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Fizz Build Guide by AAC Wrath

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AAC Wrath

Fizz My Way Mid/Top 6.10

AAC Wrath Last updated on August 1, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Fizz with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Karthus FUCKIN' EAAAAAAAAAAAAAASY! No mobility to dodge your ult, you can w-q when he tries to cs, you can dodge all of his abilities. Such a sleeper lane, get snowballing!
Taliyah Taliyah fucking sucks.
Aurelion Sol Sol is so hard to play, dodge his stun and you win lane.
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Fizz can be one of the most snowbally champions in League and knowing how to snowball is crucial to carrying your team. If you are fed, your team will respect you, and listen to calls.

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Fizz has probably the longest auto attack range as a melee at 175. Literally if you are good at auto-moving then starting w and trading (for top atleast) will win you the game and get you a kill at lv 2.

W-Q-auto is Fizz's biggest trading mechanic. For all-ins you could R, W-Q-Auto, Eslow(to dodge skillshot).

When you're going all-in in laning phase, save your ignite because maxing W + ignite is the most underestimated thing ever. Warning:If you ignite in lane, they will stop dueling you and run, that is why you save ignite to surprise them (People are stupid, I know).

Fizz w scales with missing health. So if you are going to all-in a tough opponent and you KNOW they will not flash out, you can ignite early so your W does more damage.

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Pros / Cons

Pro -
Pretty..easy to play
High Mobility
Can easily get kills when playing from behind
Hard to have counter mechanics besides farm / poke
Uncontrollable Snowball
Great all parts of the game
W is so great for killing other melees
Best ganker NA
Tons of outplay potential

Cons -
Gets countered by silences
Dude I swear I hit my ult
Not a poke mage
Easy to greed on
Exhaust is annoying

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General Mechanics

When laning as Fizz Top, your W-autos are so important.. they amount to so much kill potential. A good Fizz will auto his opponent when they go up to last-hit the CS. It's okay to miss CS if you are going for a kill but do not miss CS to harass the opponent if you do not have kill potential.

Fizz's W applies a dot and can take the CS. As soon as the first creep wave rolls in, I advice to start W and auto each minion once to apply the dot. Always auto the enemy champion (you will take minion agro) if they get close because you will 99% of the time win a fight when both champions are low health because Fizz's W applies more damage the lower health the enemy opponent is and Fizz can easily dodge abilities (surprisingly) with his E.

Use your E EARLIER than the skill will hit you because I swear to god even with 40 ping, it doesn't go off.

You can either Playful into a slow by not re-activating it and right-click moving (mid E) where you want to land for that aoe slow, OR! You Playful into Trickster by pressing E again and make that second jump. Fizz's E goes TOWARD the cursor. You do not have to right-click if going into Trickster.

Always use E to dodge turret shots at the last second (don't worry, I haven't been hit by a turret shot in so long so it's okay to wait until the very last milisecond)

You can Zhonyas mid E... the damage will always go off no matter how much you delay it. Sometimes when you die and you're mid-E because of a dot or something, the E will glitch and still go off. Anyways yes you can Zhonyas will mid E.. it looks cool if the game is about to end but really only use this if you think it's necessary....otherwise you just burned all of your invulnerabilities XD

Flashing while mid-Fizz E is kind of tricky.. or should I say playful :P (trying to be funny, what a massive fail). Fizz can only flash while mid PLAYFUL.. so if you re-activate it to go into trickster, you cannot flash. Remember to not playful-flash just to look cool, sometimes you can just position better and you won't even have to burn your flash. Practice this in a custom game until you can execute this combo perfectly. You will move your cursor towards the enemy champion, E, hover for a split second, make sure your cursor is on them, and then flash for that sweet play.

Sheen has a cooldown, so if you're dueling, you can W-auto, wait, and then Q if you are chasing a target or something idk.... remember your q applies on-hit effects so it applies sheen just like an Irelia Q!

Fizz Q along with Jax Q can be flashed. It will do 0 damage and not hit the target. Sadly this does not apply for Pantheon's Stun.

Animation canceling: Getting good at Auto-q can be so helpful. A lot of the time it's used for cs or you're slowly auto-moving to kill an enemy champion aggressively so you won't use this but it's so you get your Q off inbetween auto attacks. People are stupid so they won't understand the animation cancel and be surprised by the amount of burst.
You can animation cancel with Ult-Q... you can use your Ult while Mid-Q sometimes. (Be careful, if you are close enough, you will dash THROUGH the target so you will have to aim it at a 180).

Here's a good example of animation canceling by yours truly

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League is sadly a Team Game

Get really fed so your teamates respect you. Fizz is one of the best roamers in the game so if you are mid, camp bot ALL GAAAAMEE LOOOOONG. If you are ahead, gank bot, if you are behind, gank bot, if you just got first blood and have the sustain, gank bot.
Make sure to ping like crazy when ganking because teamates are reaaaally stupid.
Yes the support WILL try to block your ultimate.. it's so annoying I know. You will take a lot of damage but use your E to dodge any peel they use on you.. (Morgana Q).

Ganking top is really easy for solo kills but you can either feed your allied Top Laner for a day by taking the kill or you can teach him how to fish by giving him the kill.
DO NOT GIVE HIM THE KILL UNLESS YOU HAVE ATLEAST 4 KILLS. Remember YOU will have to carry, don't be a ***** and start playing supportive with low farm and allow your teamates to get kills. You are an APC.

