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Cho'Gath Build Guide by BaLoRi

Full Magic Penetration Build By Top 1 Chogath in the World

Full Magic Penetration Build By Top 1 Chogath in the World

Updated on February 7, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BaLoRi Build Guide By BaLoRi 3967 273 11,084,724 Views 380 Comments
3967 273 11,084,724 Views 380 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BaLoRi Cho'Gath Build Guide By BaLoRi Updated on February 7, 2024
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Runes: Full Magic Pen Utility Style

1 2 3 4
Arcane Comet
Nimbus Cloak

Magical Footwear
Approach Velocity

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10-180 Bonus Health


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


About Me

Hello everyone,

My nickname is BaLoRi, I am an Educational Content Creator/Streamer part of Fnatic and FNC Network.
This Mobafire profile and the guides I am creating meant to explain my unique playstyle and build theory to my Community and make my Balorians even stronger 🔥
All the guides that I am creating are ONLY for champions that will give you 70%+ win ratio and these are the very same builds that I am using to rank up without trying.

You can find me anywhere:
Live on Twitch:
Discord server:

Lets now start with our OP Cho'Gath Build guide and how to win games easier than ever!
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An introduction to Full Magic Penetration Build

With this build Cho'Gath become a really strong late game Assassin/Mage/Tank Champion. You will be able to deal 1200-1400 PURE Damage To any Champion with your Rupture and Around 1000 PURE Damage with your Feral Scream to Any Champion, your Basic attacks plus your Vorpal Spikes will do around 400 PURE Damage with Each hit to Any Champion plus the effect from Liandry's Torment and final your ULTI will do 1300 PURE Damage.

Magic Penetration: Magic penetration is a champion statistic which allows the magic damage done from their abilities, enhanced attacks, etc. to ignore some or all of a target's magic resistance.

Lets have an example for you to understand and compare the damage to the target WITH and WITHOUT Magic Penetration!
Lets say you have a Target with 100 Magic Resist and 3000 HP
Our Full build giving you 30 Flat and 30% Magic Penetration while having 400+AP
No Magic Pen Example:
Lets say that your skill is saying that its doing 1000 total damage, the number that you are reading on the skill is not the actual damage that you will do on the target, the 1000 damage will be reduced by 50% cause of the 100 Magic Resist of the target, so that means your actual damage from that skill will be 500!
With our Full Magic Pen build:
Your skill still doing 1000 total damage, but now cause of your Magic Penetration the target will have REDUCED RESISTANCES, lets see how you are calculating it to realize the actual damage, first you calculating the % magic pen resistances and then the flat number and they you are calculating how much "damage reduction" will do from the remaining magic resistance!
100 Mr - 30%(Percent Magic Pen) = 70 MR - 30 Flat Magic Pen = 40 Remaining Magic Resist of the target, this 40 MR means that the target will reduce only the 28% of the damage from your skills (Instead of 50% that it was with 100 MR)
that means the 1000 damage skill will now do 720 DAMAGE instead of 500 DAMAGE

Here are some Great examples of our Full Magic Penetration Cho'Gath Season 14 build:

Lately we also using a MAX PEN/MONEY MAKING Build that you can see its final form here:

Here you can see WHY, To play with the Full Magic Penetration Build will always going to be the best way:

So you will have Insane damage but is it just this? No, it isnt. You wont just have Damage to call yourself an Assassin. You will have 5000-6000 HP At level 18, slow effects with each skills-Hits to add up to your ALREADY insane CC! Pure Damage-Stun-Slow-Silence the combination to carry yourself to the Challenger Elo with Ease.
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Secret Behind Runes

With this build we focus on doing PURE DAMAGE with each skill not only with our ulti.

The ultimate rune page is here,

Arcane Comet One of the Best Runes you can play with our Cho'Gath Build, you can activate it non stop but also secure hitting with every Q, while laso reducing Arcane Comet cd while damaging the enemy champions!

Nimbus Cloak Bonus movement speed that will help you engage or escape from any fight. We choose this Nimbus Cloak only if we are playing with Ignite or Smite, if you are using Teleport then this rune is not worth and you need to go for Manaflow Band and make you have better mana sustain to spam your skills more!

Transcendence One of the best runes that you can possible choose, ability haste plus %CD for your Q-W-E after each kill or assist, this will let you have your skills back up after securing killing something in teamfights, a very powerful tool, especially since our Q and W will do around 2000 dmg per 3 seconds!

Scorch Bonus burn damage after using your skills every few seconds!

