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Lee Sin Build Guide by G4MEBoy01

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author G4MEBoy01

G4MEBoy01's Jungle Lee Singa Diamond 1

G4MEBoy01 Last updated on August 30, 2013
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

Honor Guard

Defense: 21


Utility: 0

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Dates are DD/MM/YYYY

10.07.2013 - Improved chapter runes and masteries.
02.07.2013 - Added Spirit of the Ancient Golem as item in replacement for Madred's Razors, replaced Ninja Tabi with Boots of Mobility
01.07.2013 - Added chapter "Creeping / Jungling", rewrote chapter Team fights
29.06.2013 - Fixed spelling mistakes, added engage video
26.06.2013 - Complete rework
25.06.2013 - Added Items section for jungle and mid lane Lee
24.06.2013 - Release

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Hi my name G4MEBoy01 and I'm a Diamond 4 Player playing mostly support and jungle! I have a total of ~400 games with Lee Sin.

This is my first guide ever so I am not familiar with the formatting yet but i will add more fancy stuff over time.
" Lee Sin is a ranged, melee, tanky DPS, assassin, mage, tank, support, jungler. He excels at everything."
Jokes aside, Lee sin, played my way, is a AD Tank with high mobility and peeling potential.

You are about to see a Video that shows why Lee's Mobility is so good

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Pros and Cons


  • Extremely fun to play
  • High Skill Cap
  • Viable at high level play
  • No real counter pick
  • High Mobility
  • Unbeatable when mastered
  • Very strong counter jungling

  • Weak late game
  • High Skill Cap
  • Skill shots
  • Becomes more of a peeler in late game
  • High contested pick

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

With this skill order the goal is to get the highest damage output possible and trust me you really want the highest you can get because you are already going for 9/21/0 masteries, there is no need in maxing w. Also Lee Sin Tempest / Cripple is much better for team fights than Safeguard / Iron Will.

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9x Greater Mark of Attack Damage
9x Greater Seal of Armor
9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
3x Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

9x flat attack damage marks:

We want the strongest early game possible and i do not really see any other possible marks for Lee Sin. Also they synergize really well with Flurry.

9x flat armor seals:

Armor seals are core on every champion because every other seals are not good enough in comparison to these. 13 extra armor is BEAST.

9x scaling magic resistance glyphs:

I'm taking scaling magic resistance glyphs over flat because you spent most of your time in the jungle and ap champions are pretty weak compared to ads in early game.

3x flat attack damage quintessence:

I'm taking three flat attack damage glyph to get a total of 16 bonus attack damage (together with marks and glyphs) to achieve the strongest early game possible. Synergizes very well with Flurry.

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Offensive tree

We are going 9 points into the offensive tree because Lee Sin does not benefit from anything in the utility tree.

We take two points into Butcher and Fury to improve Lee Sin's clear time in the jungle.
4 points into Deadliness and 1 point Weapon Expertise to improve Lee Sin's late game damage.

Defensive tree

Summoner's Resolve:

10 extra gold every time we smite is pretty good for the early and mid game. In the late game it does not really matter because you should not waste your smite as the enemies could rush baron.


108 HP at level 18 to improve our tankyness.

Tough Skin:

Stay healthier in the jungle. 2 less damage seems less but if you get hit 10 times by a monster you receive 20 less damage.


Improve early game tankyness.

Bladed Armor:

6 true damage whenever a monster attacks you is pretty good for you clear time in the jungle.

Veteran's Scars:

+30 Health at level 1 to improve tankyness and your early game.


15% reduced duration of crowed control effects is a must have masterie on Lee Sin especially when you are not going for [items/zephyr.png]Zephyr


4% extra HP to improve late game tankyness


1 armor and magic resistance for every nearby enemy. You can get a total of 5 armor and magic resistance from this masterie. Seems little right? Think about it. That 5 armor and magic resistance can make your damage reduction from 39% to 40% which is HUGE.

Reinforced Armor:

10% less damage from critical hits. Pretty good when fighting the ad carry.
Example(not taking armor into consideration): ad carry crits you for 600 damage you take only 540 damage with this masterie so you saved 60 HP. If you crits twice you saved 120 HP and only lost 1080 HP instead of 1200 HP.

Honor Guard:

Same as Reinforced Armor but only 3% and ANY damage.

