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Warwick Build Guide by Boredinbeastmode

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Boredinbeastmode

Gold Guide to Jungle Warwick! S4!

Boredinbeastmode Last updated on February 3, 2014
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Warwick builds!!

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Not Updated For Current Season

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A little about me

i have played league for 2 seasons now and when i first started i will honestly admit to being god awful at the game. and in the first season i struggled to be 1200 elo, which i felt was a good achievement at the time, so little did i know. currently at the end of season 3 i ended in gold 1 with 95lp which is slightly better and i feel i learnt a lot about the game in the year of getting to that point, and along the road i have discovered Warwick. i didn't even play him in ranked to about over a month ago, when i was thinking why i hated jungling in ranked, because i couldn't stand doing my buffs coming out of the jungle low health and chugging potions. only to the gank fail and i fall behind in then jungle. so i thought who is the easiest jungler Warwick jumped to mind so i starting playing him and haven't stopped since.

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Pros / Cons


    Sustain is the name of the game!
    Chase with your E all day long when its maxed, also provides vision of sneaky barons because they will get very low health or hiding low health enemies.
    Ultimate is a strong initiation
    Q's heal and can take enemies by surprise with how much they heal.

    Reliant on ganking post 6. basically useless before unless its a 1v1
    squishy if focused with no tank items
    can lack damage late game
    very one dimensional champion you revolve around your ult.

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Attack speed! attack speed. dem autos and wriggles procs. and witsend procs need this. clear speed in jungle.

Armour!armour nothing new here, strongest seals for junglers.

Scaling magic resist!Mr per level. gives you some mr basically that scales with levels.

Exp!exp since ww relys so heavily on level 6 these are a big part of getting 6 before 7 minute mark and means quicker ganks.

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Core items explained

Merc treads

tenacity and mr becuase we are missing out on ancient golem in this build so merc treads are a good replacement.


because we are maxing W and take attack speed in our runes and masteries to maximize the damage against dragon when we take at level 6. and clearing jungle thereafter.
this is the point of the build and the runes and the masteries, dragon control does WIN GAMES. objectives win games so the bonus magic damage per hit and having a big attack speed boost makes warwick drake control really strong. once you have the timer you should be taking the rest of the dragons.


Damage and attack speed gives us good mixed damage between ult and witends. ult gives us maximum stacks. Warwick passive+ witends passive is alot of magic damage per auto.

Frozen Heart

Alot of armour makes you tanky as hell to ADs. bonus gives you CDR and mana. makes you a big fat wolf tank.

Spirit Visage

20% healing increase is strong with our autos and our Q. gives us health to make us tanky and CDR to make sure we always have our ult up.

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Skill Sequence

Maxing the W

Maxing your w is better than q because the majority of the time early game you will be fighting jungle creeps. maxing your w not only increases your clear speed, but when you gank at level 6, you don't need anything but your ult to kill the target with an allies help. once you have backed and got wriggles the attack speed buff and wriggles procs will shred through dragon so fast.
always remember objectives win games not kills. so though you may not be able to chunk enemy's down fast you will be able to control objectives, and push towers with the buff you give to allies.

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do i need to say anymore. flash away from danger. flash and ult a overextended carry. flash into baron to steal. flash flash flash. most op summoner in game.

Jungler summoner. use to secure buffs. drakes. barons. use as soon as its off cool down as long as your buffs and objectives have already been secured. its on a short cool down now, and that suits Warwick nicely.

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How to win with Warwick

1. Clear the whole jungle as fast as possible and get to level 6 my friends!

2. Gank a lane

3. Get a kill or an assist and recall

4. Buy wriggles + pink ward and pots go the drake.

5. Clear drake if warded if its not take it with wriggles and W attack speed buff.

6. Gank mid or botlane, push tower snowball game

7. You have dragon timer and lanes pushing farm until ult is back off CD. then continue to push your teams advantage

8. Win Game