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Hecarim Build Guide by Theboss123

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Theboss123

Hecarim: Jungle vs Lane

Theboss123 Last updated on April 23, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction to Hecarim

belongs in the jungle:
- He has no HARD CC (nothing that will hit and disable with 99% accuracy, like Taric's )
- his does provide a small amount of sustainability, but nothing on par with Lee or GP. Not only that, his mana pool/regen isnt great, you'll be oom (out of mana) by lvl 3 and have pushed your lane way too much.

His strengths are in his ungodly speed/chase ability, and aoe abilities. those are great characteristics for a ganker, not someone stuck in a lane.

This build Focus' on his mobility and his burst potential for quick and efficient ganks.

Note: Building tanky is useful only for late game team fights. early/mid game, you can run away from almost everything; your job is to gank low HP lanes/junglers. not sustained 1v1 fights)

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For me, the idea of runes is to help your early game as much as possible. His early game, even in the jungle isn't remarkable. Ive tested several different combinations and found that arm pen helps the most.

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An odd combination, i know. As i said, I focus on his mobility and burst potential. the 9 in offense is standard, 9 in defense for , and help for early jungling. 12 points in utility gets you the , some mana regen and the neutral buff .
These runes/masteries are aimed at helping your early game. the faster you clear your jungle (with high HP/MANA) the better you can gank.

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To start jungleing:

Ive tried the . the added dmg bonus from your passive, is almost irrelevant. The movement speed provided does not compensate for the time wasted recalling back to your base because your HP is too low.
lets you clear your entire jungle with high/almost full HP/MP ready to gank lanes.

Please note, i've been experimenting (since hes new...) as to which item is best to start your
As with many things in league of legend, items are situational. (with the possible exception of
If your doing poorly perhaps the HP, slow chance, and dmg of might be a good idea.
if your doing great, and what i personally use, gives you AS (attack speed), AD (attack damage: physical damage) and movement speed for cheap.
is also a good option as it would boost your dmg up as well.
The reason i go with is because the movement speed helps in ganks/chase/escape and the AS helps clear jungles faster.

As for boots, people swear by , and sure i would use if i was up against 3 AA (auto attackers). BUT for heracim i would choose for him because it adds just a tiny bit more AD as well as movement speed. Go with your feeling here, the bonus is almost negligible.

After the if the game isn't over. . . i'm not sure. as of yet, no game has past the . I suppose i would go for a
to ensure targets couldnt get away... but then thats rarely happen... and at the late-game stage even if a couple enemies got away, its probably cause they just lost a team fight.
the tanky and would be a good choice, but the chances of being: A. that fed, or B. the game lasting that long are slim to nil.
I would probably spring for a snazzy . Most of the game's dmg comes in the form of AP (ability power). ALL of the games CC abilities will be defended by the veil's shield. a great purchase.
I've seen alot of people with . I feel like the BT is for champions that will be doing some sustained fighting.
, and will cost a fortune. Most games wont go on that long. and if it does go past that point, you will be doing alot of dmg. I feel like Crits are over powered, you should be hitting hard and reasonable fast.
*** with this build im not saying you should try to 1v1 everyone. Go up against a you will lose. try it. she'll kill you almost everytime. Even with a BT, it might be close, but she would win.

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Skill Sequence

I tested the abilities, will give you a faster jungle clearing as well as a higher dmg output. It should be maxed first.
should be maxed second. HELPS sustain, and gives good dmg as well. maxed second.
has poor dmg rates. The best benefit of leveling it is it's cooldown. max last.
** Note: will stop channeled ults like
onslaught of the shadows should be taken whenever possible if only for the cooldown reduction. The damage isnt great, but the utility is just amazing. It does, however require some skill.

can be used:
- to escape so many situations. it'd distance will make you go through almost every (if not all) walls in LoL.
- as an initiate for a gank. it covers great distances, and fears the enemy if they are close to the SIDE of the ability. ** Try to use your ultimate as a last resort. while it is a great initiate, the longer cooldown and universitality of the ability should be kept as a trump. for example, i would use it if the gankee is getting away; they have just 150 hp left, but made it to the safety to their tower. You ultimate right next to them, killing them, and run away to safety.
- works wonders in team fights. its better then a stun, the fear'd ppl move AWAY from you. it separates the team for a short moment.

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Jungleing Route

1. Blue: Ask for a leash, spam and use .
** try to last hit with so that when you get to wolves, the rampage buff hasn't expired.
***my trick: After killing blue i reach lvl 2 and get . as soon as i kill Blue, i make my way NEAR blue and use to agro them asap (as soon as possible). half a second later (perhaps BEFORE i see them) i use ravage because they they get in range.
2. Wolves
3. wraiths: start with as these jungle mobs will give you the most HP per cast.
4. Small Golems (near your bottom lane)
5. should now be up, go for red.

Because your job is to HELP your lanes, clearing your jungle is secondary to ganking.

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How to gank

Its not rocket science, its a matter of reading a situation correctly.
Its nice to have the Red buff, for the slow. Ghost helps as well, added AD and movement speed for initiate to catch them by surprise. Your ultimate is great as a deal-closer. But all of that is not necessary. ghost is better saved for an escape or crossing large distances faster. You dont NEED Red if you execute your gank well. And as for your ultimate, go for it, use it whenever you need it, but for heaven's sake, dont use it to INITIATE a gank. Use it to close the deal if the guy flashed away or something. that said, here's a general way to start a gank:

open with you want to do the most dmg possible, but the knock back and speed is what we really want from this ability, so start the charge reasonable close to the target. As said in the spotlight, the idea would be to knock the target BACK towards your friendly laner. or at the very least away from his escape route.
Pop as soon as you get close enough to your target.
AA and till hes dead.
Is he gonna get away? he's now under his turret? not a problem (unless your a low health) we have your ultimate. Use it to charge in, fearing him, killing him. and walk out.