the process picking up blue buff whenever it spawns and ganking those who over extend or when the opposing team is hitting your team hard.

Please know that jungling can take some time to get used to, with some practise you will eventually get the hang of the route and the jungles capabilities, tactics, item purchases and skill sequences.

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Overall, Fiora is the a champion of top quality for when it comes to farming and early-game destruction.

    Pick up any opportunity to solo a lane.
    If your team needs a jungler, accept the role.
    Be sure to farm hard, getting last hits.

My guide has focused most of the game play on farming and out smarting the opposition. Forever on, become the bully of lanes and faceroll squishies.

I hope my build has filled you with facts, tips and information. I also hope this guide on Fiora is helpful to you. GL AND HF

Oh and thank you to ├čringit/Justin for the sig and the help. Appreciate it <3

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PLEASE NOTE. These are the definitions to my understanding, If they have another meaning well then, post what it is. Sorry for those who have troubles understanding the choice of abbreviations I used, Also, These are only the abbreviations that I believe most people need to know, any others you will either eventually learn or you should just Google it. Google is amazing and I can't provide the world

AD = Attack damage
AS = Attack speed
AP = Ability power
DMG = Damage
EXP = Experience
GL = Goodluck
HF = Have fun
SIG = Signature (Shen picture where it says Vigillis)
OP = Over powered............Fiora
B = Recall (Hotkey on your keyboard)
LEASH = A teammate attacking one of the creeps so that you get a headstart.
GUARD = Is when a teammate/s guard the jungler incase the opposition gank him.
OVER EXTEND = When you push too far up your lane, becoming a bit cocky. Not a good thing.
AOE = Area of effect. Basically skills that do dmg in an area.
CC = Crowd control. Idk how to define it but... Silences, slows, stuns, suppress, etc
CC LOCK = When you get CC'd so much you basically have no control of your champion.
Aggressive = A playstyle in which you harass alot, attack them alot. **** it, Google it.
Engage = In LoL terms, starting a fight. Google it for more information...
GP = Gangplank
LB = LeBlanc
SQUISHY = Low defense, quite vulnerable to attacks
BEEFY = Can take alot of hits, Not to be mistaken for a tank.
WTB = Want to buy
NERF = When the game creators weaken something, Like they nerfed trynd's dmg so much.
BUFF = Opposite of nerf, to make something stronger.
CRIT = Critical dmg/strike. When you suddenly hit something like twice your dmg.