For Secondary now we got two options:

1. Damage option: Domination

Cheap Shot Bonus True damage after your CC, something that will stack up together with Scorch to increase your overall poke damage by a lot!

Ultimate Hunter Bonus R Ability haste. Making your R to have 20 seconds CD, something incredily worth to have.

2. Utility option: Inspiration

Magical Footwear A Free boots that it will also have bonus ms, perfect for wasting less gold and get your powerspikes faster while also having bonus mobility, something that our Cho'Gath needs!

Approach Velocity One of the best runes to play if you wanna have extra mobility, after every CC (Q) or CC from your allies, you will have bonus movement speed to engage and reach the enemy champions! Especially if you are playing vs Range match ups then this rune choice is a MUST! Also cause of Nimbus Cloak, the Magical Footwear and Stormsurge you will have INSANE bonus mobility to help you reach any target much easier!!

Another decent option, is the money making style that you can find above in the runes cards! The most powerful-stable choice for your games will be what I described just now!

Now that we finished talking about the runes, lets go to the next important part!
About how to choose our Items and WHY!
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Secret Behind Items

Let’s start with the Items and our Items Strategy. I come up with this build after hundreds of different combinations, to create this final build that can’t lose against ANY CHAMPION!

We will always start with Doran's Ring and of course two pots, this will give you much more mana sustain as well, cause the bonus mana regeneration together with your passive will let you spam your skills a little bit more early than before!

On your first back now, you will focus on buying Dark Seal, Refillable Potion and Amplifying Tome, these cheap items together with the Doran's Ring lvl 1 will give you the powerspike that you need to overpower ANY LANE that you might have against!
Remember, each start item got high gold efficiency, that means while paying for 400 Gold Doran's Ring and 350 Gold Dark Seal you will have 631.5 Gold worth of stats with Doran's Ring and Up to 1329.58 Gold with Dark Seal on Full Stacks!!
As you can see, these two items, will give you stats that worth up to 1,961.08 Gold, almost like having an entire item with literally only 750 Gold!
And also if you end up selling them, you will have back some of the gold, cause start items are TEMP ONES, making them even more gold efficient!!!

The next time you will go and buy Lost Chapter this item will give you bonus ap damage, Ability Haste and literally infinity amount of mana to spam your skills non-stop that together with your Doran's Ring Dark Seal you will have Damage-Unlimited Mana, Health and overall a huge powerspike that will give everything that Cho'Gath Needs to dominate any lane vs any match up possible.

Then we will finish our first item, Luden's Companion this item will give you Ability power, mana, ability haste and a burst effect that you will use non-stop with ease while using your skills on enemy champions or creeps!

For our next item, we will focus on building one of the most powerful item in the game, Cryptbloom by finishing this item you will have Ability power, ability haste, %Magic Penetration and also an AOE HEAL EFFECT for you and your teammates that will scale with your AP, this will be a must to have as second item to fully have the only 2 items that you need to literally end games (Most of the times)

Now that we got 2 damage items, we need to go for an HP item as well, but without only having hp, so our next focus is to build Liandry's Torment, by doing that you will have AP, HP, BONUS DAMAGE the more you are in combat and an OP %MAX HP Damage effect, that will help you melt even the tankiest targets!

As next item now, we will go for one of the best burst items in the game, we are going to build it as 4th item in order for us to have enough sustain and the right time to have our powerspike to win the game, so the next item will be Stormsurge this item will give you HUGE AP, Magic penetration, movement speed and a burst damage effect that will activate after 2 seconds, these extra 2 seconds damage time, will also prolong the damage overtime from Liandry's Torment, together with Scorch rune that will be on after 1 second of damaging the target, you will manage to activate Liandry's Torment burn effect for at least 3 more seconds!
And thats why we need Stormsurge after Liandry's Torment in order to use this combo effect as well but also fully use the mobility that this item giving you!

Another option can be to replace Stormsurge with Cryptbloom but its not as powerful as the item order I am showing you above!

