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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Gerulfman

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gerulfman

Gerulfman, the Master of Mordekaiser

Gerulfman Last updated on September 4, 2011
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Tank is first, DPS is second

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Intro (reading this will help you understand my guide better)

This guide is split into two parts, one is a tank guide; The other is a DPS guide. I decided to set it up this way because Mordekaiser fits both roles very well. Many people believe Morde is not a Tank, but I beg to differ. The reason I believe he can be played as a tank is because you can harass very well early game and will often send your lane enemies back to base again and again giving you a good level advantage over your opposition; which in turn allows you to build up your resistances and your sheild faster then your enemies can stack attack damage (AD)/ability power (AP) due to their lack of farm. Also Morde levels very quickly due to his outstanding farming capabilities. So even though he does not have CC we rectify this by using appropriate summoner spells and items.

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Pros and Cons

- Extremely good farmer early-late game.
- Very hard to kill when your sheild is charged.
- Can solo against 2 champs when you have a jungler.
- Is a cool down (CD) based champ.
- Can get a strong pet from Children of the Grave

- Can be squishy early game when you don't have your sheild charged.
- Uses health as a resource.
- Does not have any Crowd Control (CC) abilities.

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Summary (Tank)

- Marks = you harass better early game/build sheild more effectively
- Seals = you stay in your lane til you feel like going back to your shop
- Glyphs = Allow you to harass more and keep your shield charged
- Quints = A bigger health (HP) pool is always nice

- Defense tree = Basic tank masteries
- Utility tree = More experience for killing creeps and better HP regeneration (HRegen)

Summoner Spells
- Exhaust = makes you win 1v1 (and possibly 1v2 late game)/chase fleeing enemies
- Ignite = makes health potions (HP Pots) do nothing and reduces heal power on enemy champs (death to mundo, vlad, those type of people)

- Theese items make you tanky
- You will be nearly unkillable in a 1v1 or 1v2 fight
- In team fights you will be able to freely walk around with Creeping Death on and beat your opponents to a pulp with your Mace of Spades and Siphon of Destruction, making your enemies flee in terror and get killed by your teams carrys/you ( Children of the Grave)

Skill Sequence
- Allows you to build up your sheild very well
- Creeping Death scares most melee champs away from your creep line allowing you to get closer

- Spam your Siphon of Destruction on the enemy creeps to keep your sheild charged
- try to hit enemy champs with Siphon of Destruction and Mace of Spades when ever you can
- Remember to use Creeping Death when you go after enemy champs to reduce the damage you take and to make them cry for mercy because of the swirling metal shards of death that make you look that much more bad ***
- use Children of the Grave on enemy carrys in team fights and try to chase them down and get them killed so you can have a high dps pet that you can continue to own the enemy team with/destroy towers with

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Runes (Tank)

My Marks
- MPen basicly allows you to ignore an amount of your targets MR based on the ammount of MPen you have, thus making you deadly even though you are a tank
- It also allows you to build up your sheild more effectively

Other Marks
- If you want to be more tanky you can try Greater Mark of Vitality , or Greater Mark of Armor

My Seals
- Greater Seal of Regeneration allow you to spam your spells with no worries due to your mad HPRegen with Regrowth Pendant + Seals
- by level five theese are better than Greater Seal of Vigor

Other Seals
- if you like bigger health pools you can go with Greater Seal of Vitality
- if armor is your thing you can stack some Greater Seal of Armor for a significant survivability boost early game

My Glyphs
- lower CDs are always nice and theese particular glyphs give a significant boost early game compared to Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction

Other Glyphs
- you can also stack Greater Glyph of Magic Resist for more magic resist (MR)

My Quints
- My Quints give a significant boost to your end game health pool, which makes it harder to die, (this is a good thing)

Other Quints
- well you can put in some Greater Quintessence of Experience to level even faster
- or you could use armor, or MR, for some more survivability
- more MPen perhaps? Its really up to your playstyle, anything goes here

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Masteries (Tank)

Defense Tree
- Extra HP
- More Armor
- More MR
- Dodge
- 4% damage reduction from everything

Utility Tree
- More Experience (EXP)
- More HPRegen
- A little faster gold generation, this point can be placed elsewhere if you think 1 gold every 10 seconds is not worth it. In a 25 minute game it will generate 150 gold, just for reference.

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Items (Tank)

To calrify, the items suggested are only if your enemy team has low CC, and is pretty balanced between magic and phisical damage. Also I always start with a Regrowth Pendant regardless of enemy team comp.

For a Magic Heavy Team
your item sequence will be somewhat like this,
1st Regrowth Pendant
2nd Boots of Speed
3rd Force of Nature
4th Rylai's Crystal Scepter
5th Mercury's Treads
6th Quicksilver Sash
7th Abyssal Mask
8th (if the match goes this long) Spirit Visage

For a Phisical Heavy Team
1st same as above
2nd same as above
3rd Randuin's Omen
4th Warmog's Armor
5th Ninja Tabi
6th Sunfire Cape
7th Atma's Impaler
8th Zhonya's Hourlass

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Summary (DPS)

- Marks = Same as tank
- Seals = allows you to dodge more and get a speed boost when you do
- Glyphs = same as tank
- Quints = more magic penetration? (MPen) what's not to love?

