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League of Legends Build Guide Author SirToastsalot

Fire the "La-zer"

SirToastsalot Last updated on July 9, 2012
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I’ve been using Mobafire since February 2011 but this is rally the first time that I’ve posted a guide because I feel that no guide on here has truly nailed how Lux should be played. I’ve gone through a lot of the Lux guides and I can’t seem to find any that everyone can agree on. Some people say more CDR some people say that you need more AP, some say Lichbane, some say Lichbane is worthless. Personally this is the build that I use that works for me both in Ranked and unranked gameplay.

I’ve played many games as Lux and she was the first champion that I played that I truly enjoyed playing as and I always seemed to melt people’s faces off.

Thanks to Searz for the awesome guide format! You can find it here. I snagged this from him and he really deserves credit for it.

Mouse-over any items or abilities to see their tooltip.


If there are any abbreviations in here that you don't uderstand.

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What and Why

So my Lux build is built for Mid to Late game dominance and for a passive early game. With Lux you can’t be on the front lines or the one who initiates team fights however Lux has an awesome early game harrasment and even late game you can spam her lazer(Plus by spamming it you get to her to yeall "DEMACIA!!!" all the time and instill fear into your opponents) and harrass the other team ever 24 seconds other teams before team fights even initiate.

With my build I focus getting some early AP but until the AA and Rabadon’s are completed you won’t be doing a ton of damage. With lux being a good farmer you should be able to get both of those quickly.

The other items in my build focus on adding more burst damage into her combos and then I have several situational items depending on how the other team is building and if any particular champion on the enemy champion is destroying you.

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Personally, with the new masteries the base CDR of 10% that you can get purely from masteries is awesome. I like the 9-0-21 scheme because of the added CDR and you stuill get the base Magic Pen that is needed with any AP carry. I prefer having the base 10% CDR over the Addition AP mainly because the 24 second CD on her Laser is awesome to have late game and with this uide you get almost 40% CDR without blue buff late game.

Alternativly if you want some more power You can use this one


This skill tree is better if you prefer to build a little more CDR in your build and want some more AP earlier on.
Honestly Either of these skill tree works very well with Lux, one relies less on blue buff and the other has slightly more power.

This one offers some more AP but less CDR. (Not as big of a deal anymore with the new CDR items.)

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Greater Mark of Insight

Magic Penetration is awesome on any champion especially since recently the trend has been to bolster your MR early game with runes as an AP caary.

Other Options:

I can't think of any other option you would want here over the magic penetration. Possibly flat AP but For the marks the AP isn't worth it and the MR will give you better damage.
Greater Seal of Clarity

Mana regeneration to helpout early game because Lux can occationally have some mana problems early game before she gets a blue buff.

Other Options: Greater Seal of Resilience

Flat armor runes will help with your tankiness for both early jungle ganks and late game survial.(Recommend these runes when put up against a Talon Mid)

Greater Glyph of Shielding

Magic Resist runes are awesome for any mid because the majority of the lanes you will have to face are AP champions with only a few exceptions(Talon mainly)

Other Options:
Greater Glyph of Focus
The CDR runes can be good on Lux, but with the adition of the grail and new paths for items like Kage's lucky pick they are no where near as needed. However, it is nice to start with 16% CDR and makes blue buff more of a bonus rather than somethingyou need.

Greater Glyph of Force

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude

This is one of the few items that I focus purely for early game survival because she can be fairly squishy early game and this allows your to not need to take a Doran’s ring in order to have that extra health boost

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Summoner Spells

Highly Recommended

Flash is almost self explanatory, it helps you run away and can even help you set up your combo if you use it offensively. I think it’s a must take on almost any champion

I think that ghost is another awesome summoner spell, it allows you to chase some champion so you normally couldn’t catch but also lets you runaway from certain champions who are experts are chasing people down(Xin Zhao, Vayne, Poppy)

While I rarely use this one it can be very use both as an excape method against many champions, it also can be used offensively to push a lane or defensively to stop an enemy champion from getting a tower or even as a ganking tool, teleport to one of the other lanes and just fire your Laser, boom Headshot.

I don’t use clarity anymore because with the tear of the goddess I rarely run into mana problems but if you find that you are always running low or out of mana Clarity is a great option to consider.

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Skill Sequence

Path 1

Q > E> E> Q > E > R > E > Q > E > Q > R > Q > W > W > W > R > W > W

Path 2

Q > E > E > W > E > R > E > Q > E > Q > R > Q > Q > W > W > R > W > W

For skill paths I think that it is important that you build up Lux’s best farming and harassment skill with her W. After building her W I usually max her Q next because you need the extra damage from it for the mid game. Obviously you want to put a point in her ult every time you can. The reason I don’t put anything in your shield until the later levels is that I feel that early levels it doesn’t shield you very much and your AP isn’t high enough to make it very viable.

