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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author zeldaguy0

Heim-Ring Around the Turrets

zeldaguy0 Last updated on April 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to Heimerdinger, Ring Around the Turrets.

Heimerdinger is one of the most fun characters in the game. You get to lay down turrets, shoot rockets and grenades, and you get to hear SCIENCE JOKES!


ALSO, before you downvote, realize that this is a build in the making and I would LOVE some criticism to help build it even better.

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Pros / Cons


Dangerously high damage output
Built in slow, blind, stun, AND damage burst
Can gain experience while away from lane
Great ganking ability (Stun and slow)
Great farming ability (usually over 200 minion kills)
Decent get-away combo
Amazing voice


You will be focused after they see your damage output
Kinda slow

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Summoner Spells

My Top Choices

Ever worried about getting out of a situation? Here's your cure. Whether you're getting ganked in a land with no hope of your turrets winning or being chased in the jungle, flash is the spell for you.

This spell I find is extremely good for Heim because of his farming capabilities. When everyone's grouping up and ganking, but your tower's being pushed by a back door, Heim can teleport, lay down a turret, throw a grenade, and then save the day.

Heim is also able to teleport to his turrets so if you're wanting to gank but are almost out of mana, lay a turret in a bush, b, then tele back to the turret and destroy!!!

Just As Good

Although many people say to leave this to support mages, I say Heim needs it (especially when laning mid). Your job is to lane and harass like crazy so you use your grenade a lot and every time your turret dies you need to put down another one (for over 100 mana). Until you get both turrets so you can go get mana buff, you're kinda always low on mana (even with Tear of the Goddess).

I haven't tried this spell out yet but I can definitely see it work. Opponent overextends past your turrets, realizes he went to far, pop exhaust + ulti = "You have slain an enemy". Those little turrets do wonders. :3

If you know how to use it, it can save you from certain death and help with team ganks.

MEH! I don't personally like this spell, but I know there are people who can make it work. If you must, it's not a terrible spell. (Flash is much better :3)

Honestly, I don't like this spell with Heim. If you are getting CC'd you're already dead by the time you're stunned. You should stay in the back avoiding CC attacks. I'm not going to say it's a terrible spell, but I personally wouldn't use it with Heimerdinger.

Don't Even Think About It


You aren't jungling.

Leave this to an AD champion.

Leave this to a tank champion. (Or someone with tanky masteries)

I don't think this is the best spell for Heimerdinger because you should never be in a good range to actually cast it. Your grenade and rockets have good range and your turrets usually scare people off. I say not the spell for him.

You shouldn't be taking much, if any damage. You should be sitting in the back spamming rockets and grenades while your turrets do the dirty work. Using heal means you're not doing your job as a ranged caster.

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x9 This is a duh for any AP char

x9 MMMMM yummy AP. With these runes, you already have 27 AP at level 18. I'm all about the damage output, especially since you're turrets reduce magic and armor resistance.


x9 I feel that AP runes for Heim are much better than the CDR because Heim already has an ability that has CDR by 20%, you should constantly be getting blue buff which has 15% (Correct me if I'm wrong) AND if you get 20 stacks of medji's soulstealer that's another 15% and the maximum CDR you can have is 40% so honestly, CDR are kind of pointless. HOWEVER, if you are new to Heim then this might be a good idea to start out if you're having a hard time stacking up Medji's.

x9 YAY mana regen!

x3 Who doesn't love extra health. Always a good choice.
x3 More AP if you you just love high damage output (WARNING!!! makes you squishier early game. Not suggested if you are new to Heim)

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The Abilities

This is a pretty awesome passive that's often overlooked. 1) You can heal your team's turrets if they take a little damage. 2) It helps keep your partner stay in the lane longer. 3) Make team fights pretty good since Heim can heal teammates while running away or trying to avoid some damage.

Heim's amazing babies :3. I love these things soooooo much. Amazing especially in team fights (they lower armor AND magic resistance AND splash damage AND slow with ulti) These little guys are what make Heim conquer. Try to keep them up for as long as possible early game because they do cost a lot of mana. These turrets also allow you to gain experience and gold while away from your lane.

