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Bard Build Guide by HachchickeN

Support HachchickeN's CARRY Bard guide - [4.0+ Mil points]

Support HachchickeN's CARRY Bard guide - [4.0+ Mil points]

Updated on February 27, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author HachchickeN Build Guide By HachchickeN 44 8 144,284 Views 9 Comments
44 8 144,284 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author HachchickeN Bard Build Guide By HachchickeN Updated on February 27, 2024
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Runes: [BEST] vs Enchuanter

1 2
Fleet Footwork
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand


+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+65 Base Health


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

HachchickeN's CARRY Bard guide - [4.0+ Mil points]

By HachchickeN
About Hachchicken

HachchickeN Challenger EUW

What's up!

Before anything is said, i just want to say i play league for fun and damage. I hit Challenger s11 playing Moonstone bard ONLY (sometimes moonstone brand 44% winrate). I legit got flamed every game i didn't hard carry.

I play aggressive, live on the edge and that is what makes league fun. Playing like a passive noob won't give you any knowledge of what your champ is capable of. I love lane management and laning. Cheater recalls, timing junglers pathing to make them waste as much time as possible.

There is so much I wanna say about laning as bard, which is one of the strongest in the game IMO. People saying something else are cringe losers with imposter mental.

My name is Hachi, or HachchickeN, and I played league since S2 ich. i played a lot of different roles and support was one of the few I never really enjoyed, until I started playing Bard. As soon as i tried Bard i were stuck ^^. Now it's basically the only champ I play in ranked. He is so much fun, the potential is huge. Tempered Fate is a gamechanger and Magical Journey can juke a lot of spells in the game. The minigame of collecting Traveler's Call and you can always play for lane OR roam.

I use a lot of different runes and builds, it really depends what champions you are up versus. It's impossible to determine unless you have the specific scenario, but I will try my best in this guide. Runes are extremly important, and you need to know what you wanna do in the game in the lobby and then play accordingly to what runes you picked.

Fleet Footwork, Locket

Locket of the Iron Solari is the best item on Bard atm, sadly. It's pretty boring, gives your team an OP armor Mr buff. Combined with the active it's a solid item
Warning though, Anathema's Chains is not good if enemy has liandrys or blade of the ruined king. Then I would skip this item and go null magic mantle -> knights voul -> negatron cloak. can finish negatron whenever you need to.



Precision Sorcery
Attackspeed Armor Magic resist
Fleet Footwork, Locket vs Tanks
Locket of the Iron Solari is the best item on Bard atm, sadly. It's pretty boring, gives your team an OP armor Mr buff. Combined with the active it's a solid item

Warning though, Anathema's Chains is not good if enemy has liandrys



Precision Resolve
Attackspeed Armor Magic resist
Fleet footwork, Night Harvester
Bard AP is now actually PLAYABLE.

The idea with Night Harvester is to burst enemies and snowball your lead. You have an insane burst to kill your opponent. This works vs enchaunters. Kind of a troll build but i run it in Master 18/8 2022 333 LP so can't be that bad ^^. Rushing Hextech Alternator is extremly important.



Precision Sorcery
Attackspeed Armor Magic resist
Bard's Passive: Travelers call
Travelers call is Bards passive. Collecting chimes gives your chimes special power.

Here are my best tips and tricks i use every game:

  • Make sure to pick up minimum two chimes before reaching lane.
  • Make sure to pick up the first five ASAP (they slow)
  • Make sure to pick up the first ten ASAP (second meep)
  • Make sure to pick up the thirty chime ASAP (third meep)
  • Make sure to pick up the fifty chime ASAP (fourth meep)
  • The first spawn is very close to you. Be smart where you stand
  • Gives two Echoes of Helia stacks
This is how Bard passive works

Bard passive starts with 35 damage at 0 chimes, and gains +14 damage every 5 chimes.
  • Bard gains a slow upgrade at:
Chimes 5 25 45 60 75 85

  • Bard gains an AoE on Chimes at 15 chimes. This AoE increases at 35 chimes.
  • Bard gains a lower Meep CD at:
Chimes 0 20 40 55 70
Meep CD

  • Bard gains another Meep at:
Chimes 0 10 30 50 65 80 90 95 100

Bard's Q: Cosmic Binding
Bards Q has insane base damage. Hitting two things stuns both.