The reason that I do have that second path is that with a couple champions that have damage over time abilities then it can help absorb a lot of the damage from those but against champions main skills it doesn’t make a huge difference.

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Possible Builds

So these are the two main builds I use with Lux. Which one I go with depends entirely on the opposing team. I know that I have difficulty staying alive against certain champions so I tend to use the first build against those teams and also I believe that is better for ranked play. It focus’s a little more on CDR rather than pure damage. Both the Void Staff and the Banshee are both situational items with that build but I’ll get into it more later.

The second build is usually the one I use in standard play. To be honest getting and keeping stacks with Lux is really pretty easy. Every time you shield an ally and they get a kill you get a stack or you can get some kills from ganking with your laser from about halfway down the river. So the second build only uses the soulstealer for the CDR but it also allows you to get the most AP too.

So I recommend starting with the first build because it is the one that has reliable CDR(meaning it doesn't depends on the stacks or have the elixer or blue buff) and I would recommend using that one in ranked play also over the second build. The second build I recommend if you are very comfortable with your ability as lux to stay alive. Trust me I know that once you start taking down half the enemy's health with one ult they will focus you so it can be difficult to stay alive. I use the second build purely in non-ranked matches when I am sure that I can keep myself from dying against their teams. (Champions you should never use the second build for are meele champions who can close the gap quickly and then tear you apar I.E. Xin Zhao or Jarvan are two people who can just destroy a lux.)

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Starting Items

I prefer starting with the Saphire crystal because I think the extra mana is better than the mana/5 from the meki pendent and it still allows you to build into the Tear of the Goddess and it allows you to bring in 2 HP pots too.

This is the starting item if you want to have extra mana/5 because you always seem to be running out of mana. It still builds into a tear and still allows you to bring 2 health pots.

I recommend starting with this only if you believe that you can survive against the other team. with this as your starting item you want to rush your mejai's(So try to back at around 1200 gold so you can get the soulstealer and shoes) and once you get the mejais gank the side lanes often.

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Core Items

I think that the Archangel staff is an awesome item for most of the mages out there because it can actually give you more AP than the Deathcap and also helps a ton with the mana problems that many mages run into when you are spamming spells all the time. You should be getting this almost every game with lux. I recommend getting it right after you get your deathcap.

Deathcap is pretty self explanatory for any mage, 140 base AP and then a 30% increase to all your other AP, This should be the first expensive Item that you rush after you get your tear and shoes.

Lich Bane is essential on Lux because it stacks with her passive that well and then also allows you be 3 shot towers or inhibs plus it gives you about another 900 damage nuke against other people. Plus it gives some MR and bonus move speed both of those help you. I recommend getting this after your AA if you are confident that you don't need a defensive item. If you find yourself dying often I would recommend getting either a Banshee veil or Zhonya's hour glass depending on who is dealing the most damage to you on the other team, (Banshee if an AP character is, Zjhonya's if an AD is)

So I only put boots of speed because which boots you build up into depends on which boots you need. Merc Treads if they have lots of CC, Sorcerer’s shoes if you want to deal more damage, and then Ionian Boots of lucidity if you want the CDR that you can’t get from other sources.

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Preferred Items

I Use this the majority of the because I think that is easy to gain and keep stacks with Lux. Her range is insane on her abilities and then with your ult and shield you should get a minimus of 5 stacks from every teamfight. However I say only get this item if you are sure that you can keep the stacks. If you don't think you can keep the stacks then Get something else to give the CDR. Like the Deathfire grasp.

So This is one of the items I recommend geetting if you are playing against a team with characters where blocking one of the spells can stop their combo or where someone on their team has a map wide ult. Examples of these people would be Exreal, Ashe, Karthus, another Lux, all of them has long range ults that hurt and even kill you if you are at low health, the Banshee can help prevent that, then characters who have good combo moves would be characters such as Poppy, LeBlanc, Cassiopea, Blitzcrank, Amumu, Alistar.) Against those characters if you need a defensive item I highly recommend this one.

Another situational item. You need this if you are playing a tanky enemy team or if the enemy decides to start stacking MR aginst you)Negatron Cloaks, Banshee veil, FoN, things of that nature) but without this item you won't beable to hurt them with your base 9% spell pen and your 29 Magic penn(if you get sorcerer's shoes)

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Other Useable Items

So this is an underrated item I feel like. It is less expensive than a banshee veil and gives good magic resist and a insta cleanse. The hardest thing with this item is using the insta clenase. In my opinion this can sometimes be more efective than a banshee veil. If you find yourself constantly being focused with multiple CCs or have opponents with multiple forms of CC this can be a great item that I feel noone ever gives due consideration too.

