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Gragas Build Guide by Ulzimate

Gragas - I'm fed already...hick

Gragas - I'm fed already...hick

Updated on July 7, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ulzimate Build Guide By Ulzimate 5 2 6,255 Views 5 Comments
5 2 6,255 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ulzimate Gragas Build Guide By Ulzimate Updated on July 7, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost



Hello, and welcome to my very first guide here on MOBAfire.
There's a few reasons why im wrting this guide, to start of with, i havn't been able to find a guide that i like for gragas here on MOBAfire, and i'd also like to share the way i play him with all of you guys. Yes, i'm really that sweet ;)

The guide will focus on solo-laning the top, based on ranked play, but can also work in a duo-lane, if u do not have any jungler, but i do not recommend this.


CS = Creep Score
Q = Barrel Roll
W = Drunken Rage
E = Body Slam
R = Explosive Cask
MPen = Magic Penetration
CD = Cooldown
CC = Crowd Control
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Pros & Cons_-

Gragas' Pros

- Extraordinary farmer.
- Good at keeping melees from CS.
- Good at chasing / espcaping.
- Can have huge impact on games.

Gragas' Cons

- Barrel's can be avoided.
- His ultimate might not allways help your team.
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Rune Choice_-

This mark is basically the standard choice for any champion using AP scaled abilities. Let me refer you to this amazingly helpfull thread by Searz.

Greater seal of replenishment This will help you at staying in lane longer, in the early game laning phase. I will elaborate on this later.

I chose the glyph because it is the only primary rune i find helpfull for this specific build. If you dont know what Primary and Secondary runes mean, let me again refer you to another very helpfull thread, once again, created by Searz.

It is a nice boost to your AP in early game, i chose the because of personal preferences. Fell free to use it or change for whatever your find more helpfull.
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Item choice and Playstyle_-

As for items goes, i find this sequence and item build quite usefull.

Simply start out with a and head out for your solo-lane or your duo-lane. Put a skillpoint into your Q and start out with harrasing your opponent with it.

Try placing it so that you hit as many minions and still hitting the enemy, place it slighty behind your opponent if you got the range.

Continue farming until you reach 1950g. It should not be a problem, mana wise, if u remember to use your W everytime it is off CD. If youre getting killed, grap a pair of and some . When you hit that 1950g, Blue pill back to base and get your and the , assuming you are not dead yet. The reason im rushing the is that it will really help you farm faster and make your Q do nice damage. Farming will grant u faster items and make u extremly powerfull.

After getting your teleport to your lane and start farming while still harrasing your opponent, at this point, if not earlier, you will have to get some sight ward for yourself, this will help your detect incomming ganks on you. Try to place your wards around those spots.

Finish your . At this point u will have to make a decesion. Will you have to farm further? Depending on how many kills you got so far, and how long you are into the game. If you see that your teammate's are starting to group up and push something, or whatever it might be ( you will most likely have talked about this), you should go and accompany your teammates.

If you have done a good job farming and not died yet, you do a **** load of damage and your ultimate will be very helpfull in initiating or ending teamfights, as it does a ton of damage and can make it 5v1 or 5v2. Keep in mind that some teams might go straight at your team to help the person getting trapped inside your team.

After the laning phase you are gonna finish the item sequence. You might be saying to yourself right now "Ey, that idiot has only chosen 5 items for me, is he an idiot or something?" and the answer is no, atleast if you ask me! ^^) If you even get this far into a game, a situational item will be the right thing to do. With and you will not be squishy at all. Depending on the opposing team, you might want to get even a , or .

I'm not gonna explain the reason why i chose these items in depth. It is more of a personal preference. Fell free to take any other items or sequences than this one particaly. This is what fits for me, and im only wanting to share it with you. If you have just the slightest of brain, you will be able to figure out why i chose these specific items.

Still, when it comes to , i chose this because it really helps with getting those towers down, and doing some nice damage to enemies if you come into melee range.
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Summoner Spells_-

This has been very hard for me to decide which i wanted to go with, so i will let you decide. But i will give you some hints on what to bring. Yes, once again, im really that nice ^^).

What i think is usefull!

Teleport is almost a must for any top-lane soloers. It will help you get fast to your lane after pilling to base, so you can ensure yourself that experience and gold, that will help your win the game.

This is quite nice, as it will grant your some movement speed, which will help your chase or escape. It can also be usefull when fighting, helping you to move in and out of bushes to get away from enemies focus, or just giving that extra movement speed which you might want.

I bring Cleanse when im against a heavy CC team. It will really save your *** in the most dramatic times of the game. You will love this spell.

What you could bring!

Flash, really. I do not find this as OP on gragas, as it is on almost any other champion. You have your E, which does the same as flash, and does a nice load of damage. You can use your E to go trough walls, just as you can with flash.

Ignite, it will ensure that kill, but most likely other players on your team will be picking this. If NOT fell free to take it, if you would like so.

Exhaust, it is a quite nice summoner spell, i just dont find it handy on gragas. Same goes for Exhaust, take it if you fell for it.

The rest of the summoner spells, should not be used on gragas!
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The end_-

Thanks for reading my guide

I hope you liked it, as much as i liked writing it.

I'd like to thank:
Searz for making the threads i've stoled.

Niti0n for helping me ingame with the screenshots.

My mom and dad for... u know the rest, bah.

Peace out dawgs!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ulzimate
Ulzimate Gragas Guide
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Gragas - I'm fed already...hick

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