As final item you can choose from the Following 5:

Warmog's Armor One of the strongest items for sustain and now in season 14 even MOBILITY, super useful for us! And our best choice, in all of my games I am preferring this, over the damage option, the reason behind it is cause in fights what is important is not only how fast you will kill the target, but also how healthy you will be after it, imagine having the damage to one-shot an entire team, 6000+HP and also the ability to go FULL HP simply just by walking out of the combat for few seconds… And cause we are going to grab a Blue elixir or blue buff we will also have high mana regain, making you be FULL HP and FULL MANA in all fight long, outdamaging and outsustaining any champion no matter who or how powerful they think they are!
Cosmic Drive this item will give you once again HP-AP-MS and another very powerful passive effect, each time you are hitting your enemies with your skills you will have a bonus movement speed bonus buff and you will keep having this effect for as long as you keep damaging them, this will be another mobility choice, that will work great together with Stormsurge, Nimbus Cloak and Approach Velocity

Shadowflame Now that this item got reworked, you can always have it as an option, this item will give you bonus AP, Magic pen and the ability to do CRITICAL DAMAGE with your magic and true damage to low HP targets, making it the perfect item for our Cho'Gath monster that can easily one-shot any target and lower the hp easily cause of your Q-W Huge damage!

Rabadon's Deathcap Now that you got the complete Magic pen-item effects combination you can buy an only DAMAGE item that is only worth if you get it late game, this item will increase your damage to its absolute limits, it might not be the sustain type of Warmog's Armor but its going to be the damage type to clear an entire enemy team just by hitting something with your Q-W combo, that’s what you need to kill any target, be it a FULL TANK or an ASSASSIN, nothing will be able to survive against your damage now!
Morellonomicon This item will give you AP-HP and also an important effect that your team needs, the grievous wounds effect, this will reduce any healing effects (plus regeneration effects) that your enemy team got, very powerful and worth to be consider if your teammates didn’t get an item that giving this stat!
Mejai's Soulstealer You can always finish this from Dark Seal if you got the full stacks is going to be a very powerful and cheap item! A huge amount of AP, HP, bonus movement speed, a cheap item that can give you a powerspike if you got dark seal fully stacked!

Note, after getting your 3 Core items: Luden's Companion, Cryptbloom and Liandry's Torment, afterwards you can choose to mess up with the order. For example, sometimes I like going for Warmog's Armor 4th and Cosmic Drive or Stormsurge last item, to help me have the ability to be always FULL HP with the insane effect of Warmog's Armor especially in teamfights or while fighting around objectives. To have such an ability is way better than any bonus damage effect cause we already got the 3 damage core items ready to help us one shot any target!!
So remember, after these 3 items, you can choose any items on the list with any order to fit the requires of each game!

The max Magic Penetration that you will have with the Full build is going to be 30 - 40 | 30% and at this point no matter what you choose to be your final item, you will have the damage to INSTANT One SHOT everything in front of your eyes, no matter if they are going to have full magic resist or no magic resist they will always take from you TRUE or an insane BONUS DAMAGE instead!!

So your FULL BUILD will look like this:
Luden's Companion Cryptbloom Liandry's Torment Sorcerer's Shoes Stormsurge Warmog's Armorplus Elixir of Sorcery
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My Strategy To Follow

Lets talk about the strategy here. To play with Cho'Gath inst only use his PURE Strength as your weapon, like any other WARS, at league you need to use your HEAD as well to win the game.
So lets talk about what you need to focus.

Creeps: The most important thing is to focus on your farm, you need to farm fast and if you can kill all the creeps without missing even one. This way you will take the lead from your enemy champion, dont be afraid to use your skills for last hits even at the 1 level.

Learn how To improve your Farming and Wave Management by watching our League Masterclass:

Stay Alive: To not to die at lane and not have any kills is more worth than to be 3-3 or 4-4 with your enemy Lane champion.
Your build focusing to be the strongest at the MID-Late game, doesn't matter if you cant kill now, focus on farm and you will be able to show your true Strength at the right time of the game.

Hide & Seek Strategy: You will always max your Q, even if you can't hit your enemy you will still max this skill. Rapture is the strongest skill of Cho'Gath even stronger than your ulti.
To make it Easier to hit my enemies, i come up with the Rengar style trick, its simple. just hid at the Bushes and make use of the FOG OF WAR, this way your enemy champion wont hear the Q sound or see your Animation Cast, with just this its almost certain that you will hit him and then kill him with your Combo.

Wanna Rank up even faster? Then Watch our League Masterclass about Ranking up:
Even if you wont kill your enemy, he will start losing focus from this strategy.
They wont be able to go close to cs, and lose EXP-FARM so after doing this a couple of times the game is yours.
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Different Match ups vs My Chogath's Season 14 Build

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Cho'Gath vs Riven

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Cho'Gath vs Jax

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Cho'Gath vs Teemo

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Cho'Gath vs TF

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Cho'Gath vs Senna

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