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Xin Zhao Build Guide by AxisTrotec

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AxisTrotec

General Xin Zhao Build t(-.-t)

AxisTrotec Last updated on July 29, 2013
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-=Early Game=-

Early Games, Uhhhh Nothing Much Though. All You Have To Do Is FARM. A LOT. This Build Require You To Farm A Lot. If Your Farm Is A Lot You'll Win The Game. Don't Worry This Build Hurt Early And Late Games. So Last Hit Kill The Minions. If Your Afraid Of The Enemy Champ. Don't Care Just Fight Cuz Your Runes Will Help You. Even Though You Have No Runes In Your Rune Page. You Still Can Kill.

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-=Mid Game=-

If Your Mid Game Is Going Well Then Do Anything You Want. If Your Mid Game Is Going DUN DUN DUNNNN Conquer Your Jungle. Farm From Lanes And Jungle. If Your Jungle MAD, Don't Care Just Farm Cuz If The ADC Somehow Fall You Will Carry The Team Just Like A General Would Do.

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-=Late Game=-

Now Late Game Is The Hardest And It Is Intense That You (I) Will Shake. Late Game Doesn't Require Anything. All You Have To Do Is Play Smart. Don't Just Charge In Recklessly And Die t(-.-t). Play Smart. Basically You Need A Plan. And IF Your Plan A Fail Remember Connect Your Plan A With Your Plan B, So They Enemy Team Will Only Concentrate At A Not B. Because They Have Seen Plan A From The Way You Guys Are Behaving. So If Plan A Falls. You (Only) Straight Away Change To Plan B. Don't Worry If You Solo. Cuz Your Team Will Come Back And Help. But The Enemy Team Won't Know Cuz All They Know Is You All Are Running And You Being Cocky Trying To Solo (Don't Do That BTW). Make Sure You Change Your Plan Swiftly. Like, You Change Without Them Knowing And They Will Still Be In Your Plan A. Good Luck! :D