Here are my best tips and tricks i use every game:

  • You can hit a lane minion and stun an enemy to her***
  • With enough ability haste you can stun -> ult - > stun
  • Auto - > Q or Q - > auto comsumes all spelltheif stacks
  • Can level one point level 3 if needed

Bard's W: Caretakers shrine
High mana cost and low healing. This is only good for applying the healing

Here are my best tips and tricks i use every game:

  • Caretakers shrine procs Echoes of Helia!!
  • Can stack W on top of each other (left orienter spawn on terrain)

Bard's E: magical journey
Can juke a lot of stun with this ability.

Here are my best tips and tricks i use every game:

  • Stand near to a wall vs a leona, if she jumps, just portal out
  • Can juke all almost all stuns in the game
  • If you get hit by a knockup the second you enter the portal, you fly
  • Gap distance with portal, auto for slow, then use R

Bard's R: Tempered fate
One of the most versatile abilities in the game. Use carefully

Here are my best tips and tricks i use every game:

  • Use your ult for engage.
  • Ult enemy adc in fights for zoning
  • Q - > R - > Q
  • Ult your allies (use carefully)
  • If enemy team does baron, ult enemy jungler and not baron
  • Bards R procs Hextech alternator and Night harvester!
Spellthief's Edge: Is the obvious start, Bard autos proc two of these so it's just natural to start this.
. .
Refillable Potion: Refillable is very good for laning phase, try to get +60g lvl 1, then recall and buy refillable. If i fail to get +60g lvl 1, i wouldnt bother buying HP pots.
. .
Ionian Boots of Lucidity: This boots are very cost efficiant and I would go them if i could. Also the flash cooldown haste is very neat. The only problem is that swiftness boots are very good. The +15ms is way more important than you think.
. .
Boots of Swiftness
Boots of Swiftness: Is my favoutite boot pair, since it gives a lot of movement speed. One may say mobility boots give more, but if you take damage, the movement speed is removed, so you can't play teamfights.
. .
Plated Steelcaps: Good boot vs full ad comp, or if enemies has 3 adc comp or something
. .
Mercury's Treads: Used vs heavy CC comps. Just remember tenacity does not work vs knock ups, so don't buy them vs knock up comps( malp yasuo combo for example)
. .
Knight's Vow: An item that has very good stats, for a low cost. This means that you get the upgrade for the mythic passive as well. It's a solid item. Make sure to have an ally connected, and during a teamfight, you can swap to another one. Remember that the allies heal you, and you take damage from the ally. So if you are low on health, put it on someone that will do damage, and if you are healthy, put it on someone that will absorb damage.
. .
Locket of the Iron Solari: Turbo busted item on Bard. Cost efficient, good active, cheap item cost, the mythic passive of giving 2 armor/mr too allies is way more broken than you think. Make sure to buy cheaper items, to get more mythic passives. This is why i get mejais sometimes (cheapest legendary item in the game)
. .
Night Harvester: Upon item completion, this is the best powerspike in the game for bard. It's a snowbally item, which you can go to stomp games. Let's say you are smurfing or have a bad teamcomp and need to finish the game on a timer, this is a viable option. You need some specific items after this tho, like swiftness and dead mans are good. Because you need to MS to get good angles.
. .
Redemption: OONe of my least favourite items that i build. It's cheap, but has the worst cost efficiency. It's 2300g for 250 health, terrible. I only build this vs Karthus, basically(just sometimes).
. .
Zhonya's Hourglass
Zhonya's Hourglass: This is a solid item for Bard because it has insane synergy with your ult. You ult on top of u with enemies arouond, and you zhonyas instantly. This means you get out of statis almost 1s before the enemies, and you can simple just stun them and carry. 3000g is a bit too much to pay for this, but still worth listing here.
. .
Thornmail: As of lately, I buy this more and more. It's the most cost efficient armor item, and the passive deals way more damage than i initially thought. Contestant for this spot is Randuins omen, but the passive of randuins is so lack laster. Even if i play vs 3 crit champion i block 500 damage throughout a full game. Thornmail normally does 2-3k damage or healing reduction, and brings more stats.
. .
Anathema's Chains: Very good item to build after mythic. Cost efficient, good active etc. Problem is, going this second, mean you are heavily invested in health. If enemy team has just one liandrys or blade, this is illegal to build. However, if they don't, it's very broken. So press tab, check champs/items and build it or vice versa. GG
. .
Abyssal Mask: It's a cheap item, 2400g which is cost efficient. I don't like the passive on bard, because you are normally not so close to enemies but. It has some value. I buy this occasionally.
. .
Aegis of the Legion: The most cost efficient tank item. It's beyond broken. I sometimes build two of those. It's very spike reliant, but if i need to get tanky and have 1200g, i buy it (depending on inventory space). Buyt it wioth caution because it does only build into gargoyle, which isnt super good.
. .
Gargoyle Stoneplate: Since aegis is broken, this naturally comes into the build path. Coomplete this like 3-4 item just because you have to kinda.
. .
Dark Seal: The most cost efficient AP item in the game. It's broken, build it almost every game. Even bard doesnt have the best ap scaling, it's still fkin good.
. .
Mejai's Soulstealer: This item comes naturally since you have dark seal. Completing this item when hitting 8 or more stacks is good, preferable 10
. .
Dead Man's Plate: This iteam suits bard. Tanky stats and movementspeed AND DAMAGE. Problem thought, expensive and cost ineffective. So you can buy it if ahead, or you need MS to juke enemy abilities.
. .
Banshee's Veil: I buy this when ahead, and if the shield will block important spells. Lets say enemy team has, malp, zac, rell, varus and anivia. Then the spellshield is broken right, because you will block important spells every time. But if enemy has a reksai, i would not buy it. It's rarely a good buy, but keep enemy team comp in mind, sometimes it's a game for banshees.
. .
Force of Nature: I like this item, all the stats bard needs. It's an item i would want for a lategame bard build with unlimited gold. It's hard to fit this into the build because it's expensive but. whenever i can ill do it. Let's say enemy APs are fed, ill buy it.
. .
Oblivion Orb
Oblivion Orb: This item gives only AP as a stat, which is garbage. But, it also gives healing reduction, which sometimes is broken. Buy thius,and NEVER upgrade it (unless you are full items slots and "have to" because you are Jeff Bezoz brother.
Last words
  • Don't build mobies on Bard, it's bard in teamfights. Bard is so good in teamfights, and mobies is not :)

