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Gragas Build Guide by Axyla

Jungle Gragas in depth jungle guide (patch 9.16)

Jungle Gragas in depth jungle guide (patch 9.16)

Updated on August 13, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Axyla Build Guide By Axyla 3,941 Views 0 Comments
3,941 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Axyla Gragas Build Guide By Axyla Updated on August 13, 2019
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Champion Build Guide

Gragas in depth jungle guide (patch 9.16)

By Axyla
Early game
95% of the games start Red Buff.
Save smite for Blue buff and Gromp!

Follow up by taking Raptor camp > Wolfs > Blue buff > Gromp > Crab.

Then you can gank if possible, take enemy Crugs camp, or go for the other crab...


Kite jungle camps. Do not just stand there letting it hit you!
1st Raptor clear: Attack each little raptor once with red buff, finish them off with 2 W and 1 Q. Then finish the big one.
Same for Wolfs.

Ganking enemy that is in the middle of the lane and in the middle of his minions is not doable without a flash, since you can land an E.
General champ mechanics
1. Play around Sheen's cooldown.
2. Keep up experience grind, you scale up greatly.
3. Use E > Flash combo, sometimes other way around.
4. Use E to cancel stuff like Lee's Q.
5. Your W doesn't deal as much damage, it is sheen proc.
6. Usually don't go in after u miss E, huge damage loss.
7. A lot of your damage is Aoe dmg. Late game with Hunting Guise (half of Liandry's Torment) you can 90% to 0 adcs and mages with no hp/mr
8. Play around cooldowns. Kite if needed, stick to target if needed.
Example fights:
1. Against Nasus: E>W>Q, Q pop as late as you can. Wait for cooldowns then redo.
2. Against Master Yi: He uses Q on only you, you can press E and knock him by the time he comes back on top of you. You can time it a bit later if he Qs on multiple targets. (You can't win alone against them late game)
Enemies and team play
As for Treats section. No champ is a real treat to you that you got no counter play to. Some champs are harder then others to play against because you have to time your spells accordingly to theirs (example Thresh).
As for champs that go well together, anything that has a decent follow up (slow, stun, damage, dash, etc.)
Playing with team is important! What champs they play? - Doesn't matter.

As for ganking tips: Always expect worst situation possible for you, your teammate missng everything, if it still looks good, gank, if not well, decide for yourself.
Counter ganking is a way to victory.
I don't feel like promoting myself so no pointless information about me since no one cares tbh. Here is a guide for you, got a bit bored of watching people play my boy wrong. Maybe it is a good thing. We don't want high win rate because we might get nerf that way, they really are lazy at balancing, only watching numbers... Off i go, play some more Classic WoW. Farewell.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Axyla
Axyla Gragas Guide
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Gragas in depth jungle guide (patch 9.16)

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