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Kog'Maw Build Guide by xmotoby

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xmotoby

Fountain of Death Jungle (RIP)

xmotoby Last updated on October 2, 2016
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Hello, I am xmotoby, and welcome to my Kog'Maw jungle guide! This is a simple guide; it only contains what I think is necessary to know.

My favorite kind of champion to play is marksman, but I do not like the ADC role. So I play marksmen jungle quite often, being above the other ADCs in levels and gold.

Kog'Maw jungle is off-meta, but actually stronger than most think.

NOTE: I would not reccomend playing Kog'Maw jungle if your team does not already have a tank and a peeling support.

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Champion Summary

Kog'Maw is the epitome of "hypercarry". Since his rework, Kog'Maw doesn't work as well with a typical ADC build. However, he is the only champion who can hit the cap of 5 basic attacks per second. Because of this, he synergises amazingly well with on-hit items.

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+ Absolutely insane damage
+ Great duelist
+ Mixed damage is hard to itemize against
+ Long range
+ Doesn't require a lot of mana to do damage (compared to caster Kog'Maw
Kog'Maw has insane damage once he reaches 2-3 full items. He melts objectives and people alike. His clears are actually pretty good. He also scales very well into late game. Even when behind, he can 1v3 and get all 3 kills (provided he has items). Almost no one can 1v1 him mid-late game and because he deals almost equal magic and physical damage, he is a PITA to itemize against.


- No escapes
- Not the best early game
- Vulnerable to CC/burst
- Team will flame more than usual if you don't do too well
Like every champion in the game, Kog'Maw does have his weaknesses. He is vunerable to strong invaders/duelists until he finishes Enchantment: Bloodrazor. CC and assassins will destroy him before he gets a chance to do his damage. Lastly, most people don't like it when they have a jungle Kog'Maw on their team because they're not used to seeing one.

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I use 18/12/0 masteries because I build Kog'Maw as a full glass cannon, so this setup gives the most damage.

Fury gives 4% attack speed, which is nearly a full quintessence. It's more useful than Sorcery in my opinion.

Double Edged Sword , as of patch 6.11, now works on ranged champions as well as melee. I think it is better than Expose Weakness now because Kog'Maw's goal is to do the most damage possible.

Vampirism helps keep us at a higher hp while farming and helps us regain health on minions since I don't normally build lifesteal until the end of the game. Natural Talent 's damage at lvl 18 is not as useful in my opinion.

Bounty Hunter gives Kog'Maw a good flat amount of damage. Since Kog'Maw is a "carry" type champion, after killing 2 or 3 different champions, Bounty Hunter outclasses Oppressor .

Battering Blows gives flat armor penetration. Even though Kog'Maw does mixed damage, he still does slightly more physical than magic damage.

Fervor of Battle is undeniably the best keystone mastery for Kog'Maw because he can stack it up so much faster than anyone else.

Savagery helps Kog'Maw clear the jungle a bit faster, which is always good.

Runic Affinity makes all buffs granted by neutral minions last longer. As a jungler, this is especially useful.

Merciless makes you do more damage to low-health enemies.

Dangerous Game helps keep you alive after killing someone when you otherwise wouldn't.

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Greater Glyph of Attack Speed

Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed helps early clears quite a bit by reducing damage taken by proc'ing the Krug buff more often. As most of Kog'Maw's damage is on-hit, the more attack speed, the better.

Greater Mark of Attack Speed help with the same things that the Quints do.

Greater Seal of Armor helps you take less damage from camps and towers.

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed I take for even more attack speed.

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Flash is the best spell in the game. Use it to finish off escaping enemies, escape over walls when and dodge skillshots like Dark Binding.

Smite is totally necessary to jungle. You need this to get the jungle item, to secure objectives, and to smite minions.

I wouldn't take any other spells.

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18


Icathian Surprise is Kog'Maw's passive. It makes you run faster after you die and explode after a few seconds, dealing true damage. It's not a great passive, so avoid dying at all costs.

Caustic Spittle is Kog'Maw's least useful ability. It is a long-range skillshot, hitting the first enemy in the way and reducing their defenses for a time. It is really only useful against jungle camps early, 1v1s, and taking epic monsters. The benefits of maxing it out before Void Ooze don't outweigh the cons.

Bio-Arcane Barrage is what makes this build strong. This deals passive %max hp-based damage on-hit. When activated, the attack speed cap gets raised to 5/sec. During this time, the damage to non-minions is reduced to 55% per attack, so you will only take towers 10% faster. However, every attack applies on-hit effects fully, so you can melt enemy champions and minion waves extremely fast.

Void Ooze is Kog'Maw's only CC. At max rank, it still does not do a lot of damage (since we don't really build AP), but the slow is pretty significant. It helps keep people in place while you spit at them.

Living Artillery is Kog'Maw's ultimate ability. It is a long ranged circular skillshot that deals AOE damage. It is an execute, so it deals more damage to lower health enemies. The mana cost goes up every cast, so don't spam it or else you won't have mana for Bio-Arcane Barrage.

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Skirmisher's Sabre - Bloodrazor give a lot of attack speed and %hp on-hit damage, so it scales well into late game. Kog'Maw can proc the passive more often than anyone else. Also, the Skirmisher's Sabre red Smite is great for dueling.

Wit's End is a good, cost efficient item. It gives MR and steals enemies' on-hit. It also has its own on-hit damage as well.

Runaan's Hurricane is a great item overall. While the crits are mostly wasted, the on-hit damage is good. The bolts all proc on-hit effects fully, so you can melt whole teams if you do not get cc'd.

Berserker's Greaves are some of the cheapest attack speed you can buy. If you need defenses later in the game, go for Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi.

Sterak's Gage is good to keep you alive while spitting. Since you won't be able to kite too well while standing still, this helps you spit for longer.

Mercurial Scimitar is an overall good item for Kog'Maw. The Quicksilver Sash active and lifesteal is all good. Bascailly anything that lets you stay alive longer while spitting is good.

Oracle Alteration is good to get late game to remove wards from objectives and bushes (since you can 100-0 the enemy adc very quickly).

Elixir of Iron is the best elixir for Kog'Maw because his problem is staying alive long enough to do damage, not doing the actual damage. Combined with Mercury's Treads, you will have about 40% tenacity.

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Early Game:

Early game, your goal is just to level up as fast as possible. Start Krugs, then do red buff. If you have enough hp, go take wolves/gromp/blue. If not, go to scuttle to lifesteal up a bit. Once you hit about lvl 4 you can do a decent gank.

Mid Game:

By this point, you should have 2-3 of your big items. If you are doing fine or are ahead, try to force fights by trying to catch your enemies in 1v1's. If you are behind or can't do much else, farm as hard as you can. Kog'Maw scales very well with levels because of his attack speed per level growth stat. Keep Dragon and Rift Herald warded and take them if there is a good opportunity and it is worth it. Dragon importance IMO: Elder>Infernal>Mountain>Cloud>Ocean

Late Game:

By this point, everyone should have nearly full build. Team fights will happen non-stop. Your job in team fights is not to engage; you are not tanky enough. Your job is to not die, wait for the enemies to use their important spells, then unload everything. Keep Baron warded and take it if there is a good opportunity, but don't take Baron if you could get an inhibitor or win the game instead.



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Thank for reading through my guide! If you liked it, please upvote. If not, leave a comment or PM me and I will take what you have to say into account.

Thanks to jhoijhoi for writing guide crafting tips!