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Fiora Build Guide by Kapapa22

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kapapa22

Fiora - Underestimated Master of Duels

Kapapa22 Last updated on December 10, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello there

This is my first guide here, my summoner nickname is Kapapa22. Im playing on the EUNE server atm. Iv started playing Fiora like year ago and still going on, she is one of my solo top mains right now. So here we go.

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Pros / Cons


    -Great burst (She can shut down carries very easy)
    -2 gap closers
    -High damage ultimate along with being untargetable for a short time
    -Very good duelist and teamfighter
    -Short MS/AS steroid
    -Riposte allows you to trade off small skirmishes easly
    -Not a mana hungry champ
    -Great potential for pushing turrets
    -Early game is on your favour (you can play very aggresive)


    -Lacks some survivability
    -Your ultimate if used wrong can bring **** to you
    -Not so bully as some solo top champs
    -Armor simply counters you (if not builded arp yet)
    -Weak passive after lane phase
    -She need some kills lategame
    -Weak jungler (thats why your are playing on top right?)

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Summoner Spells

Your Normall Kit

This is your bread'n'butter summoner spell: it allows you to finish off your opponents, lower regeneration effects (like Voli passive) and deal some chunk of true dmg ofcourse. Remember that you can use it during ultimate.

Secondary must have type of summoner spell. Flash have many uses - chasing, escaping from ganks, flowing away with 10% hp from teamfights and dodging some skills that can scary **** out of you.

Your Secondary Kit

I somatimes take this spell if no1 others take it and in case of strong top to play against. It helps you to shut down carries, chase your opponents and lower your enemies burst potential for a few sec.

Defensive time spell allows you to absorb some burst, save your life when used correctly and negate dmg that normally could kill ya (dot type dmg or Karthus R for example).

Teleport can be very effective if ya planning split push game and it has high ganking potential if used correctly, it can also turn the tides in unfair skirmishes/teamfights.

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Skill Description


Fiora passive allows her to stay in lane longer during lane phase. Trough hitting minions and champs(stacks up to 4 times) it renegerates your hp - along with hp pots early can reg it very fast. In my opinion after lane phase this passive is weak but with Spirit Visage can still do something.


Two gap closers in Fiora kit makes her assasin. Lunge deals some decent physical dmg along with low mana cost makes it very nice skill. You can use this skill to chasing, and getting away of nasty situations by jumping on enemy minions for example and then running away to the bushes.


Bread'n'Butter skill - actually it makes Fiora who she is. Passively gives strong ad boost that allows you to play very aggresive early. The flag ablity of Riposte is that this skill can counters AA and some enemy skills that can boost their AA, dealing AP dmg after it. You must learn when to use it because it only last long 1.5 sec. Comparing all of these with low mana cost and cd makes this skill great against ad like champs.

Burst of Speed

AS/MS steroid brings a **** to your enemies during short skirmishes. Because of 120% attack speed boost you can skip building some AS items. Also allows you to chase down your opponents and get away from chase. With high ad you can melt down turrets additionally. Killing an enemy champion or an assist resets Burst of Speed cd.

Blade Waltz - Ultimate

Your flag ability. Deals high physical dmg also popping on hit effects every strike. Thats why every Fiora should have items like Hydra and Botrk. If Used correctly can devastate teamfight and leave your opponents with small amout of hp. Always use it at the start of teamfight and on the enemy ADC or APC. It has great tower dive potential because of being untargetable during it. When you are fighting 1vs1, try to use it when enemy has under 50% of hp, it can somatimes save ur *** or they can simply flash and get away if you use it too fast.

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Lane Phase

In small trades during lane phase you should use rotation like: Lunge->AA->Go Away->Secondary Lunge->AA, if your opponent is trying to trade you off simply use Riposte and Burst of Speed.


Start with Burst of Speed, then Riposte right after, when he is trying to run away - Lunge on him 1 time, if he used his flash continue your chase with second Lunge. If it is not enough use ur ultimate right after and it shall be done.


Jump on their ADC or APC(depends who is fed more) - they are primary targets. Then use ur ultimate. After it use Burst of Speed and lock on ur target until it is dead, using your other abilities also every time they are off cd. If situation is dangerous, Burst of Speed buff along with Flash should get you away from it.

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Fiora is a great solo top champion after all. It requires some time to learn but gives a lot of fun. Rate and comment.