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Garen Build Guide by GernhardCZ

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GernhardCZ

Garen - The Undestroyable Top

GernhardCZ Last updated on May 17, 2013
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Hello guys, I've updated my build, but still that is my first build, so it will be a little (okay maybe a little more) shorter than other super long builds here (does anybody reads that long builds?). (I'm not from English speaking country- CZ forever- so excuse my gramatical mistakes, děkuji.)(And im also bad in using dat BB code, so prepare for Terrifying look.)

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Pros / Cons

For first i'll start with his pros and cons.
+ You are freaking hard to kill. - Early game top harassers can destroy your passive.
+ Durability on lane. - You have to have cooperating team.
+ Too fast with Force O'nature. - No initiating skill.

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Runes & Masteries

Okay, now runes...

Greater Quintessence of Health + Greater Seal of Health - HP are useful... what to say more...
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist + Greater Seal of Armor - With armor and magic resis you are so hard to kill
Greater Mark of Attack Damage - And finaly this, this is for superb early game - noone will beat you!
Masteries does what is written on them, and you need them cos you need to:
, got it?

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Summoner Spells

You see heal in my build and you says: dat noob build he has heal... But it is not! You can be great bait. If someone sees you with 300 hp, he/she says "Woohoo, I've got a kill!" and you can say "Woohoo, I've got 10 teammates in da bush". Now he is dead, you are healed, and in the chat he most of times write "Heal, waht a noob skill" so you can answer "Noob caught on noob skill". Okay, that is for heal... + it heals your team (when they are all in range) or 1710 hp on 18 lvl - and that counts.
And flash... thats is needed for escapes and last hits and these things...

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Perseverance, your passive, which regenerates % of your hp, allows you to remain longer on the lane (most of times i go b when i have around 2700 gold) and heals you a lot in the late game when not in fight. At early game, when you need to heal up, stay away from all danger (or dodge all skillshots like a king) to let your passive work.

Decisive Strike gives you kind of good movement speed bonus, and throws away all your slows. Thats great for escaping enemy gankers- just let them slow you and then kill da slow! It has also use in lasthitting minions, because you don't have any mana! - do not forget it.

Courage is the skill, what makes tank from you. It gives you passive 20% magic resist and armor, which is really great, that means, that you don't have 165 armor and mr but you have 200! that makes super tank from you, but is has also active use! For a few seconds, you recieve 30% reduced damage and ccs. That makes you almost invulnerable.

Judgment is your main damage skill. Use it for kills *"Oh, really?"* and it can kill ranged minions on 3. or 4. lvl of the skill. It also can deal a crit, so Atma's Impalerhelps you more than if it only add damage.

Demacian Justice is a great skill. You use it for taking down almost dead champions, but it's better to don't do it, when an enemy champion has no chance to survive, because it creates bad atmosphere in the team (i do not know why people calls you kser, when you do it so much), and you should save your ult, when it is needed. You can also use it for running out of jungle behind enemy line and take down a guy, who is teleporting somewhere, where do you see him.

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siprit visage - thats the basic build... Let's see what you cna change here...

Aganist ranged top (especially Teemo and Jayce,because they have Move Quick and Acceleration Gate, so thay can be rly fast with Boots of Speed), you can start with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions because they gives you speed and bonus durability and that is what do you need if you want even reach those guys.

Doran's Blade is very good item for Garen, because it gives you more hp, so your passive is more effective + it goves you some armor to survive the (mostly) AD guys on top.

Next thing what you can change is boots. If the enemy is heavy AD, take Ninja Tabi. Aganist full AD team they are superuseful, because they reduces the damage from (non-turret) basic attacks.

Sunfire Cape is great item, because it

    1) adds HP and armor, what can really help you at lane, because most of top champions are AD (HP helps aganist mages too, of course, but it is not so great)
    2) does a very little damage to everything around you - this is not so good for killing enemies (okay capekill happens sometimes too, but..), but it gives you assist for every kill, which happens near you, and that is useful.

Spirit Visage is not as good as Force of Nature was, but still, it gives you magic resist, health regen, and compared to force of nature, it gives you cooldown reduction, which you use much.

Atma's Impaler rises your armor at the same height as magic resist, so you are now resistable to both *applause*. It also gives you some damage and critical strike, so your Judgment becomes more lethal now.

Warmog's Armor makes you even more durable, gives you more health regen (in combination with Force of Nature and gives you 14 more damage (with no stacks on it).

Frozen Mallet is the last item, and you do not reach him very often. It gives you some more damage, hp regen and it makes your Judgment slow your enemies. This will make the other team's teamfight harder because nearly all battlefieal will be slowed.

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to everyone who has read my build, hope you enjoyed it, and write me about mistakes in my text!