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Nidalee General Guide by Otaku108

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Otaku108

FSC (Full Support Carry/AP)

Otaku108 Last updated on January 17, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello and welcome to my first S3 mini-build/guide. First off I need to explain that this is -not- a true support build and should only be used in that roll if your Carry has either disconnected or is so fail that supporting him would be pointless. What do I mean by fail? They can't last hit minions, they don't capitalize on your initiates (stuns/binds ect), and lastly they ignore you when you are warning them of incoming ganks. Lastly I will state that this build would probably be best if used on a champ with CC but I only chose Nid for her traps and heal to post and an example. Zyra, Lux, Morganna, and possibly even Swain would all make decent FSC material.

Just a quick intro for the build itself, this is meant to be played as a support role for solo-q but also making room for being a heavy damage dealer late game should your carry be elo-hell-fail (as can often be the case sadly). The great thing about this build is that it can also double as a decent Mid with just a few minor changes to the runes.

What this means is you're not going to be getting your S3 typical items like the Sightstone, Ruby Sightstone or Shard of True Ice. This does mean you'll be needing to buy wards as per the old S2 method, don't groan at me, the point is to be a Carry late game, not a nerfed support that can't help at all in team fights other than to soak damage. The good news is that you've got traps that act kind of like wards, so you don't have to go broke buying a ton of them like a normal S2 support would.

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There are two points I'd like to make before getting too far into the items.

1) Seraph's Embrace should be the easiest item for you to build considering Nid's cat form makes it stupid easy to build Tear of the Goddess mana stacks.
2) This build is mana heavy to synergize with the fully built Seraph's, the full build will give you a minimum 90+ extra AP just from the passive alone.

Now, the reason I go for a Sapphire Crystal first is for an early Tear of the Goddess to start building those stacks early.

Either way, you are basically relying on assists, runes, and masteries to gain gold since this build isn't using any gold per 5 items.

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Full Support Carry
Marks: Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - +0.87 Magic Pen*9
Seals: Greater Seal of Gold - +0.25 Gold/10 sec*9
Glyphs: Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction - -0.65% Cooldown Reduction*9
Quintessences: Greater Quintessence of Gold - +1 Gold/10 sec*3

AP Mid
Marks: Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - +0.87 Magic Pen*9
Seals: Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power - +0.1 AP/lvl*9
Glyphs: Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power - -0.17 AP/lvl*9
Quintessences: Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power - +0.43 AP/lvl*3

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Full Support Carry
Sorcery - 4/4
Blast - 4/4
Arcane Knowledge - 1/1
Havoc - 3/3

Wanderer - 3/3
Meditation - 3/3
Scout - 1/1
Expanded Mind - 3/3
Greed - 4/4
Wealth - 2/2
Awareness - 1/4
Pickpocket - 1/1*

* This is an extremely important mastery for this build. You absolutely have to be aggressive and hit the enemy champs as often as possible with basic attacks. The amount of gold you generate from this skill if you're good or just plain lucky will make or break you depending on how the game is going.

AP Mid
Summoner's Wrath - 1/1
Sorcery - 4/4
Butcher - 2/2
Blast - 4/4
Destruction - 1/1
Havoc - 3/3
Arcane Knowledge - 1/1
Mental Force - 3/3
Spellsword - 1/1
Archmage - 4/4
Executioner - 1/1

Wanderer - 1/3
Meditation - 3/3
Expanded Mind - 1/3

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Game Play

While I see no problem with buying an early Kage's Lucky Pick, you will eventually need to sell it for the room if the game lasts long enough.

Also, since you'll be going aggressive the need to heal yourself is going to be high so don't be afraid to level her heal first, it doesn't need to be maxed first, just that it's going to be easiest to be aggressive early and so you're going to need that sustain.

Next, her traps are a great way of warding enemy jungle or your own bushes. For placements depending on if you're Purple or Blue team here are some suggested locations.
This is an optimal placement for your traps on the Blue Gollem on Purple Side. The jungler will almost always be coming in from wolves and wander through the brush as it's "safer" that way. General rule of thumb is to keep it inside the brush where it's hardest to see the traps, wards do work better since the trap will be known to be there the second it activates and does damage to them.

This is a less likely and more dangerous spot to see if a jungler is doing red but it's a great advantage to your carry if you can steal it with a spear. Better to ward than trap because the jungler is less likely to come up from the bottom of the camp than down from the top of it.

Now, in the tri-brush a ward is going to be much more effective because the likely-hood of a jungler or any roaming enemy to step right on a trap placed anywhere inside it is less likely. The river bush, however, is probably going to be safe with just a well placed trap on the outside or inside edge, they're going to step on it eventually just keep in mind that traps last as long as wards at only 4 minutes and need to be refreshed accordingly.


By request, a few pointers regarding Nidalee's Javelin Toss. Please forgive for the poor quality pictures, I don't really have the time to setup these in-game so I setup some simple play-by-play boards you'd find in any pro sports players play book.

Scenario #1

Enemy Carry is going in for a last hit on one of your minions. You need to know their range or at least know that they need to stop for a short time to take the shot. Really my advice here is to watch their habits, take note of their range, and aim for the spot you think they'll need to be in order to get that minion. One of two things happens, they take a chunk off their HP, or they run away missing some CS, that's a win/win situation in my book, even if you did have to spend the mana to do it.

Scenario #2

Enemy Carry is running away from you or you and your Carry, they've bottle necked themselves by going behind the tower, there's only 1 direction they can possibly go, aim for that spot. I know it might go without saying but knowing the range of your spears is also very important. A max range spear can do massive damage, but it also has the highest miss rate.

Scenario #3

Enemy is walking back or running from allies, they have little to no warning of a shot incoming and have probably less than a second or half a second to react to the spear. Or, if you're very lucky, they are just sitting stationary or B'ing next to tower. A shot from that bush is very hard to see and usually unexpected, I call that FU damage, or if I get a kill, dumb luck.

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Thanks for reading and any comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism is more than welcome.


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