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League of Legends Build Guide Author MC Mag


MC Mag Last updated on June 3, 2011
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Before I start on explaining this build to you guys, I would like to tell you a bit about how I came up with the idea to this build. When I first started on playing as Galio, I had a gigantic amount of magic resist, which isn't directly bad, because of his passive ability. Though I started to think that Galio was a bit weak on armor and therefore weak against AD-champions.
So I started on buying items with more armor and tried to make a balance between the amount magic resist and the amount armor. And it turned to be a very well play style for me as Galio.

So I hope you guys enjoy the build, maybe try it out if you want to, and give me some feedback! ;)

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Galio's Abilities & Your Summoner Spells!

First of all I would like to tell a bit about Galio's abilites, how I use them and which summoner spells I use normally when I play Galio.

First of all there is Galio's passive. Pretty simple, 50% of Galio's magic resistance is converted into Ability Power, so his abilites will get more powerful. Not much more to say about that.

Resolute Smite is a fantastic ability to deal damage with, but also just to push the opponents early game. I take it as my first ability, becuase of the damage, but the slow effect of it can also help you catching your opponent.

Bulwark is a lovely support ability. Normally I prefer to use it on allies since it will heal me when they take damage. But when it gets tough, and I have to flee, I normally put it on my self, since the armor and magic resist bonus is really nice for surviving while fleeing like a little girl.. :P

Rightous Gust Rightous Gust is more of a support ability than a damage ability in my opinion. Sure it does a little bit damage, but the speed buff you get from it is more usefull. It can help you catch up with an opponent or helping you or and ally escape.

Finally my favorite ability with Galio, his ULTIMATE! Galio's ultimate is a very nice damage and support ability. It can give a massive amount of damage, though you can also use it for saving your friend's ***.
Early game, you can also use it to get a fast kill. Imagine an opponent smashing on your turret while you had to recall or something like that. Then if you can catch him/her in you Idol of Durand near the turret, the turret will start shooting on them, becuase they are forced to attack you, and then you can get a pretty fast and easy kill. ;)

The summoner spells I've chosen for Galio is both for escape and for catching an opponent.

Exhaust is pretty nice for catching opponents, and since I've improved it in my masteries, It lasts a bit longer, and benefits your damage.

Flash is very beneficial for escaping. You can use it for getting away faster on open areas, or use it to jump over walls into the jungle so the opponent won't even go after you since you are to far away already.

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There is not much to say. My masteries is the usual tanking masteries; more health, less damage taken etc. etc.
Though I've taken some dodge to help Galio fighting against melee champions.

Then I've improved the damage from Galio, since I like to play him agressively, so some more Ability Power, improved exhaust and some spell penetration, since Galio is using AP-based abilities.

Nothing more to say here. :)

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The runes I use for Galio is pretty much only for him since they are set together by some offensive spell caster runes and some defensive runes.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration is typical a spell caster rune, but since Galio is using AP-based abilites it's pretty smart to use some runes who can benefit his abilities a bit.

Greater Seal of Replenishment is so you don't go that fast oom early game. Galio's abilities can burn your mana down really fast, so runes like these can help a bit in early game.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist is normally a defensive rune, but for Galio is also offensive. Remember that Galio's passive Runic Skin converts some of his magic resistance into Ability Power! ;)

Greater Quintessence of Armor is to benefit him on armor, so he can last longer against AD-based champions. I could just take health instead, but I prefer taking armor and I feel more safe about it.

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The last thing I want to explain is my choice of items. I focused on improving Galio against melee or AD-based champions like the rest of the build, so I've taken a bit of armor items for him.

The first items to buy when you get into a game is Meki Pendant and a single health and mana potion, so you can last as long as possible without going completely oom or running around with low health. As soon as you have money enough, you'll have to upgrade your Meki Pendant into Chalice of Harmony. This item is extremely good because of the effect it has, plus the bonus when you play Galio is the magic resistance gives you a little ekstra Ability Power. :)

The next item is Mercury's Treads. It is pretty obvious why you should pick this item. It gives magic resist, which also benefits Galio's Ability Power, plus it gives some tenacity, which is reducing every movement imperring effect on you, and like every other boots it gives a speed boost.

After you've got your boots it's time to focus a bit more on tankish items. The next item is your most expensive. Warmog's Armor is pretty expensive, but the amount of health you'll recieve with this baby is fantastic! I can't tell you guys how much I love to use this item. But it's a good item because of the amount of health, since health is what keeps us alive.. :P

The next tankish item you neel is Guardian Angel. The amount of armor and magic resist is a nice combo for this build, and once again, I can't mention it enough times, Galio's passive helps us again by improving our Ability Power! :)
The effect of Guardian Angel is very nice as well, it can sometime save your teammate's *** or make sure you'll get that annoying Master Yi!

On this point you should have a good amount of health, armor and magic resistance, really good stats for a tank! So now we can focus a bit on the damage you deal by buying Abyssal Mask. It gives a good amount of both magic resist and ability power! And you must hate me for mentioning it again, but again Galio's passive improves our ability power once again from this item! :P

If you get this far and you don't know what to buy next, you can try to buy [Force of Nature]]. But it's your own choice of course. I think Force of Nature is an okay item becuase of the magic resistance. ;)

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Thanks for Watching!

Well you guys, I hope you liked my build for Galio, and I hope you maybe can use something from it.. ;)

Leave a comment, leave a vote or just close the page.

Good gaming to all of you! ;)