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Braum Build Guide by h0pefulangel

Tank Heart of the Jungle

Tank Heart of the Jungle

Updated on June 20, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author h0pefulangel Build Guide By h0pefulangel 4,334 Views 2 Comments
4,334 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author h0pefulangel Braum Build Guide By h0pefulangel Updated on June 20, 2014
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I've changed build a bit, i've been experimenting with rushing wriggles boots Bork early game and relying on natural tankyness for survival and it is quite awesome, then you build into tank 10-11 onward
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Introduction - your job - your goal

welcome to my braum jungle my 3nd moba guid ever and only becuase i'm here to tell you how awesome braum jungle is and VIABLE

let's start your job is similar to malphite but with greater single target pick your goal is to become tanky enough to soak teamfights for your team but also have enough base damage to outdule-kill carrys
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why pick Braum? what does he offer over other junglers?

well i'd love to tell you he wrecks early or late but honestly he's a bit underwelming at all stages of the game HOWEVER he does offer a lot of CC and protection for either protect comps or Aoe + single target dusruption for teamfights

TLDR he brings an aoe knockup aoe slow to teamfights (think malphite ult with rumble slowing field) and also single target stunn/lockdown works wonderful in peel poke aoe or assasin comps
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good CC

good base damages

naturally tanky

scales into late game full tank

can use all his abilities defensively (like nocturn)
to peel for himself and escape the most grim situations
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can't really dule anyone with lifesteal/spellvamp

relies on team heavily (without follow up you're a sitting duck)

first clear sucks

slow wind up
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your goal here is basicly make the first clear as easy as possible and sense AD is meh and magic/hybrid pen doesnt work on camps we go attack speed which also helps us proc our passive on champions and apply red buff!

you can also opt for move speed for better ganks just be aware of how squish you are
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offense doesn't really suit Braum so we add AS and sustain for first clear in offense also will help against champions so it's not a big investment 21 in defense so you are a manly meatshield and 3 in utility so you can gap close a bit better and stick onto people
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Skill Sequence

you max Q because it's your only damage and the lower cooldown with some CDR items gives you godlike chasing think mundo clever

max E second for increase duration on your butt saving ability

and W is 1 point wonder as it lets you gap close escape and decent armor/magic resist buff with just 1 point
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Creeping / Jungling tips +should you farm FF or gank a lot!?

Braum is a bit odd in both so you're more of a safe pick jungler you excel at counter ganks and keeping already winning lanes afloat and your presence is mild until you hit 6 unless your laner already can start up kill them in which case you hold them your laner punchs ;)

so try to just watch the lanes and jump in only if opportunity presents itself

as for jungle itself try to just quickly clear small camps with smite up to get your FF by 20 so min and buffs whenever possible

avoid golems and white first few clears
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with items we want a good mix of damage and sense we cant scale we do this through items and base damages with items such as sorce shoes for all his magic abilities and sunfire for burn and gauntlet for sticking to people and it's proc while getting every possible beef tank item you can if it has health and whatever resist you need i.e armor/MR get it! health is wonderful on braum makes you tanky and gets you damage

TLDR get as much beef as possible with some beefy damage items inbetween
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why FF? why not Spirit stone line?

long story short spirit stone line is viable but becuase you only have 1 offensive spell and you spend most of the time auto attacking you really dont make use of the percentage health return or the percentage bonus damage, not only that but you really dont need the mana

that's why i feel just for the bonus damage on auto attacks (not nessesarily for FF)
wriggles is a better item for Braum it makes his auto's actually hurt and he feels like a real jungler with a real clear and it gives him a nice ooomph late game if he can farm it into FF
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Team Work

you're goal in a teamfight is quite unique as well you dont have the damage to jump on carries and blow them up but you dont really have enough peel so you kind of sit in the middle of the two teams punching out Q on priority targets while shielding soaking and peeling at the same time

think full tank ezreal you stay in between the teams and pump out Qs tanking and damaging and disrupting as many people as possible with your ult and passive
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Braum is a slow jungler who is reliable and defensive even if he gets behind he will always have his utility and natural tankyness and can have game changing ult and passive in teamfights he works well with any coordinated team and is a safe pick for a disruptor tank think natalis or malphite, you peel while also ccing key targets, and would be picked for your ult or CC or if you need a true tank

thanks for reading i know this is full of spelling errors and such as it is my 2nd moba guide in a long long time i would appreciate feedback and ask me any questions you want!

working on support braum guide as well sense i main Jungle/supp
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