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Ekko Build Guide by Xetkio

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xetkio

Get rEkkot (offensive mid guide)

Xetkio Last updated on June 11, 2015
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Summoner Spells

U should take ignite in mid lane (as usual) but if u know Ekko very well and time his ult right u can take teleport to irritate the enemies and own them.

E.g.: Enemies wanna make dragon. U and your team are in the brush beside him. Use tp for appearing in top lane so that the enemies are thinking that u are top. Ur tank goes in. Then u use your ult and get back in the brush making dmg to all enemies in this area and killing one after the other.

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U definetely should build Boots on Ekko. They help u to dodge abilities more easily and also higher your movement speed -> escape.
Ekko's passive, Z-Drive Resonance, allows u to move faster after hitting an enemy champion three times with a basic attack or an ability. Imagine this effect with boots, Lich Bane and Luden's Echo...
Also dont forget Phase Dive and Chronobreak:
Phase Dive will be more efficient if u are faster then your opponent. Otherwise u will use Phase Dive for preventing your enemy to flee (or to escape yourself) without any success because of being slower than him.
With boots u can get further in 4 seconds than without them, meaning that Chronobreak can be used even farther away.

Athene's Unholy Grail and Morellonomicon are the first items u have to build. This items will give u what u need to win ur lane in early game (mana and dmg). If u are already winning lane take Morell. for more dmg. If u are losing take Athene's for magic res. and mana.

Luden's Echo will make Ekko even more mobile (if this is possible). It will also increase his dmg significantly.

Lich Bane will perfectly work with Ekko's E (Phase Dive)and make this ability even more op.

Choose Nashor's Tooth if u need more farm. This item helps u to make your autoattacks more powerful and works well with Z-Drive Resonance and Parallel Convergence but for teamfights take Will of the Ancients or Void Staff (u wont have the time to autoattack an enemy very often in teamfights and your abilities will be more powerful with one of the other items).

Will of the Ancients is a very powerful item on Ekko. Every minion or champion u hit with Timewinder will heal yourself. Also dont forget Ekko's passive. In combination with Lich Bane and Will of the Ancients every third autoattack or ability will make incredible much dmg and heal yourself for 20% of the dmg dealt.

Void Staff is a very important item in late game. It helps u to make more dmg against tanks. If the enemies are tanky in mid game (wont happen in most of the cases) build Void Staff instead of Will or Nashor's otherwise u can sell the first item (Athene's or Morell.) and buy Void Staff later on.

Rabadon's Deathcap is an essential item on Ekko. U have to build it in late game to increase your dmg (in general) and the healing effect of Chronobreak significantly.

Some of u may think that Hourglass is a must but it isnt. Instead of using Hourglass u can use the ult of Ekko. While dodging the abilities of the enemy team, u will heal yourself for a specific amount of the dmg u took and make dmg yourself. Good positioning, map controll and a well placed ult of yours will make Hourglass completely superfluous.

Buy Hourglass if u need a bit more training with Ekko's ult ;).

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Z-Drive Resonance (Passive):

Items which work well with Z-DRIVE RESONANCE:
Z-DRIVE RESONANCE does not only stack with Ekko's basic attacks. That's why u should buy an cdr (cool down reduction) item so u can use your abilities more often to get more stacks. Nashor's Tooth or Will of the Ancients give u cdr. Nashor's also give u more attackspeed, which helps u to get stacks faster. Will heals u for every third stack u made.
If u hit the enemy three times u get more movement speed, which will be increased with Luden's Echo and let u escape or chase more easily (u shouldnt chase though).

Timewinder (Q):

Items which work well with TIMEWINDER:
TIMEWINDER is the ability dealing the most dmg (after the very op ult). It damages all enemies on its path twice (like Ahri's q). Due to this fact Will of the Ancients is a very op item on Ekko. It heals u for every minion and champion u hit. If u hit them twice u will get healed twice for 20% of the dmg u dealt.

Parallel Convergence (W):

Items which work well with PARALLEL CONVERGENCE:
PARALLEL CONVERGENCE (Passive): Ekko's basic attacks deal more dmg against enemies below 30% of their health. Nashor's Tooth gives u attackspeed meaning that u can hit the enemy more often -> dealing more dmg. (As I mentionend before, Ekko wont have the time to autoattack an enemy champion very often. For this reason I prefer to buy Will of the ancients instead of Nashor's.)

PARALLEL CONVERGENCE (Active): After 3 seconds it will slow all enemies in a chronosphere u created. Jump in with Phase Dive before it disappears to receive a shield, which lasts for 2 seconds, and to stun the enemies.

Phase Dive (E):

Items which work well with PHASE DIVE:
PHASE DIVE is a very useful ability for escaping or killing enemies, who want to flee. With Lich Bane making extra dmg after using this ability, Phase Dive gets even more powerful. Phase Dive can also be used to dmg the turret. Use Phase Dive's flash to dodge the abilities of your opponent and Phase Dive's tp to jump to him and kill him.

Chronobreak (R):

Items which work well with CHRONOBREAK:
CHRONOBREAK is the ult of Ekko. It allows u to jump back to the position u have been 4 seconds before and heals u for a specific amount of the dmg u have taken (healing effect increases with more ap: 1% of the dmg u took/30AP) during this 4 seconds. For this reason Rabadons is an essential item. It gives u 120AP (= u heal yourself for +4% of the dmg u took) and increases your AP in general by 30% -> much more dmg and also healing.

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Thank u for reading my Guide. I havent finished it yet. Some chapters like Runes, Vs. Champions,... will come soon! If u have suggestions for improvement let me know. :)


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