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Summoner Spells

: ALWAYS take flash. It's the best summoner spell in the game and there is no reason to not take it. It gives you better kill potential, more mobility and overall security. If you mess up your early game you are done for the rest of the game. There is no real chance of you getting as strong as you would have been when you not **** up.

: You take smite to secure objectives like Dragon, Blue buff, Red Buff and Baron. There is NO alternative to Smite!
Note: Damage dealt with Smite counts for your spellvamp gained from Safeguard second active Iron Will. So whenever you are low on HP use Iron Will and Smite to heal you up.

Tips for smiting:

When hitting buff/dragon/baron and its at 1050 HP smite when your auto hit animation is about to hit. This way there is no room for the enemy jungler to smite steal it away.

A good combo is Q into Q into Smite. That way you can deal a **** ton of damage and steal a lot of objectives and buffs.

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Starting Items:

(5x Health Potion)


Dorans is also a nice start as it provides more early game damage and hp

Core items:

Sight Ward

On your first back you really want to have Madred's Razors and Boots of Speed for improved clear time and ganking.

After trying Spirit of the Ancient Golem instead of Madred's Razors for a few days i feel like it is a viable item for Lee Sin as it provides tankyness and CDR not like Madred's Razors which honestly is in comparison trash. It only gives you armor and 60dmg per hit on neutral monsters. So you should get Spirit of the Ancient Golem and Boots of Speed instead

After that you want to buy Boots of Mobility and Sightstone. Sightstone is the best item on Lee Sin simply because it adds so much mobility and saves you money on the long run. Upgrade it to Ruby Sightstone in between. Then you should either get Runic Bulwark when the enemy team is AP heavy or Locket of the Iron Solari if not.

Late game items

We need to build items that help our damage or add utility to our item set otherwise we get ignored. Now it's your turn to decide what item fits your team comp the best. What is needed? More damage and tankyness, get Sunfire Cape, some tankyness and slow, get Frozen Mallet.

Blade of the Ruined King and Last Whisper are really situational pickups which are needed if you simply need more damage. Remember that Last Whisper is better against high armor targets (>120 armor) and Blade of the Ruined King is better for targets with low armor (<120 armor).

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Early game

When you are blue side you start at red buff and take E, when purple side you start at blue buff and also with E. After that you go the other buff and then gank.

In the early game you want to gank the lanes that are not too pushed up and you think you can get a kill. You should try to counter the enemy so either you counter gank his ganks or invade his jungle and take camps away from him when he is ganking. Do not gank lanes when your team mate does not have his summoners but the enemy got his because when the enemy is counter ganking you are most likely ****ed.

Sidenote: Do not ever gank a lost lane. You will end up wasting time as your lane is much weaker than the enemy and potentially you can not even win a 2vs1.
ALSO: BUY WARDS. No wards equals no mobility means.

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Mid Game

Your goal at the mid game is to secure objectives and help your bot lane because it is a lot easier to gank now then in early game. Tell your support to pink either lane brushes or tri brush so you can gank and ask for placed wards by the enemy, their summoner cooldown, ulti cooldown. When you got a successful gank of you should go for dragon and in case it is down you should take the tower instead. After you got the bot tower gank mid lane and take the tower there.

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Late Game

At this stage of the game it's where the Ruby Sightstone comes in handy. You can help your support to ward the map and perform the so called "insec play" (See chapter "Advanced techniques") and catch people off guard. Do not try to kill someone alone unless you are super fed otherwise you will end up suiciding.

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In team fights your job is it to either keep your ad carry save or dive with your bruiser(mostly top lane) onto the enemy carry and try to kill him but only when you are 100% sure that the support is able to protect him alone. When protecting your ad carry you should try to take every skill shot he is about to take, absorb damage for him. When for example a Xin Zhao is diving onto your ad carry slow him down with Tempest / Cripple use Safeguard to shield him and if necessary kick him away. If you fail protecting your ad carry and your ap carry or top lane can not kill the enemy ad or ap carry to make it equal you are most likely about to lose the fight or even the game.

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Advanced techniques

1. Sonic Wave into Resonating Strike jumping to a Sight Ward with Safeguard / Iron Will and using Dragon's Rage to kick the enemy into your Team.

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Thanks for reading my Lee Sin Guide.

Feel free to leave constructive criticism and point out mistakes if found any.
LoLKing :
That's about it. I will keep this Guide updated.