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Blitzcrank Build Guide by R3bound

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author R3bound

Game Changer Support Blitz (Ranked Guide)

R3bound Last updated on June 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi Guys. My name's R3bound and this is my first guide on MOBAfire.. actually its my first guide ever! Blitzcrank was one of my first favorite champions on LoL and I still is till this day. He's such a strange one.. when I saw him for the first time I was like, I gotta play this guy!!!

There are quite a few decent guides on MOBAfire which show how to play Blitzcrank but most of them are for AD carrying. Although I do love playing blitz as an AD carry, I also love playing him as a support as he fits this role quite well. He has the ability to dominate bot lane and be such an intimidating figure resulting in the enemy's AD carry having a low creep score. When I saw no one had guide up on MOBAfire in the way that I play him, I decided to create a support guide to blitzcrank.

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As this is my first guide I'm not very familiar with guide formatting and editing so let me know how to improve my guide before you downvote please. That said, I would also appreciate it if you tried the build before you decide to downvote. The last thing I want to point out is, the skill in playing Blitz comes with successfully landing his grab. Since you are playing support, most of your farm will come from assists, meaning grabbing enemies for kills is essential. In other words, please don't blame the guide if you only managed to get 1 grab all game :).

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Why does blitz need another guide?

As I mentioned earlier, I think blitz has the potential to be a really potent support, early and late game. I get frustrated when I see people building the wrong items on him (mostly AD carry: manamune, sheen etc.). Message to those people: Your team has enough damage from your 4 other members. You are there to support them so building damage doesn't help anyone. And that's why I need to share my way to support as blitzcrank.

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Pros / Cons

A short list of Pros and Cons because I want to point out whats important and actually make this section meaningful (so I will write a bit of detail about them).


- You can Grab . This is your bread and butter and what makes you unique. Grabbing and killing an enemy foe to make the next team fight a 4v5 is what makes blitz a game changer.
- You have a lot of CC and an AOE silence. Knowing who to grab and who to knockup and silence is what makes a good blitz. You will be tanky mid-late game so don't be afraid to get in the middle and throw them around.


- You can miss your grab. To play blitz as a effective support you need to be landing your grab often. If you aren't confident I suggest you play draft or normal games until so.
- You have low damage. I wasn't sure if I should include this since this is a support guide but I will anyway. During laning phase your damage output is fine however towards mid-late game you fall off, becoming a more 'off-tank grabbing CC robot' champion.

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My runes are:

Greater Mark of Desolation

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Armor

That's a combination of ArmorPen, Armor and Magic Resist.


ArmourPen - Laning phase is pivotal for blitz as his farm is dependent on his kills. Knocking up the AD carry with ArmorPen marks before level 6 will take close to a quarter of their HP. It really helps with grabbing kills (no pun intended). You could consider getting MagicPen marks instead but you are focusing on damage from his ultimate, level 6 and up which IMO is too late.

Armor and Magic Resist - Armor is taken for both seals and runes as your main threat is the AD carry. Other runes to consider are health runes. Magic resist Is taken in case they have a aggressive AP support eg Lux.

IMO its good to take defensive runes because then you can actually take damage during laning phase. This allows you to stay in the fight and keep knocking up and hitting.

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This is the section where I DON'T tell you to buy a manamune. I will be showing you what you need to support. In addition, I'll be discussing some gameplay in this section too.

Early Game

Starting Options:
1. Regrowth Pendant and one Mana Potion
2. One or Two Faerie Charms and your choice of a combination of wards, health and mana potions.

I always take option one. Tell your AD carry not to push as you don't have wards yet. If he doesn't, you wont have any problems. When you reach about 450-500 gold, go back for Philosopher's Stone and some wards.

Note: Try to get a kill ASAP because attaining your philosopher's stone early on will really help your farm. That said, don't use Rocket Grab at level 1 as it is not as useful without your knock up. Your mana pool is precious so wait until level two when you have knock up as well. Of course if you invade or feel the situation needs you to grab don't hold back.

