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Galio Build Guide by iTree24

Tank Galio, The Bringing of Justice via Ganks (Rework)

By iTree24 | Updated on March 22, 2017

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Like getting fed af and bursting people like a 22/0/0 Kat? Cool story brosef, guess who's not for you!? Not Galio, that's who boyo.

Galio Jungle is a remarkable asset to any team! Especially with the era of heavy ap mid and support roles!

Your playstyle is that of a Nautilus, you come in, cc the hell out of someone and leave with a +0/0/1 that's that! If you are serious about moving up in elo, play your role, and you will climb.
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"Keep it simple stupid"

vs vs

Tracker if your support isn't warding or if a line is having a hard time (ward their bushes)
Skirmisher if you are going for the 1v1's and need the extra tankiness
Stalker GREAT on Galio! Slows people and makes moves easier to hit aka better ganks

vs vs

Rod is a strong item for long games, gives the most HP, Mana and MD
Belt is nice for CDR and engage but doesn't give mana, which is much needed on Galio
GLP is the best of both worlds, with it's slow and chilling smite you can sap someone's speed for 3 seconds and by that time your cooldowns will be up again


These items are bae, your team won't win every lane BUT you can equal the pressure with these items! Don't underestimate the power of these items. Putting banner on a cannon minion and then forcing both teams to group elsewhere is an easy way to get towers. Vs this ? keeps him from pushing and farming... its that easy!

The rest of the items are straight forward, build to your liking! Just keep in mind you are not the damage on the team, you are the tanky, cc,
The Rito gods intended you to be!
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Das Gank!

Hey there buddy, remember who this build is for?




You a tank m8, don't be something you aren't!

You go into lane via flank(optimally), 1st toss Q (this is a prediction shot, like a vel knock up at this point), you then channel E, when Galio goes into fistem you channel W. Wait for the 1 sec E knockup to finish THEN taunt! Still alive? Great news if you have Chilling smite or GLP use that sht to slowem and pop Q past them for zoning.

Never forget that you are an assist machine! And always fist with your lanes permission
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More Coming Soon

Thank you for reading my 1st ever guide! Please feel free to leave a comment with any imput! Be safe out there on the rift, and as always fellow Galios... Rock on...
League of Legends Build Guide Author iTree24
iTree24 Galio Guide

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Galio, The Bringing of Justice via Ganks (Rework)