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Gangplank Build Guide by Afterhigh

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Afterhigh

Gangplank - Critplank (Laning and Jungling!)

Afterhigh Last updated on June 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Whaddup guys

I would just like to say hello to everybody :). THIS IS MY FIRST GUIDE, so any tips and suggestions would be great, thanks!

*Update - GP official spotlight came out! yeah buddy!!!!
*note Build 2 is meant for Jungling, which is explained later in the guide.

Credit goes to Chineseflame.
Kudos to Haelstrom.
Props for a lot of others but i just wanted to thank those two personally. they unfluenced me, and when i began as GP i mirrored their builds in order to learn to play him. THANKS GUYS
Call of Rudy
Clay Terwilliger
if i missed crediting any1 else I apologize. thanks!

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This is the way i play, if it does not suite you, please don't trollolol :).

Hello and welcome to my Gangplank guide. This is my first guide so please let me know if i did anything wrong, and I would love to hear feedback.
Gangplank can be played many ways, a glass cannon nuker, a tanky dps, a jungler, a solo mid, solo top, or classic ad carry. I prefer to play him as a Laning monster, harassing everyone with Parrley. He gets very tough lategame, especially if you have warmogs and atmas impaler.

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Gangplank Champion Spotlight

*note i do not own or have any claim on gangplank or riot games, Or League of Legends. ^^

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Pros / Cons

-Crit almost every attack endgame
-Parrley hits for extreme damage
-Global Ult
-Great Harrassment
-Built in slow and poison effect from Grogsoaked Blade
- Great endgame :D

-Item dependent
-Low mana pool
-Crits are sometimes unreliable early game
-Ult is sometimes unreliable

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-You're going to want to stack in Greater Mark of Desolation for armor penetration. It is crucial with parrrley and auto attacks.
-You're gonna want to get for crit chance. I find that these runes help a lot early game and hey you know that crit chance cant get high enough (unless it's at 100% of course)
-Then move on to this way your parrrley is reduced even further meaning that there will be more damage faster.
-Finally. you're getting to increase your crit damage. They stack with Infinity Edge so they are very useful.
Runes give a huge advantage over people.

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You're going to want to spec into offense as your main priority, because it will build up your crit chance and also exhaust helps. then you will go through Utility and finish it off. I recommend getting ghost as one of your first, if you are a lower level. MASTERIES are a HUGE advantage. :D

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Summoner Spells

is perfect because you can easily get first blood along with your grogsoaked blade slow.
just feels right because you're already kind of stacking in movement speed, and it just gives you an easy escape mechanism. I prefer ghost over flash any day
Smite is a must have for junglers. It helps clear the jungle faster, plus with the mastery it's an extra 10 gold per pop, and plus mid-late game it helps you have dragon/baron control.
Some people prefer to ghost and that's fine. but Try to only pick between these three please! Gangplank already has a nice heal from Remove Scurvy, and you can only semi-jungle mid to late game if you want to farm gold, so Smite is not recommended.

YOU CAN get and it would work very well, but with GP's slow from grogsoaked blade Exhaust works better

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Start by getting one of these. They add extra crit for level 1 fights, and they build into Avarice Blade.

Second get 2 of these. They help you stay in your lane longer in those low levels.

these are crucial because they start the long road of the Crit nuke. ALSO they help build GOLD FOR YOU WHICH YOU NEED FOR ITEMS!!!

These help reduce the Cd on Parrrley making it that much better in the early level harrassing

This is a must have for early Ganplank. It makes your Parrrley hurt bad and makes your Remove Scurvy heal even more as well as your ult doing more damage.

Recently due to the patch it's even cheaper than it was before so you should definately get it. Does great attack damage, and a nice crit bonus as well, and the crit damage bonus is amazing. THIS IS YOUR CORE ITEM. MUST GET. :)

OR You can really get either one depending on what the other team has. Trinity Force has great stats but it's very pricy, while Frozen Mallet has a good Health bonus and is cheaper.

This is your bread and butter. This increases your movement speed, attack speed, and your crit chance. must get.

This gives nice Lifesteal and attack damage so you'll want to get this late game. It's very good.

by this time you should have already farmed enough gold with the help of the avarice blade, and the ghostblade is perfect to help with your armor penetration, critical strike, attack damage, and it's got a nice activate as well, that is GREAT for attacking turrets.

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Optional Items

-Some good items you could get are instead of Trinity Force. It gives good health and has a slow.
-Another optional item is It gives crit chance, armor, and attack damage based on your health. It is very good for an ad heavy team.
-If you go the Atma's route then is always a good choice, as long as you farm it up.
-A good item to have if there is a lot of Ap casters on the other team that are wrecking you is It gives you good attack damage and magic resist, and gives you a shield against magic damage when you get low health.
- This is good to have if nobody is targeting you (yes it happens). It gives great attack speed and attack damage.

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Skill Sequence

You will raise first to harrass your enemy. I usually buy a mana potion and two health potions, or just 3 health potions. Either or works good.
-SECONDLY you will level Raise Moral ONCE in order to get the nice boost. you are gonna want to shoot your minions as soon as you are around other enemies and keep it running.
-THIRDLY LEVEL UP back to back with Parrrley.
-Level up as soon as possible. This skill is crucial and you can attack enemies from accross the map and can also help severly in team fights. You will level up Raise Moral last AFTER you raise it once the first time.
In other words...

And for jungling...

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Early game you're gonna wanna get Parrley so you can harass your enemies. You're gonna wanna get either bottom lane or top lane . you COULD go mid, but I'd rather leave mid to a good range champ.

Mid game you should be well fed enough so that you at least have infinity edge and maybe even phantom dancer. you are critting a LOT. so keep farming gold from minions, and maybe even you can start to semi jungle. you should also have Gang's ultimate ability and you can use it anywhere on the map. i prefer to put it in the path of running enemy, especially in team fights, in order to get a last second kill, when they would normally get away.

Late game you are critting basically every Hit. you are unstoppable. Keep harassing using Parrley, and you may want to open a team fight with your ultimate. It is a team slow this way.

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NOTE FARMING IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!! You need it to definately be successful. Last hit with Parrrley for extra gold and try last hitting with auto attacks as soon as possible. You need to farm to be successful as GP.

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungle Route 1 (the one i use) - Basically for jungling you're going to want to start at wolves. Use Raise Morale in order to get a buff to kill the main big wolf first. finish the last 2. Then you will go to Wraiths and smite the big wraith. this gets you level 2, and with this you are going to want to get Parrrley, then you go to double golems, targeting the bigger one first, to get the health buff. go b and get cloth armor and some health pots. Then you take care of blue, and then red.

SO to sum it up Jungle route 1 - Wolves, Wraiths, Double Golems, Recall, Blue buff, then red buff.

Jungle Route 2 - Start at Blue Buff, if you have a leash. with this route you're going to want to get the standard armor and 5 health pots when you start. Continue to wolves, then double golems then red, then Wraiths finally.

Summing up Route 2 - Blue buff(with leash), wolves, Double golems, red, then wraiths.

Route 2 is better for getting level 6 faster, whereas route 1 is better for early ganking.

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Team Work

Teamwork is GP's awesome thing. Raise Morale is legit in team fights, even at one, and you will get assists just from that. Also, Cannon Barrage is great for helping out teammates in a tight spot or for chasing someone down for a kill!

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Thanks for checking out my guide, I appreciate it, and of course I am always ready to hear feedback and discuss GP. And remember - it's okay to crit yourselves every now and then :p.

Stay Classy League of Legends