  • Secret power spike of bard is 10 chimes, collect 10 ma dudes.

  • Use you tunnel to avoid CC, like vs leona and other facerole champions.

  • Rengar can't jump on you nor your AD if you are close to a wall cuz you just portal away.

  • Hextech alternator is my favoutite Bard item after lucidity boots.

  • Crit Bard is the best for Urf. Althought Bard is **** on URF, only played for the trolls and perma portal back and fourth stuff.

  • If you don't top dps as Bard occasionally, you are doing something wrong.

  • Bard can be played top and mid up until master elo, combined with a above average IQ, mid bard is actually really good.

  • Hextech drake is the best dragon

  • FF angles doesn't exist, FF is for loser.

  • If you are intrested in 3D printed PM me (:

  • You can stack bard W on top of each other using walls.

  • I wish moonstone Bard comes back, miss it :(

  • Poypoy Best samira

  • Emdiel is the best MF player

  • Life is to short to pick other champs than bard.

  • Bard banners are giga cringe with perma deflated view of life, low surface area brains (flat brainers). If they lean more they will for sure fall of the surface of the world.

  • Urf is underrated gamemode

  • The more words frozen uses the less it makes sense (:

  • Bring back Bilgewater Bridge as an option for arams. I hate snow, and the snowmap makes aram so ****ty. Bilgewater bridge is so ****ing good and i miss it.

  • If you read so far, thanks. I really do think you should enjoy life, cuz why not (:
    Add me on league to say "Hi qoou" which i will respend "no u" qoou is upside down noob btw :()
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League of Legends Build Guide Author HachchickeN
HachchickeN Bard Guide
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HachchickeN's CARRY Bard guide - [4.0+ Mil points]

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