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Hecarim General Guide by thebeastkiller1

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League of Legends Build Guide Author thebeastkiller1

Hecarim Jungle movement speed based

thebeastkiller1 Last updated on March 4, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This guide is pretty variable because games will be different. Some games you may have 3 other tanks on your team and you may go damage. Or the opposite. Or maybe you are just screwing with your friends, try out full movement speed. You really just need to look at the game and this guide and say "what do I need to make me better and enemies worse?"

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Tri-Force or Gauntlets?

Almost every hecarim makes this choice at one point in the game. Each game you will probably get one based on the game, BUT NEVER GET BOTH.

Tri-Force-Good for movement speed builds (zeal in it) and damage. It is also one of the most versatile items in LoL.

Gauntlets-More tank based, you may want your teams opinion. obviously though since its all armor and no MR don't get it against a have AP team.

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Spells are really a preference. You carry smite as a jungler obviously, but then your other spells are commonly flash,ghost,exhaust, and rarely revive. You decide, but ill give you my opinion.

Flash-This game would be wayy different without flash. You know its power.

Ghost-Not actually a bad choice. Ghost can be used to secure kills during ganks with that speed, to run or chase. But because of Hecarim's passive activating it in a teamfight actually gives you some AD for the fight, but of course you may need it for a better time later.

Exhaust-This has a different use than ghost. Ghost gives you a longer speed boost only for yourself, but exhaust slows the enemy, so everyone on your team can get closer. However, ghost doesn't have a range obviously but exhaust requires a certain distance. It also doesn't provide damage for a fight, but it has good uses.

Revive-This is where Hecarim can get crazy, and its surprisingly a decent choice. say you get caught and are killed. The enemy team pushes your second middle tower. Use your revive, add homeguard and your other move speed items and you may get o the tower in 2 seconds and you can initiate a suprise fight. Also if you e at the pool you will do pretty good damage if you jump on someone at that tower. But other than things like that, its useless with its long cd.

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Trinket depends. never get the blue one, but ill give you my opinion on the others

Ward-This trinket gives vision, obviously. If you know you have an enemy counter-jungler, put this by one buff. When that enemy comes by, make a play with your lanes to kill him. If you do kill him, maybe you can take one of his buffs. Also you can ward dragon which is useful. Or you can ward a lane and let that laner use their trinket for another useful place.

Sweeper-Whether or not you start with the ward totem always end with this one. Your support should have sightstone and ward what needs to be, so you should be sure you can eliminate enemy wards, especially late game around baron. But other uses are for un-warding bushes before ganks and un-warding dragon or shrooms, etc.


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