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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wujumasterz

Fun Duo Lane Combos

Wujumasterz Last updated on February 25, 2013
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Hi my name is Wujumasterz and I'm here with Meyerke , we are making a "guide" about some quite fun lane combos. We are gonna say what item should you buy how you should play when to do stuff and when not. We started making combos because we got bored of playing standard bot-lane games yet we still wanted to play duo lanes. We hope you will like the combo's and enjoy them as much as we do. So please first try them before you downvote.

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1. Darius - Warwick aRrrrgh

Darius Warwick combo is our first combo, the reasoning behind it will be explained later on.
Nice harassment (If the enemy can't see you in the bushes)
Great ulti combo.
Awesome hunting skills.
People will rage if you play this well.
Pretty tanky.
You can make the carry useless for most of the game if played well

Before level 3-4 you WILL be poked.
Before level 6 you will most likely not be able to fight.
None of you are ranged champions.
Wards make zoning a lot harder.
The jungler will probably gank a lot because he assumes you have no wards

Why Darius and Warwick?

We were extremely bored and decided to play with a random combo and we came up with the Warwick
Darius combo, we thought it could work out because of the ultimates.
We started to play our combo and we really enjoyed playing it, we were having a hassle before level 6 though. Once we reached level 6 we went super aggressive and tried to kill one of the enemy bot-laners whenever they were out of turret range (And usually with success!)
We decided to let the Darius player farm because we just felt that Warwick didn't need his items really fast. We really enjoyed playing it and now we almost always play this when we don't feel like following the meta.

The Darius and Warwick combo in action

Pre level 6
Warwick wants to be in the bushes the whole time and zone/harass them with his Hungering Strike try not to spam it due to mana problems.
Darius will be the one farming while Warwick tries to zone the enemy in the bushes. Try to avoid as much harass as possible to make sure that you don't have to go back all the time.

Post level 6
When you get level 6 you should check how much hp/mana you have and decide if you can go all in on their carry/support, if you think that you cannot make a kill/double kill you should go back to buy items.
If you can make a (double) kill then here is what you do:
Warwick uses his Hunters Call, followed by Infinite Duress and during his ultimate Warwick should use his Hungering Strike.
Darius Should try to get as much basic attacks on the enemy during Warwick's ultimate, if the ultimate is over Darius must use his Apprehend to pull the enemy towards him, followed by a Crippling Strike if you are sure that you can kill the enemy use your Noxian Guillotine if you still have doubts use your Decimate first. You should be able to get 5 Hemorrhage stacks on the enemy during this time for your ultimate.

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2. Dr. Mundo - Malphite Les Tanks

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3. Soraka - Diana The Banana Fighters

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4. Zilean - Pantheon "We have to go back in time"

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