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Gnar Build Guide by hiugnadie

Top Gnar will kill them all!

Top Gnar will kill them all!

Updated on December 14, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author hiugnadie Build Guide By hiugnadie 6 0 9,212 Views 0 Comments
6 0 9,212 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author hiugnadie Gnar Build Guide By hiugnadie Updated on December 14, 2020
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Runes: get fed and snowball and carry

1 2 3
Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

Gnar will kill them all!

By hiugnadie
Table of Contents

Welcome to my Gnar guide!

I have recently become a Gnar enthusiast, and it's all because of this build! I used to think Gnar could only be a tank, and while I still found him fun, I couldn't carry very hard because I had no damage, and had a low winrate on him. Eventually, though, I decided to give Gnar another try. This time, though, I decided not to use a tank guide. It turns out my on-hit Gnar build had worked pretty well! After I tweaked the build slightly to cover some of the previous flaws, I came up with this! This build made me enjoy Gnar a lot more, and I hope it will do the same for you! Also, I guarantee you that if you follow this guide, you will, as the title says, kill them all! Sorry for all of the text, feel free to only read what you want, but this build will work out better for you if you read everything.

Combos Itemization Runes


Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace
9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
10% Attack Speed
6 Armor
These are by far the best runes on Gnar. They make him a complete lane bully, while also granting him late game scaling. Press the Attack is for better trades and all-ins, and stays relevant late game because of the bonus damage you deal to targets, triumph can save your life in teamfights or after a tower dive, especially if you can manage to get a 5-man r off. Legend: Alacrity gives you attack speed which is good for your w, if you really need you can go Legend: Bloodline, but if you do you should also go Overheal instead of Triumph. Coup de Grace is just a really good rune in general. Because of your massive damage output, you can get people low extremely fast, and Coup de Grace is in use quite often. Demolish is great for snowballing your lead and splitpushing, because once you kill somebody, you can either kill their tower later in the game, or get an easy tower plate or two. Overgrowth gives you much-needed health in this build, and can get you quite a lot, too. Attack speed for w, adaptive force for great scaling, and resistances for whatever type of damage your lane opponent does. Keep in mind that if the enemy team is all magic or physical, then you should go double defensive runes because they are immensely valuable.
Doran's Blade is a really good starting item on Gnar because it provides lane sustain with a lot of damage. Your Boomerang Throw / Boulder Toss has incredible ad scaling, and the health+omnivamp is great for lane sustain and trades.
Noonquiver is your first item in this build. If you don't have enough gold on your first back for it, then double long sword is really good for q scaling. This item makes csing a lot easier, and the attack speed and ad are welcome.
Kraken Slayer is your mythic item. It gives you a ton of ad, which scales with your q really well, and with the kraken slayer passive. Also its passive helps you completely destroy everybody, because it does true damage, which does the same amount of damage to tanks and squishies. Also, its mythic passive gives you attack speed, and that plus your w plus the kraken slayer passive completely shreds tanks and squishies alike (sorry for the cringe)!
Runaan's Hurricane lets you clear the wave incredibly fast, while also poking your opponent. An added bonus is this thing's incredible teamfighting! during a teamfight with runaan's, you can literally proc 3 w's at a time!
Bloodthirster is great at both split-pushing and teamfighting. Combined with runnan's, you heal an insane amount. I quite often get this item third, although sometimes I opt for an Infinity Edge.
Infinity Edge is usually my fourth item, but sometimes I take it third. I only take it third when I'm either super ahead, or when I just need a lot more damage. It has recently been buffed so taking it third is good, I just prefer the Bloodthirster+ Runaan's Hurricane package third, because you are sort of squishy, and the lifesteal is insane. If you like it more, though, it's now fine to go Infinity Edge third because of the buffs.
Guardian Angel is a great last item if you're against a lot of ad champions that can burst you down, that's really all to say about this item.
Mortal Reminder is a pretty self explanatory item, you should only get this vs. heavy healing team comps (examples of heavy healing champions are Soraka, Warwick, etc.) Also you should know to get this if you bought Executioner's Calling early.
Guinsoo's Rageblade is not an item you will be getting very often. You should only get it if for some strange reason, you don't have enough damage vs. squishies, or if you're continuously doing long drawn-out fights. You typically won't need this item, but it is ok considering that the on-hit damage works with Runaan's Hurricane, but keep in mind you shouldn't get an Infinity Edge if you get this.
The Collector should almost always be the last item you build into squishy team comps. The lethality is insane vs. squishies, and the passive is also nice. I the enemy team has 1 tanky unit, then you should only get this if the tank is either really far behind, or not building armor (in which case it's a dumb tank because Sunfire Aegis is broken, and Gnar is ad).
Blade of the Ruined King is a pretty good item on Gnar, especially because of the botrk lifesteal combined with Runaan's Hurricane. You should build this item into hp-stacking team comps, as it has a pretty good passive. Just keep in mind that you shouldn't get this for kiting, because Navori Quickblades are much better at that on Gnar.
Mercurial Scimitar should only be purchased against teams with hard cc that shuts you down during teamfights, or disables you to 1v1. Examples of champions you should get this against are Cassiopeia, Annie, etc. Also, if you're getting this item you should've already purchased Quicksilver Sash.
Navori Quickblades are incredibly good as a last item on Gnar for your kiting capabilities. You might be wondering how, and that's because of three things. The first is because your Boomerang Throw slows enemies. The second is that you have 100% crit with this item (this reason will becom relevant in the last reason). The last reason Navori Quickblades are insane at kiting is because of its passive. Because you have 100% crit, the passive works every time, and this allows for insane kiting. You can build this into most team comps, but the best ones to build it into are team comps with a bunch of melee champs, because they can never hit you.

Now my favorite part of every guide (even though a lot of guides don't have this section), combos! While you will have to weave some of these combos together to make them more effective, these are the most useful combos!
is a basic attack
When you do this combo it procs your w passive, and the q slow can let you follow up with an all in or a better trade. If you're doing this at level 1, you should try get off a third auto to proc pta.
This combo also procs your w passive, but can also be used level two for an easy all in, and if you played your level 1 correctly, should result in a kill, because they are slowed, on the wrong side of the tower, and lower on hp than you are.
The way you execute this combo is when you're at 100 rage, you hop onto a minion and bounce to the enemy top laner. You can r them midair, so if they're clos to a wall you can stun them, and if they aren't, you can put them on the wrong side of the lane. Then you can follow up with your other abilities as needed to get a kill. Just a note that this combo is incredibly good at setting up a gank, so if your jungler is nearby and you're high on rage, ping them to gank and you should be able to get a kill.
This is the combo you should use if you're either at 100 rage or already mega. You should usually use this combo when your opponent is low enough for you to tower dive them. You either hop onto a minion and then hit them with your r midair as I described in the previous combo, or if you're already mega, you can just use crunch to jump on them and then use your r. You should aim to r them into their tower, and remember to basic attack them in between your r stun and w stun for extra damage, and if you have trouble basic attacking them by other units, then toggle on target champions only. You may also have to q, depending on how much health they had when you started to dive them.
League of Legends Build Guide Author hiugnadie
hiugnadie Gnar Guide
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Gnar will kill them all!

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