Amazing, especially when running away. If you get in a sticky high speed chase, you can fire these without having to slow down, aim, AND it has reltively low cooldown. Only bad thing is they do very low damage at low levels and aren't worth much until a higher level. I put one point in them at level 4 because you can 1)help build your Tear of the Goddess faster and 2)last hit enemy who thought they could own you while you were next to your turrets.

CH-1 Concussion GrenadeThe ultimate harassment tool. This puts out a significant amount of damage while blinding or stunning if hit right. This attack is very slow and takes skill to use correctly. Learn to predict your opponents moves and scare them off while you last hit minions. This is a perfect tool in order to deny XP to your opponent.

AMAZING passive and pretty awesome ulti in general. Makes your turrets slow, gives you 5 rockets instead of 3, and speeds up your grenade. Don't be afraid to use it because it has a relatively low cooldown. This is your spell that will make your opponents say "Oh S***" because soon as your turrets start slowing them, unload your other 2 abilities and they are gone.

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As you can see I only have 5 items at the top. I choose the last item depending on the situation.


I LOVE this item soooo much. The best situation to use this is when your team has fallen behind and needs a good tower pusher. Every time you use your grenade to get rid of abilities, you'll do 100% of your AP (which is around at least 700 at this point).

Do they have lots of tanks? Use this to bring them down.

Did they stack some magic resist because they are scared of your damage output? Use this to make them cry.

Gives good AP and that stasis helps even in a 1 vs 1 situation because your turrets will continue to attack.

Lacking survivability? Use this to make your opponents cry. In a test I found out that even after you go into that dead position for a few seconds, your turrets STILL attack. Great survivability item.

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Laning Buddies/Enemys


Since Kennen uses her lightning ball to get close to you, your turrets can help bring her down if she gets too close. They pioritize champions attacking you so it's a good idea to use this to your advantage. Just be careful for the stun.

I hate laning against him with all of my might, but it is pretty good to lane against him. He has no burst damage, just learn to dodge his Lay Waste and you should be fine. Continuously use your grenade on him and bunch up your turrets so that when he does attack them that it does less damage.

Her passive is useless against you because your turrets will attack you soon as she gets close to them. Just be careful for Make it Rain because of the aoe.

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PERSONALLY I always take mid, but that's not always necessary, especially if you're new to Heim. The reason I take mid is because he is an amazing harrasser, amazing farmer, AND he can get experience when you are away from the lane (always having the advantage level wise).


When I play mid, I usually ask the closest lane to help me get blue buff (unless I have a jungler on the team) Having that blue buff allows you to constantly lay down new turrets and spam your grenade to deny experience. That said, when mid, make sure to constantly last hit minions and deny experience with your CH-1 Concussion Grenade. This is your main tool to success in a lane until your turrets reach level 5. Once you're turrets hit level 3, it's time to start pushing that tower. I usually keep both turrets just out of range of the enemy turret to hit minions and keep your opponent away, soon as the wave has cleared and your enemy has backed off a bit, lay one turret down right in front of your minions and back off. Keep your turret alive as long as possible in there by using your CH-1 Concussion Grenade to harass your opponent at his turret.

Once you reach level 9 with your red turrets, it's time to do some ganking. If your top or bottom lane has really had trouble getting pushed back, then what you do is go behind them and place 2 H-28G Evolution Turret and then go up and use your CH-1 concussion grenade to hit and blind them. They will either A) come after you or B) continue harassing the turret. 75% of the time situation A is what happens. Hopefully your teammates come follow as well. Pop your ulti, and spam abilities while running around your turrets. If you think you might die, running will ASSURE your death. While your turrets are there, they are continuously taking your opponents armor and magic resist away while they continue to attack. You're more likely to survive while staying around your turrets (unless you are outnumbered). Use your head to think about when is the best time to run or continue attacking.