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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Aatrox Build Guide by quietshift

AD Carry Health Pack Aatrox

AD Carry Health Pack Aatrox

Updated on July 26, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author quietshift Build Guide By quietshift 18,701 Views 5 Comments
18,701 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author quietshift Aatrox Build Guide By quietshift Updated on July 26, 2014
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Greetings fellow summoners, I'm quietshift. My top two characters are Aatrox and Xerath. I am not currently ranked, nor level 30 but rather 28 (So I'm at the point where I should start making guides for you guys). This is also my first guide so sorry if it sucks. This build helps me in many ways and I'm sharing it with you.
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Pros / Cons

    -Good Health Sustain
    -Classic Skin Looks good
    -Can be a tank with Life Steal
    -Good range with ult
    -Can clear Dragon/Baron solo with build
    -ult is very effective in team fights and destroying turrets... fast
    -Stuns, Slows, Snares, "hooks" can and will mostly lead to death
    -Can be tricky to land Dark Flight to cause the knock-up
    -Not always best for solo team-fights but can be
    -If a combo or certain key moves fail, you will face a long(ish) wait time
    -ult is not good in every scenario
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For Masteries, I take 21, 7, 1.

I take 21 here, focusing on mostly attack damage as well as things with health to maximize as little to as much attack we should put on an Aatrox.

I take 7 here, to get some protection from attackers for early on and can help later in game.

I take the increased range on trinket placement so that if enemies are in the area, you can escape if needed or be more protective if in mid lane.
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These items are for sure what makes everything into almost a complete health pack. In case you were wondering, this build gives you 65% life steal. This can make an almost dead Aatrox back to full health upon attacking wights or wolves. Also if you forgot, Aatrox's Blood Well also gives attack speed the fuller it is. I believe that the final full blood well attack speed with this build is closer to 50 attack speed so those camps are a free health pack.

Blade of the Ruined King
    -This Item is capable of bringing you life steal, attack damage, as well as movement steal. This item can become very helpful in getting someone low on health or finishing someone, or even catching up for a group kill.
The Bloodthirster
    -This item is your main life steal. If can give you enough life steal with the blade of the ruined king to be able to kill the dragon solo in early game. For me this item is basically Aatrox's Blood Thirst.
Ravenous Hydra
    -This is a very good item for quick killing camps to get your health because it does area damage. Great item in close combat team fights mainly because it can hit in an area and give you life from all around and not just your target.
Spirit Visage
    -This is a great defensive item for Aatrox because of it's health regen. I use this when facing AP or mixed so I can regenerate fast.
-I get Thornmail when facing AD so I can be a troll!!! :D

Infinity Edge
    -This item is a great AD boost because it gives a lot of damage and increases your critical stuff. This item is a must get to get Baron. At full build with this, you can be the biggist troll for the enemy team by taking the Baron solo for the team. The item also comes in handy in this situation because they would never look at baron if your the only left (unless warded so always check for wards when taking baron solo.
The Last Whisper
    -This item is also what makes you powerful with this build. It gives you the 35% armor reduction which is great when taking out towers and jungle creatures.
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Skill Sequence

For my skill sequence, I focus on getting Blood Thirst/Blood Price maxed first following that is Blades of Torment, then Dark Flight (of course Massacre gets leveled up when available).

Q-Dark Flight
    I finish my build with dark flight because I use it mainly for escaped like hoping walls or catching up to finish kills or start them.
W-Blood Thirst/Blood Price
    I start and max this fist because it is life steal as well as extra damage as a passive and who doesn't want that stuff first? I usually will switch to the Blood Thirst when I have the life steal for it. I switch in later game to Blood Thirst again to make sure I live in group fights, last thing you want to do is help the enemy by committing suicide for your team.
E-Blades of Torment
    I max this second because it is a good poke, yet also slows enemies that this hits. I use this to start a fight by using this then leaping to them with Dark Flight because I know I can get them and knock them up and from there is up to you.
    This is a great ult for this game because it not only does initial damage, but also gives additional attack range and speed. This comes in handy during close calls because you could unleash this and win your fight.
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I take the traditional Flash and Ignite for the same reasons you'll see on other builds but I will still tell why.

-Save your butt or catch up to get a kill.

-Secure a kill
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Unique Skills

-In team fights, don't be afraid to get your hands a little bloody, you have a lot of life steal and can preform lots of damage to surrounding areas.
-If you are not sure if you can take dragon or baron alone, find someone to help. You do not need the whole team when killing dragon or baron (baron you might want two in case something bad happens like the enemy team appears). Also when going for these camps, make sure you have a good escape, I would not recommend coming out from where you came so I usually hop the walls into a bush and immediately retreat for safety and to make sure you don't die.
-If facing Karthus and is using health when you are low on health and in jungle, just clear a camp, by the time the ult happens, you'll have enough health to survive. Even if low on health, just clear one camp and you'll be fine, camps come every 50 seconds so you don't have to be stressed and think which camp to clear.
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To conclude, thank you for reading this. I hope it helps. I plan to update this build and add more when I find a new build works in most pvp. I hope you have fun with your "health packs" and troll with the enemy with counter jungling because you can use those as another health pack and reappear with full health. Thanks again.
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