- Offense Tree = more DPS, lower cooldowns, MPen, AP, etc, it's got everything you need
- Defense Tree = more dodge, and survivability

Summoner Spells
- Exhaust - same as tank
- Ignite - same as tank but better due to masteries

- you build up lots of AP making your siphon hit really hard and nearly max your sheild in one cast
- You have less defense and can't last in a 1v2 encounter unless you have a good level advantage

Skill Sequence
- you have more damage output with more ranks in Mace of Spades
- you have less survive ability due to lack of Children of the Grave ranks
- You can farm better than the tank Morde

- this part is mostly the same as the tank way except you have less survivability and more damage
- you can use Children of the Grave to harass enemies out of the lane/ build your hp back up

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Runes (DPS)

My Marks
- same as above

Other Marks
- well in my opinion (imo) the MPen marks are the best for this slot for DPS
- but you could also add some armor/MR marks if you want better survivability
- Greater Mark of Scaling Attack Damage are also nice for Mace of Spades

My Seals
- these seals allow you to proc your speed boost from the defense tree more often
- they allow you to dodge... aka you have better survival rates

Other Seals
- you could put in some HPRegen seals for more ability spammage
- Greater Seal of Scaling Attack Damage for better Mace of Spades damage

My Glyphs
- same as tank

Other Glyphs
- you could put in some Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power for some more AP

My Quints
- more MPen = more damage = more sheild :D

Other Quints
- Same as tank, anything goes except mana/Mgen/energy for obvious reasons

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Masteries (DPS)

Offense Tree
- Extra MPen
- Better crits
- More crits
- More AP
- 5% more damage output, magical and nonmagical
- lower CDs
- More effective Summoner Spells
- Higher AtkSpeed

Defense Tree
- More MR
- More Armor
- Higher Dodge
- :D

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Items (DPS)

My Listed Items
- What you see listed is normally what you would get in 90% of your games. You get very nice MPen and a good amount of AP thus you deal lots of damage. Theese items are pretty self explanatory.

Other Plausible Choices
- You could drop the Will of the Ancients for a Mejai's Soulstealer if you believe you will get a good amount of kills early game. Also you would get Mejai's Soulstealer right after your Boots of Speed.

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Summoner Spells

- makes it very easy to kill any champ 1v1 in early game
- allows you to escape ganks with more success
- allows you to run down fleeing opponents and make their ghosts your slave with Children of the Grave

- Makes it harder for champs to heal themselves/ be healed by other players
- kills low HP champs that are fleeing
- combined with your ultimate (ult) can deal a good amount of damage to enemy champs

Other good spells
- Cleanse helps you survive better against CC heavy teams
- Flash allows you to chase/escape over walls and dodge skill shots that could have killed you
- Ghost allows you to chase like no other, or get back into the action faster

Spells I don't Approve of
- Heal- your hp regen should be good enough when you tank, and you should not be taking too much damage regardless because of your sheild, and your HP Pot if you are DPS
- Revive- my motto is don't take revive unless you plan on dieing

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The following passage goes for both Tank and DPS builds, except when you are Tanking you can afford to be a little more aggresive, and with DPS you should play a little more defensively. Imo it is easier to solo against 2 champs when you are playing tank, and is also easier to solo mid when you DPS.

Early Game (1-8)
Mordekaiser can last hit/farm very effectively, which in turn allows you to level pretty quick. Since he can farm so well it is important to coordinate with your lane mate for getting kills in your lane, and it would be nice to allow your lane mate to acctually get the kills since you get most of your gold from farming and you still get gold for assists. most of your kills will happen mid game-late game anyway. Or if you like getting kills yourself then that is also quite easy. On a side note Mordekaiser does really well in a solo lane (mid included), so if at all possible try to get solo top or bottom if you have a jungler or mid if you dont have a good mid carry. On to ability usage, You want to spam Siphon of Destruction and Mace of Spades whenever you can to keep your sheild charged. If your sheild is low or non existant then back up until you can get a good hit with Siphon of Destruction without taking too much damage. Also if you are solo top/bot you want to be defensive until you can safely push without fear of being ganked. When you get a few levels higher than the enemy champs in your lane, you can start to be a little more aggresive. Anytime you get your enemies to port back to fountain you can go back to yours to get a few items or you can stay in lane and beat on their tower if there are no mias.

Mid Game (9-14)
When you get to be around level 8 or 9 it is very likely that you and the jungler on your team could easily take out the turret in your lane (along with the other 2 enemy champs), or if you are mid then you could probably take out the middle tower pretty easily solo if there are no mias and your opponent is dead(you have his/her ghost) or back at fountain. Also If you are not soloing your lane then you and your lane mate could have already destroyed the tower in your lane before this point, since Morde is a very potent pusher. As soon as you take out the tower in your lane then go mid (if you were not already), or go to top/bot to help destroy their respctive towers. Rinse and repeat while defending your lane when you notice them pushing. As a side note getting the Red and blue buffs from here on out is not a bad idea, because they both add to your DPS and killing capabilities significantly.

Late Game (15-18)
In team fights you want to put Creeping Death on yourself (if you are the tank) or on the tank (if you are DPS). Smite your foes with Siphon of Destruction and Mace of Spades any chance you get. Putting Children of the Grave on enemy carrys is the best thing to do and then follow up with Ignite and Exhaust to try and take them out, and get an awesome pet in the proccess to further wreck your enemy team. Victory should be around the corner by this point so dont let up your awesomeness til its over.

on your victory I'd give you a high five but well I'm not there, so this is the best I can do. :D

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For checking out my Mordekaiser Guide! I hope it serves you well and please please please please leave a comment if you vote this guide down so that I may take your suggestions and make my guide even better!! Thanks in advance. :D

Also leave a comment if you like it/have good success using it, all comments are welcome. ;)