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Leona Build Guide by PerMorten

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PerMorten

From the Sun to Victory NOT FINISHED YET!

PerMorten Last updated on April 5, 2014
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Hello people.

Once upon a time i started playing Leona the radiant. And upon that time it was agreed me and she was never to be departed again. Leona is best used as a tanky support with an agressive style. When I started to play her it fell like a natural to land her skillshots and got really good with it.

The reason why i started this guide is to kind of summarize all the previous Leona Guides that have been built. Many of them are good and educational.

Even tho i play her alot and are good with her i'm still stuck in Bronze.

In this guide i will explain everything that is to know about Leona.
So for those voting on it please do comment also wichever you choose.

And in advance would like to thank you all for reading this.

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Pros / Cons

As all others champions Leona also have Pros and there are Cons.


* Very tanky.
* Strong CC
* Easy to dominate lane
* Excellent Initiator
* Excellent peeling
* Team work
* Can win a game with a good ultimate


* Depending on ADC
* Tricky to master
* Mana hungry
* Can easily steal a kill with her W
* Offer very little to none sustain
* Prone to jungle ganks(if not warded properly)

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Leona does not really have a bad phase. But she do have a very strong laning phase and by and beeing a initiator of battles in laning phase she is already tanky as noone else.

So by adding some AD marks to her already strong early games will only make her that much a stronger support to rely on because of her base AD. And it might come as a shock to the enemy over how much damage a Leona do at the same time as beeing able to soak up that much damage.

So after some tying and failing I have found out what works the best with the agressive style I play are:

Your text to link here...


8x Attack Damage Marks
1x Critical Chance Mark

These marks help improve a already strong early lane phase into a super strong early lane phase.


3x Seal of Armour
6x Seal of Scaling Armour


3x Glyph of Magic Resist
3x Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

These runes will help you early game and keep making you stronger as long as your level progresses. What you loose at start with scaling armour you make up with your W.
But taking these will ensure you have a strong early game, mid game and a strong end game.


1x Quint of Attack Damage
2x Quint of Health

So once again we make an already strong early game even stronger by taking these runes.

Combined with the masteries chosen, you will be tanky and do alot of damage at the same time as having alot of CC!

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The reason why I have chosen a almost full tank is just exactly what you do at end game. Either you will have to initiate a team fight or you have to peel. And early games mid games you will be extremely hard to kill. And also in laning phase you would want to soak up skillshots etc for your adc.

This 0-27-3 build will give you durability to absorb so much damage and get away with it early levels its uncomprehensive. Along with taking 3 points in utility tree for the mana regen will make you be able to do alot of combos before finally going out of mana and have to go back.

Ofc there are other viable options aswell but i feel this will give you a good dominion when you are laning. You can even get away with this 2v3 as you will be able to soak up tons of damage.

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Summoner Spells

Here you have several options really.

Flash + exhaust:
* Increase the chance of getting a kill to your adc or you.
* Can avoid beeing ganked and use it as a good escape mechanism.

Ignite(instead of exhaust):
*Will drasticly increase your burst if you put it in the correct combo.

Flash + Heal:
* Will invite for some incredible ganks.
* This will let you have greater survivability.
Now that the Heal has been chance into a two person heal + movement speed + removes ignite reduce healing effect.

So basicly you got 4 good summoner spells to choose from. But i prefer flash/heal and exhaust because end game i would want to try and protect my adc as best possible and your damage is not so much to reckon with any more...

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Skill Sequence

So here we are at the skill sequence. And there are frankly many ways to do this. Some prefer to start with the ultimate. However i have found out that i rather would do it like this.

Activate your W(Eclipse) and by that you activate your GODMODE! and you try to connect with your E(Zenith Blade) AA(Autoattack) and you chain your Q(Shield of Daybreak)right after AA(autoattack) and followup with a AA(autoattack) again and activating your R(Solar Flare) last. Now if you succed doing all those you could try to activate exhaust to not let them get away if they still lives.

This is what you normally do in a full fight. And by putting your R(Solar Flare) last you increase your chances of actually hitting with it by alot.

So in short it should be:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

In reality it should be like this: W + E + (AA+ADC AA/ABILITY) + Q +(AA+ADC AA/ABILITY) + R + (AA+ADC AA/ABILITY)

As I have said there are many combos that can be used and here are some more of them.
W + Flash + E + Q: Will give you a HUUGE longrange assault. Especially good if your jungle coming to gank.
Afraid of enemy jungle gank? Not a problem!
W + E and retreat saving Q for a possible gank: Will root your enemy for a short amount of time(if W will break it will give a small amount of burst)

W + E + Q + Exhaust: Good if your enemy adc will try to do some damage.

W alone: can be used to scare off agressive harrases. Also to protect yourself from incoming harras/blocks turret shots etc. Also to bait out attacks such as sivirs mana barrier. And to help your ADC damage creeps.