After you have farmed your philos, your next priority is speed. When you can, grab Boots of Speed and turn them into Boots of Swiftness. Keep in mind you want to always have bot lane warded so save money for wards too. After you get boots of swiftness you shouldn't have any trouble chasing/running away from enemies.

Now you have two options for your core:

1. Kindlegem which will turn into Shurelya's Reverie

Rushing a Shurelya's is great for survivability. It gives CDR, health and a speed boost. After you get this item, you should go the rest of the game without dying. Not even once. You have swift boots, a 40% speed active and a mana shield. Now get your Frozen Heart.

2. Galacial Shroud which will turn into Frozen Heart

If you prefer the early armor you can swap the order and get the galacial shroud and then finish off Shurelya's Reverie.

Another item I want to mention is Aegis of the Legion. I get this item if my AD carry is struggling and needs some more survivability. It's definitely an item to keep in mind, however if things are going smoothly, you don't really need it.

Mid Game

Eventually you will need some magic resist. When you do, get a Negatron Cloak and turn it into a Banshee's Veil whenever you feel necessary. I often get the negatron cloak after I've finished my frozen heart and Shurelya's but sometimes you need it before that. If your team is doing very well and their AP mid isn't a threat you can consider getting a Wit's End instead of the Banshee's Veil for a bit of extra damage and magic resist.

Late Game

You are now a tank utility champ and a damage sponge. However, if the game drags on longer you need to become more of a threat. Consider getting some damage by getting a Madred's Bloodrazor. Or if you haven't already, grab Wit's End depending on whether you need armour or magic resist.

That said, if you are still having trouble surviving, build a phage and either turn it into a Frozen Mallet for survivability and moar CC or a Trinity Force for damage.

This is probably my favourite final build -

Boots of Swiftness
Shurelya's Reverie
Frozen Heart
Banshee's Veil
Madred's Bloodrazor
Wit's End

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I've experimented with the masteries quite a bit. I feel I have found the best set for every game, 0-21-9 (the masteries set shown at the top). Note: I tried 0-9-21 for the extra gold and so on but I found the defence tree to be much more beneficial.

I'll explain what masteries he needs in general rather than reasoning each point.

Offence - 0

- Don't need them. You are support so don't waste your points on damage.

Defence - 21

- Blitz benefits from this tree so well. He needs these things specifically:

1. Tank points (health.. etc)
2. Speed
3. CDR
4. Some extra gold

Support - 9

- Provides some extra speed but more importantly gives a big buff in mana. This is essential as we are not building a Tear of the Goddess.

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Summoner Spells

Heal - Necessary. Definitely helps with getting away but more importantly it gives that health boost to your lane for sustain.

Your second summoner spell is optional.

Teleport - This is my personal favourite. I use it a lot during early laning so I can get my Philosopher's Stone early and always have wards on me. It's also good for defending towers. Blitz does well under a tower. He has a knock up and a silence so if they hit you, you have the CC to let the tower hit them for a while. When your opponent is pushing a tower and no one there to defend it this skill can come in handy.

Clairvoyance - This is another good skill on Blitz in particular. Want to grab an enemy but don't have vision? CV followed by Rocket Grab is a popular combination especially when the opposing team is slaying dragon/baron. Turning your baron fight into a 4v5 can completely turn the tables of the game.

Exhaust - Feeling confident? Grab, Knockup, Silence, Exaust. It's going to be pretty hard for your enemy to escape.

Flash - You don't need another summoner spell to escape. You have Shurelya's Reverie's active, amazing speed, a mana shield and hopefully a Heal. I still want to mention Flash as it can be used offensively in combination with rocket grab. Also, even though its not needed, its the best escape tool in the game.

Ignite - Taken for pretty obvious reasons. If you find that you need that extra bit of damage to finish people off, consider getting this.

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It took me so long but regardless, it was really fun writing this. I hope people can provide suggestions and positive criticism as to what I can add/change. I hope to add to this depending on the response.


I created this guide so people can enjoy playing blitz in new and different ways. Maybe a guide like this might create a new wave of support blitzcrank's in the LoL community. Who knows.. I can only dream :P. Thanks for reading my guide!