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Garen Build Guide by fangsyifu

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author fangsyifu

Garen Jungle: Swinging through the Jungles like Tarizan.

fangsyifu Last updated on May 11, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey everyone, My name KyvanTakaura and I've been playing league for about few a years. To tell you abit about myself, I tend to play and love to experment with new builds and roles that champsions can tackle. I play alot of Top and Mid champions, although I do switch it up every now and then. My engish kinda sucks, but I'll try and explain this guide to the best of my abilities. Feel free to point out some mistake in the comment section!

For this guide I have decided to take a little swing with Garen in the jungle and so far it's been so fun that I feel like sharing my results with everyone. I do not reccomend this for rank play though if you feel confindant in your skills then by all means, do whatever you want.

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- Very good ganks
- Very good chasing
- Healthy Character, Has decent sustain (thanks to the passive)
- Passive during travel regen health
- Isn't buff reliant

- Slow wave clear early in the game (until you get Trailblazer)
- Bad positioning can lead to being kited easily,
- Passive is useless for jungling untill level 11
- Damage falls off late game
- weak to team invasion/ early jungle invasion

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Summoner Spells

Always Take smite.
Standard that I've pick is Flash

Good Spells
Flash - decent escape
teleport - can work to set up sneaky ganks
Ghost - to stay glued onto your target or to escape quickly

Ok spells
Heal - If you feel that ur not confidant in clearing waves, this is always an option but not the best. Otherwise good way to turn the tied and keep ur friends alive for abit.

Ignite - good for finishing off a unit if ur ult doesn't kill them. however ur the jungler, you should be giving most of the kills to ur laners.

Exhaust - good for catching, reducing armor/mr, movement speed and increase damage. If you have this, then you don't need to consider stalkers blade.

Bad spells

Barrier - On paper seems alright but it's not that great 2 second of protection between 115-455 is not that useful for Garen. You'd benefit more on the others Spells.

Cleanse - again kinda like barrier but remove debuffs, it seems good on paper. but really its not. Get banshee and problem solve for most CC, plus your W cam reduce the duration of few CC

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jungle Routine

For those who have trouble, You'd always always want to start Kruggs. Get the heavy hand buff and go straight for raptors. If you have the masteries set correct you wouldn't have to worry about using your potion untill you fight the red buff. Smite will be ready for the red buff as soon as you finish raptors.

You have choice here, you can go straight to wolves, or try and attempt on getting scuddles, attacking scuddles will not disable ur passive, so its a nice way of getting some hp back before you tackle wolf/gromps and blue.

Clear wolves, smite gromps and take out blue. if your low on health from gromps go for the dragon scuddle before you tackle blue.

After that once you get trailblazer your wave clearing becomes alot easier!

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Early in the game yu're job really simple. Farm up get trailblazer as soon as possible with boots. If you have enough get broadsword or Protections.

If you have compentent team, you can go for an early lvl 4-5 gank, could get a kill or burn a flash.

After you get you're first items (first back) and you're level 6, try get some ganks going if the oppertunity rises. Usually you want to help ether the weakest lane on your side OR champion who's falling behind.

Ganking with Garen taking very careful positioning and require at simple knowledge of where the enemy wards would be. Typically if you're going in for a gank you'd always want to come from behind ememy so he has to run past you. If you succeed in the gank, depending on the enemy health it ether you or the laner that gets the kill. (ult at mid health if you want the laner to get the kill, if the laner is okay with you getting the kill, you bring the ****er down) Garen's damage output is phenomonal early game.

Make sure you can contest dragon and objective when the oppertunity rises. You are the jungler, it's your job to ward and make sure you get it.


Once you have your core, You should be able to snowball lanes even harder and stronger, make sure you keep pushing and getting kills for your laners. At this point you'd be able solo dragon if the oppertunity rises, or focus on taking objective. If the enemy pushing a lane hard, be sure to be with your team. In team fights, you'd always want to focus the most valuable and weakest unit on the enemy side, which ususally the Carry or Mid. You'd ether kill em or force them to back. If the Enemy APC or ADC is not present and team fight breaks out, focus on the most threating unit. Remeebr you have black cleaver around this time which will give you the upper edge for not only you but your other fellow AD memebers on the team.

This is where your damage falls off however, this doesn't essentialy stop you from killing off their squishy units on there side. Your Job is to tank and make sure that the most valubale unit on the enemy side is down. At this point you should be at your 5th item or sixth item

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Situational Items

Thornmail - if they have alot of auto attacking champion it's worth getting it as your 5th or 6th item.

Guardian Angel - For more survivablity

This items pretty special, if they know you a GA, they'll focus on someone else. However, if you play smart and stick to your role, focusing on the enemy carry will make them have to peal you off. Usually they have to decide whether you're a big threat or not.

Portal - If you still want to focus this is a good item to pick up and apply pressure to their tower late game if ur doing well.

Banshee - More health MR plus the passive shield can cancel/negate any spell. Good if you are getting CC'd REALY HARD.

Frozen Heart - Mana is useless but if you need to pick up more armor and slow any Auto attacking champ, this is a good item to pic.

Locket - Usually support build this but, if you and your team need extra MR its a decent pick up. Give you decent health, MR and Regen. Not to mention Passive Aura that gives allies MR, Regen and on top of that an active shield.

Warmogs - if you feel that you have enough armor and Damage doesn't always hurt to pick item up for more health. Not to mention, any health item sryngizes with ur passive and the cinderhulk Health multiplier passive really well.

Frozen heart - if you need more slows and health with a bit of damage, this is also a decent pickup.

Maw - Great if you want more damage and protection against magic.

Infinity Edge - If you think you have enough of everything and you just want to do more damage, this is a good pick up. Your Spin and Strike when you pic this item up.

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Final notes/Q&A

Remember, fellow summoners. You don't have to follow this guide down to teeth infact I kinda encourge you to swithc things up if you feel like another method is better.

Little reminders and Tips

- cinderhulk health gets multipled the more health items you get
- Black cleaver has passive from phage now, use that to close in or get away from fights.
- Always focus on the carry first unless you're teammates are trouble