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Fizz Build Guide by MushlingTimes

Getting Fizzical -- Fizz Guide [WIP]

Getting Fizzical -- Fizz Guide [WIP]

Updated on November 5, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MushlingTimes Build Guide By MushlingTimes 2,098 Views 0 Comments
2,098 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MushlingTimes Fizz Build Guide By MushlingTimes Updated on November 5, 2013
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Hi, I am MushlingTimes, and I consider myself to be an above average Fizz player. In this Guide, I will be giving my knowledge of Fizz to you. Please do read the entire guide before you downvote. I accept all types of Criticism and helps and tips are very welcomed. Fizz has been, for a long time, my all time favourite (Favorite) mid laner. Fizz excels at the solo lanes (mid and top). He is famous and infamous for his ability to assassinate all your precocious squishy carries in a matter of seconds. And sometimes, when he is fed, your tanky front line as well.
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For Mid Lane, I took:

This is the only suitable AP mid Mark, it lets you do a lot of extra damage in the enemies faces. You can trade Hybrid penetration marks if you can auto attack harass the enemy, as your Auto attack range is only matched with Darius and Jarvan IV, in terms of melee range.

Since your mid, you would usually be up against ranged champions, getting these runes would minimize Auto attack damage, and reduce the damage you'll be taking from the ADC. These runes cannot be traded for other seals.

Take these to reduce the damage of the enemy mid. If you are looking to all in mid early, and if you're against AD Mid you can take Flat AP glyphs.

Take these for extra damage. And do Tons of Painful Damage. You should not replace these runes with anything.

For top lane, I took:

greater mark of hybrid penetration Since you're in the top lane I would expect that the enemy is not ranged and you would have to auto attack trade with them. These runes could be traded for just magic penetration marks.

Being top would result in some physical damage, so getting armor would benefit a lot. Also, getting this reduces the enemies ADC's damage as well. These runes should not be traded for other seals.

These glyphs are the best if you're against a squishy no magical damage top lane. If you are facing an ap scaling top laner you should switch these out for flat magic resist glyphs.

Same as why you should get these in mid lane.
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Taking 21/9/0, you can either go the Armor or the Magic resist path. To be quite honest, AD is a lot more versitile in Blind pick (As Armor blocks ranged Autoattack harass.). But in Draft, pay attention and look at their jungle and their mid laner. Use the best best of your judgement.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MushlingTimes
MushlingTimes Fizz Guide
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Getting Fizzical -- Fizz Guide [WIP]

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