The more you gank, the less farm you will have. Tax the **** out of bot lane if you give them a kill.

If your jungler is *** and doesn't know what he's doing, simply tell him to hold your lane and you roam. You act as the jungler. As long as the enemy laner sees someone in their lane, they will most likely not ping an "enemy is missing" ping. People are stupid.

Fizz can take dragon at great speeds with his W and can dodge dragon shots with his E. Fizz, along with Yi are best at soloing the Ground Dragon because the dragon autos are slower. But remember! The ground dragon is ****ing **** and should only be taken if there is literally nothing else to get. A wave of cs is worth more than ground dragon. The order of what dragon is best goes like this

Fire(Broken as ****) > Water(Wow that's pretty strong) > Air(I mean..I guuuess it's okay.. I'd rather have something else though) > Ground(DOG ****-SO TERRIBLE, DANGER DANGER BAD!)

Yes your teamates will tell you that the Ground Dragon is "Well, it can be good". No. It is ****. Do not try to convince your team that it is **** because they simply do not understand.

When you are taking dragon as a roam, you CAN do it. Buy a pink ward and place it next to drag and ping the **** out of your bot lane, especially if it is a fire dragon. Fire dragons are worth so much gold it's unbelievable.

Try to get your Jungler to leash you Mr. Harold because his buff lasts TWEEENTY MINUUUUTES. Holy **** that is so much roam time. Rift Herald Buff + Sheen + Hextech Revolver + Fizz WQ leads to so much damage.... like holy **** here's a clip

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Teamfighting is sort of tricky.. I can't really tell you exactly what to do in a teamfight because it's so dependent on what you are playing against.

If you are behind then you generally are going to be getting that Rylais first... so if you are truly behind and cannot kill their carry, you can e into the group of tanks for the aoe slow. Try your best to just peel and your ADC should help kill the tanks.

If you are fed as hell (you should be) then positioning is EVERYTHING. Yes your team will tell you to wait for the tank to engage because you probably got caught out a while ago trying to make some play. But do not listen to them. If you are grouped as 5 late game, that probably means the ENEMY is grouped as 5. If you are ahead and strong and you are next to your ranged carry, you are doing something wrong. It is impossibly difficult to hit your ult on their carries with two+ massive tanks in the way. You don't want to burst the tanks.. you want to kill their carry. You would get so confused whether to flash and get behind their lines or settle with killing the tanks. This is why you should always be a little bit split off from your team while doing a 5v5. It's okay to play like Katarina and wait a little bit for your team to get rekt for you to engage if it means you will have good positioning.

A great way to start a fight is to just bushcamp. If you sit in the bush and have an enemy walk into it.. you R, Auto, Auto-Q or something and get them killed. It will instantly make it a 5v4 in your favor. If you are behind and winning teamfights is impossible, just bushcamp. Bushcamp a bush near baron... losing a turret or missing a ton of cs is worth it because you will win a teamfight. The bush may be warded because your support doesn't know how to scan so if they know you're there and they throw a big AOE ability into it then you have your E to get away and your team will be brutally massacred, BUT NOT YOU!

Yeah but generally you are going to want to burn flash and just get onto their carries... As of a recent patch, QSS no longer removes Fizz Ult, it will only remove the slow. The shark will still come up for a ton of damage. You do a little bit increased magic damage to them while your ult is on them so try to make use of that. If you get into a bad position or anything AT ALL, just Zhonyas. After you come out of Zhonyas you have an E-flash-Q potential.. you can do a lot and people underestimate your mobility. Sometimes you just have to not die early into the fight for you to win.

You generally won't be peeling for the ADC, your "ADC" is probably an Ezreal or Caitlyn that isn't even worth peeling for because they get 1 shot anyway... Truly only peel for carries like Rageblade Vayne, the mighty-jesus Twitch.... yeah.

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Final Regards..Edits..Links

I did not add protobelt in here because I am still unsure of its strength. I have seen people doing like 1600 damage to a blue buff with it but I am just not that familiar with the item to confidently put it in the guide. Maybe it's OP enough that you could rush it.. who knows. I just feel like ME PERSONALLY, am inconsistent with it and it seems hard to land all of those bolts. I see it as you either "Land it perfectly! (Woah dude tons of damage!)" or you miss it "(wtf this is so hard"... it has bad stats but can be a nice addition to Rylais.

I've been reading over a lot of people's guides.. you know the ones with like infinity views and they are just really stupid. The matchups where they put going against Diana, Kassadin, and Malazahar as a sleeper lane.. They are just so stupid. I'm in Platinum 2 and this guide is kind of written for gold players but the people making these guides are probably really bad. Don't trust them, trust me.

Edit: I realize that buying scanner level 9 is the way to go. Being an offensive threat and actually knowing if the bush you are bushcamping in is warded or not is extremely helpful. That's probably the least important aspect of scanner though. Denying vision and making the enemies only see the vision of the lanes just adds an oppressive feel that I seem to have forgotten when playing in ranked/higher elos. Be dominant, and truly crush them :)

If you have any questions about Fizz, add me, my account name is AAC Wrath.

Here are some full games / plays of playing Fizz.. you can learn more by watching than ever by reading a guide: -Silver Full Game -Play -Play -Glitch -Funny -Full Game -Escape -Escape -Full Game