So I haer from a couple people that this is not a good item for Lux because you won't receive the full benefits from it because Lux houldn't be that close to a fight. While that is partially true, I still think it is a viable option. It does give 70AP and 57MR. I think this is a good option against a team with a couple of AP carries because while it will stop the damage they deal it will also give a good ammount of AP. AAnd with the aura that it gives that can still be useful against meele characters who need to get up close and personal to hurt you. and if you are good with your skill shot you can snare them within the aura then bring the pain on them.

I recommend this item against a tank team paired with the void staff. It is a huge nuke(roughly 43% of their health if you get 400AP) with 49% penetration. So at the least you should be doing around 25% of their health right off the bat and its avalible every 60 seconds too. Plus it givesyou CDR if you feel like you need plus 60AP and M/5 also. If you do end up aginst a tanky team I do recommend getting an early Codex to help you spam skills and keep the enemy at low health.

I rarely get this item but once again I feel that is a beneficial iteam if yiou feel like you are too squishy. If still gives 80aP but also gives 630 HPand 725Mana. It adds alot to your surviability if you feel like you need it.

I completely forgot about this item originally but it is deffinately a great iteam if you are going up a more AD heavy team. It gives 100 armor plus a 2 second invicibility if you get focus and that 2 seconds can really help your team pick apart their team if they all decide to focus you. It is also a good item if you feel that you are getting focused everyteam fight as that 2 seconds could be alll your team needs to get them off your back.

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So Laning with Lux is fairly straight forward, only use your Q if you are sure you can hit the enemy with it other wise its just a mana burner. For your first couple levels focus purely on last hitting the creeps, throw your E towards your enemy if your mana is full but other wise just gather up the creep kills until you can buy either your soulstealer or the Tear. When you get enough gold for that(or even enough for your 1st boots) burn your mana and try to get the opponent to back or at least push your minions to their tower so you can back buy and get back with out losing too much gold/exp. Once you have your tear(should be lvl 4 or 5) ue your E to harass the enemy and hit the Mage minions in the backAt lvl 3 you can hit all 3 back minions and use your passive you have 2 shot each 1 of them and at lvl 5 you can 1 shot them normally. Attempt to hit the enemy with your E and Q when you can just to keep them low on HP then when you hit lvl 6 try to land your combo of your Q then instantly throw your Ult, it’s a guaranteed hit and if you know your damage you will get the kill on them every time.

When you are just harassing and not going for the kill what you should attempt to do with Lux is if you can get them with yur Q, throw your E on top of them, get an auto attack in then detonate your E and get another auto attack in. That combo willl drain their health pretty fast if you can land it 3 or 4 times.

When ever your opponent mid backs you can venture about halfway down the river to try to pick off one of the bottom lanes with your ult if they are low on HP, it takes practice to land her ult but if you can learn how to aim it well you can snipe kids all day long.

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With Lux your role is to harass the other team as much as you can before the team fight starts and when it does start stay alive. With your W if you can cast it right you can double shield all your allies every time you throw it and you’ll start racking up the assists too. The other thing with Lux is when your have maxed your ult don’t be afraid to spam it. If you can get blue buff you have themax 40% CDR and you can fire your ult every 24seconds. Even without blue buff, between the 15% CDr from runes and masteries, the 15% from either Ionian or Mejai’s, and then 8% from a blue elixer, you still have38% CDR, so don’t be afraid to throw the ult in. Don’t only use it to pick enemies off when their running away, use it often, it makes all the difference.

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Late Game

Late game it is even more important that you stay alive. Death at this point means a 50 second respawn time. If you do finish your build be sure to buy the Elixers starting with the Blue one. Other wise be sure to stick with your team, keep baron warded, always try to have blue buff, ask your jungler if you can have it because as lux no one else should get the blue buff at all if your team comp ins't 5 AP carrys.

The this with Late game Lux is that with Lich Bane and the ammount of AP that you get with her you can 3 shot a tower from full health. Just cast a W on yourself hi the tower, back out, rinse and repeat and that tower will drop.

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The biggest thing to remember with Lux is that you must stay alive, dying doesn’t help you and if you die your team loses a support character and a huge nuke. You need to learn to land her skill shots especially her Q because it will save you from many ganks and if an enemy is chasing, sometimes with correct placement of skills you can even kill yourpursuer.
The biggest this with running is throw your Q when they are close enough that ita aguareented hit but beforethey can use abilities on you(like a stun from panth or Xin spear charge) and then throw your E to slow them(Only detonate it when they are about to exit it). With those you can hurt them quite a bit and then you can get the kill.

Another very helpful trick with Lux’s Q is to try to lure then in tower range and trap them there so the tower can get 2 or 3 attacks in.

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So alright I hope that this guide helps you with playing Lux and learning how to use effectively but if anyone has suggestions please put them in the comments and I’ll work on adding whatever you have suggested into the guide and I’ll do my best to respond to comments that you post on here.