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Gangplank Build Guide by FrenzyOne

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FrenzyOne

Gangplank - The ultimate bruiser

FrenzyOne Last updated on November 19, 2011
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First words and a Quick guide

Item builds listed above are just two examples and I chose to display the defensive and safe build order with massive dps boost end game.


:Passive, harass and farm with Q, lasthit and stay alive. You are quite weak early.


:(Advanced)Option 1: Start blue,red or small golems. I prefer Small golems over red. Gank at lvl2. Keep ganking and clear out camps when you have the time and make sure you grab blue after your lvl2 gank if you didnt. DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU HAVE NEVER JUNGLED GP.

Option 2: Start blue, wolves,Wraiths(smite big), small golems, red buff. Thenk gank or blue pills if you are low.

All viable options and all explanations, detailed information and what not will be discussed further down in this guide.

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Hello and welcome to my Gangplank guide!

My nick is FrenzyOne and I have played almost a hundred ranked games with a rating of 1330. I hope you will enjoy this guide and that I will successfully reduce the amount of people building Gangplank like an AD carry.

I will cover your item choices, build orders, masteries, runes in the first few chapters and then I´ll go into more about your role, how you lane, how to behave in teamfights, some information about laning opponents, map objectives and such in the later chapters.

I decided to put it up there because I would like to get feedback asap on the parts I´m finished with.

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Items - Laning

When playing gangplank you have a lot of options, especially in your build order. I will now go into detail about your options and give a few examples of different build orders, what the advantages are with different items and how you create a Item order for yourself that suits you.

I will start by listing your starting items, then your two core items and after that I will proceed to list the rest of the items and their alternatives. The items does not need to be built first just because they are core. You can finish your atmas as 5th if you wish. I will be discussing that more in Build order section.

Starting items

This is your starting build for two reasons. Awesome hp regen and it builds into philosophers stone.

Core items

These are the items that you should have and atmas is a absolute must. No matter what there simply is no good replacement for it.

These boots are chosen because with you will hit 101 magic resist and will not need to buy a Magic resist item until your last 6th item and the reduction to crowd control is one of the best effects in the game.
If you want to build a magic resist item earlier you can go . Because Gangplank gets so much out of his skills is chosen over .

Since you will be building tanky this item provides armor, damage(20AD per 1K health, roughly 50-70 total) and crit chance! This is your absolute core item and should under no circumstances be replaced...PERIOD...Without this you are a squishy, useless, fancy looking potential dps bomb that will never explode OR a giant meatball that takes forever to eat up but does no real harm.

Core DEFENSE items

This is the tankiness we talked about and this is the most common way to get there. It is the biggest HP item in-game and that is why you choose it, to get the most out of your atma's. There are other options but none as commonly used.

This is a good alternative to Warmog´s armor and in my opinion the only really good alternative. Buying it will make you more tank focused though because you will be needing a second hp item.
The Active is AWESOME
The passive will make sure any carry hitting you is in big trouble.
About 1K health less
You need to be careful not overdoing your armor. With Atma's and runes alone you will reach about 130. This item brings you over 200.

This item is quite powerful generally but it wouldn´t be my first choice for GP. I could consider it for a 2nd defence item combined with just because it boosts hp, mr and has a nice passive.

This is a good item in your build if you have chosen not to go because it gives a lot of hp and a slow. This together with is an good alternative to +

Core OFFENCE items

Now this is the biggest and most awesome DPS item in the game. It will give you a massive AD boost, Crit chance and HIGHER crit DAMAGE.

This little beauty right here is an awesome Jack-of-all-trades. It gives you ad, aspd, ms, hp, mana, ap(meh?), crit chance and two very nice passives. Parrley is a low cd skill which will procc the extra damage passive very often and the slow can also be applied by parrley giving you an even stronger ranged slow. The main reason I choose this is because it is the ONLY item that gives you MS and SLOW.

This is a very good melee dps item. It improves your chase and has nice stats overall. AD,Crit,CDR,apen and the ms+as active :) Works especially well if you are not running Tri-Force and still a good item even if you go for tri-force.

Good choices, luxury items and situational items

You feel you want some lifesteal for those really uber-late fights? Here´s something for you. 6th slot item, if you want it earlier it really stands between this and IE, IE gives more damage and you have already built suistainability.

The two big choices for 6th item as they provide MR.

More MR and gives MS
Gives health and has spellblock

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Items - Jungling

I will not be listing all items for jungling as it is only the build order and starting items that deviate. Instead I will explain the differences. If you want a finished build check the above Chapter called "Items - Laning"

Starting Items

x5 I choose this start because it makes you more available to gank. You will probably have or at least close to enough hp to gank even if you do a full clear from start.

Core items

I usually do not upgrade until I get next item which is:

This is very good because you are often a bit poor as a jungler and it adds some much needed health.

It is a poor mans build, because a jungler is poor. So we are picking out the goodies of the big items and letting it all come together later.


This is a very good jungling item, however one I feel can be skipped if you are doing very well with your ganking and trust your own ability to roam a lot. If you get it it is mainly for two reasons: 20% chance to deal 500dmg to a minion and the ability to place a ward. I usually get it right after my Heart of gold if it´s a tough game with not so many gank opportunities.