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Soraka Build Guide by Rocketgod

Support Gold Member

Support Gold Member

Updated on March 25, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rocketgod Build Guide By Rocketgod 2 15 8,702 Views 12 Comments
2 15 8,702 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Rocketgod Soraka Build Guide By Rocketgod Updated on March 25, 2013
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Yes another Soraka Build for you guys want to learn to play a support. A Gold digger Soraka! mainly keeping a high gold/sec. Also a poke-a-lot Soraka. Many players prefer the pure utility Soraka mainly to be an artificer. well it has advantages. but often times you are out of combat. some players found this hero boring because it just shadow an ADR. Well here's a surprise, because you poke them and stay not only at a back of an ADR champ.

"I'm not an expert." However, I see good potential in this build. which most players specially ADR will hate if he wants to dive for a creep kill a lot.
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This set of runes provides gold! A total of 5.3 gold per 10 sec. you can gain enough gold than other players. is also an advantage. an early philosopher's stone. also some neat AP penetration and AP scaling is nice.
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This mastery build makes soraka a starcall spammer and yet again, a gold digger. pick pocket is awesome for soraka because it does not need cs to have a gold. a champion that is busy can provide.

If mastered. you will have a total of 3 gold/5 sec. or as LoL scaling on gold. 6 gold/10 sec. if your checking it always.

Greed is another addition to gold digging process. 2 gold / 10 sec.
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Pros / Cons

    Early farm.
    Stacking magic reduction.
    Silence for meddling channels.
    Fast cash even not a killer.
    Opponents are permanently slowed even attacking you.
    Grievous wounds!

    Very squishy.
    Easily kited.
    Always focused.
    Forces to use your ultimate early because of ganks.
    Not allowed to farm by teammates.
    Ugly dance!
    Huge model!
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this are my items, prioritizing at gold items at start. to give you a boost of cash w/o interruption from opponents. also the key item here is the rylai's crystal scepter. for the purpose of PERMA SLOW. that's right! permanent slow also starcall's magic reduction stacks up to 10 times!
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Skill Sequence

In this case starcall is prioritized. Your bread and butter. this is a farming tool also harassing tool. not even a skill shot, just time it when opponents are close!

Infuse is just needed up to lvl 3 simply because its decent silence duration, and 150 mana to an ally. a nice mana generator for a team mate, makes them use a lot of skills. thus you are promoting to poke.

at lvl 10 you will start to build up Astral Blessing. opponents will not notice this until you are lvl 13. w/ a cool down of 12 sec. its a fast heal and a hefty amount too. but i recommend to use it to an ally who is in the middle of a gank or burst to be very effective.
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Summoner Spells

Clairvoyance is the summoner spell for Soraka. Since you are a fat target of opponents. it checks your path from opponents and ambushes specially from the bush. I really recommend players to use this great spell. also a 54 sec cd ward that last 5 secs. it's nice.

Flash is everybody's summoner spell. to reach in or out of combat.
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Farming Tips

Starcall for creeps. also consider hitting opponents to deny creeps
Starcall can hit opponents at bush and invisible heroes. (A good skill for scouting.)
use Infuse if there is no opponents as creep killer.
Use Infuse to opponents if you think they are about to use a skill.
Rush to destroy opponent's outer turret. so that their ADR will be left behind early. (easy to gank by team jungler.)
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Early game:

Coordinate with your teammate to spam skills to heroes and not creeps. You are still gonna support your AD carry by providing mana and poke heroes. Poke them when they have a skill in CD or they are focusing on creep kills. this is where they are most vulnerable. Starcall denies enemies to come near to your creeps. it will be harder for them to earn. however opponents will be pissed off to you and focus mainly on you and ignore your partner. A good teammate will not let you take all the damage. they should try to interrupt by attacking vulnerable targets as well until level 6.

Mid game:

Same as early game however this time aim for "tower destruction". Teammates can initiate tower dive w/ the use of wish. at this time, you should got Rylai crystal scepter.

Late game:

The opponent should focus to you if they figure out that you can sustain teammates because of your high AP for healing. your only defense is infuse! 2.5 silence and cd at this time is 6 sec. almost half of the duration of infuse CD is silence. spam silence at opponents. also anticipate channeling spells as well.

Notes: warding is not your priority. you got clairvoyance and twin shadows to reveal opponents.

Early game - Philosopher's Stone + Boots.
Mid game - Rylai's crystal scepter + cd reduction items.
Late game - Complete the items mentioned. It makes you a bad *** at healing teammates faster. taking some hits rather than your ADR. that's a support, taking a bullet like a tank and heal.
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Item Summary

Rylai's Scepter - Makes them slow with your starcall
Boots of Mobility - Makes you run in the field faster than other heroes. great for chasing and escaping opponents.
Morellonomicon - CD reduction and grievous wounds
Athene's Unholy Grail - CD reduction and strong mana sustain.
Rabadon's Deathcap - Increases your AP significantly.
Twin Shadows - Use as advance scout or chasing low health opponents.
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Gold per 10 seconds

Philosopher's stone: 5 gold / 10 sec.
Greed: 2 gold / 10 sec.
Runes: 5.3 gold / 10 sec.
Kage's Lucky Pick: 4 gold / 10 sec.
Total: 16.3 gold / 10 sec. or 1.63 gold / 1 sec.

If we consider...
Pickpocket: 3 gold when landed a hit to opponents w/ a 5 sec CD

you can reach gold generation up to 22.3 / 10 sec. or 2.23 gold per second.

think about creep kills, assist and kills. a big lump of cash!
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As a support, offense and defense, Soraka can do the following:

Effectively heal allies
Fast to respond because of boots
Can interrupt opponents using Infuse
Can heal teammates even you are away
Can slow opponents constantly
somehow can scout ahead (clairvoyance and twin shadows)

It's for any situation! Enjoy and pls comment so i can improve my first guide!
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