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Akali Build Guide by Above All Sanity

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Above All Sanity

Hello, Name's Akali, I'll Be Your Cleanup Crew

Above All Sanity Last updated on November 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction, including Pros/Cons

Hello! This is my personal build for Akali, The Fist of Shadow. This build can be either used for the top lane solo, or mid. My build consists of mostly ap items, obviously, but with some hybrid mixed in, for a little kick.
The reason I named this build what I did is because Akali is seriously a one woman clean up crew. If your team loses a team fight, and you couldn't be there, you could just easily jump in and just CLEAN UP. That's why I love Akali. Her high burst rate is just beautiful and makes her an easy champion to get fed with.

HOWEVER. Akali is a snowball champion, if you don't know what that means,the more kills she gets, the faster she rolls into a bigger threat. That could be said for many champions but think about it, would you be more scared of a fed Akali, or a fed Soraka? No offense to Soraka, but put it that way. Anyway, being a huge snowball champion, if Akali doesn't get a lot of kills, she won't be worth anything, hate to say it. But an unfed Akali is not threatening at all.
That being said you have to be careful the first part of the game, before you get your ult. Because her ult makes or breaks her. If you don't have it and you get someone ganking you from behind, you're pretty screwed. But if you have your ult, you just have to ult to the person sneaking up on you, and do the shroud and you should be fine. Akali NEEDS kills, so never try to play Akali as a support, she won't be worth anything. And don't try jungling with her, it just won't work. Unless you start jungling at level 3. Which would be totally pointless.

With Akali, I'd stick to either top lane or mid lane. Any other lane just doesn't suit her well. She needs to be alone, so she can get the farm and the kills, to fulfill her snowballness. Also, if you absolutely have to lane with someone, then talk to them, and see if you can possibly get the kills, if they get the farm. Because although it'll be hard, it'd be easier and better for the whole team if you were to get the kills, in whichever lane you went in, rather than the farm. :)

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Runes Explanation

I've recently updated my Runes so I've updated this section as well! I took the advice of DaCookieMonsta and it worked out for the better!

My Runes now:
7 Greater Mark of Strength
2 Greater Mark of Destruction
9 Greater Seal of Vitality
9 Greater Glyph of Force
3 Greater Quintessence of Potency

With these runes, it becomes easier to use your passives more effectively! I'm so glad I found this out and I've become a much better Akali player now.
These runes are a huge recommendation! Get a whole page to just Akali, don't just have basic runes for her because she will totally nerf herself if you just have ad runes or ap runes, you need a little bit of both, because yes, she is a tough hybrid to get right. Just go with these runes and these masteries, and you'll become more confident with yourself as an Akali player! These runes truly bring out Akali's passives and really makes her shine!

Questions, comment below.

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Masteries Explanation

I've just recently updated my masteries, as well! I wanna thank, DaCookieMonsta, for helping me with my masteries! I never realized so many things went into her masteries. I'm very thankful for your help. My masteries are now 21/8/1!

""This is just some key mastery tips which could really make or break a game. I get Summoners Wrath because after you use ignite your ad will go up by 5 when ignite is on cool down. This face will give a slight boost to your damage and adds to your passive. I also take 3 points in Brute Force. The ad can also help in last-hitting. I also put 4 points into "alacrity" and place a point into "Weapon Expertise" Adjust it so there is 2 points in "blast" then finish off with 4 points in "archmage" and 1 point "Executioner."" -Quoted from DaCookieMonsta's comment. With some tense changes lol.
The next section is just from me.

I have 8 total points in defense for both, with little variations between the two different builds. I like to have the health regen in the masteries, since I don't have the health regen in my runes. It gives more livability and defense. I like the fact that you can stay in lane longer because you have more resistance and you just have more overall sustain! I also get the Summoners Insight point because then it decreases the cooldown on the Flash, because I lovee Flash! It's amazing to get in and out of places quicker and smoother, and being an assassin it helps a TON more.

Questions, comment below.

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Skill Sequence Explanation

This is my skills sequence explanation.
1: Q
2: W
3: Q
4: E
5: Q
6: R
7: Q
8: E
9: Q
10: E
11: R
12: E
13: E
14: W
15: W
16: R
17: W
18: W

You always want your Q maxed first! You'll have a better poke because of the passive with the Q! When you Q and then hit again, with E or a basic attack, and you're burst is amazing. You obviously max your W last because, yes it's an amazing skill, but it's just not as much a priority than your Q and E, and obviously your R. Ha. So after I max my Q, I max my E, and then R and then W. (:

Now to go a little more indepth!

Twin Disciplines

This is Akali's passive ability! When her ability power gets to 20, her basic attack will deal an extra 8% in magic damage. And this increases by 1% for every 6 ability power that she gains. When she gains bonus 10 attack damage, she will gain 8% spell vamp, and that will increase by 1% for every 6 attack damage that she gains. And this is why she is considered hybrid because you need both attack damage and ability power to set off both of her passives well enough to make her balanced.

Mark of the Assassin

This is your Q! When you use it, you throw one of your kamas at the opponent, and it leaves a purple marking on that champion. Sort of like a target. If you were to hit that enemy again, with either a basic attack or if you were to use your E, it would set off an extra burst of damage, and the purple marking would no longer be there. If you didn't set off the mark, then it'll eventually disappear after 6 seconds, and you'll have to Q them again if you want to get that burst damage again.

Twilight Shroud

This is your W! When you click W, a circle comes up, and you click anywhere within that circle, and a shroud of purple dust appears, when you're inside of that circle, you become invisible for a period of time from the enemy. You also gain bonus armor and magic resistance while in the circle. If you leave the circle you have about a second of invisibility until you're visible again. When the shroud disappears you'll be visible. And when people step on your shroud, they become slowed and even though they're standing on the shroud, they cannot see you. So this is the perfect skill for the assassin, either if you're trying to get away or get a sneak attack on the enemy.

Crescent Slash

This is your E! I love this ability because it makes farming so much easier! When you use this ability, Akali will spin around in a circle attacking everything within it's range. I love to use this ability near a champion that has the Q mark on it. I'll go over my combo in the next section. But this ability is wonderful for farming. When you get all the minions around you to a last hit, just E, and you'll get all the minion farm. Overall this ability is good for everything, attacking and farming.

Shadow Dance

This is your R. Or ultimate ability. With this ability, you can jump, within it's range, to a nearby enemy or enemy minion. The range is quite long, and this ability stacks in increments of 3. So you have a great chasing ability when you're completely stacked. When you run out of stacks, it's actually quite a short cool down, so you'll be back on the chase in no time at all.

Questions, comment below.

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These are two maps of where I typically ward.


The reason I put the wards where I do, is because that way I avoid ganks, from either side of the river. I love wards, to me, they're almost more important then items. So if you're one of those people thinking, "Should I buy a ward or finish an item?" Go for the ward, it could save your life. If you finish that item, what's your guarantee that you won't be ganked? You NEED to ward! So keep a ward on either side of the river, and you should be set!


**For top lane, this map indicates two different possibilities for warding, based upon how many wards you chose to buy!

If you buy two, it'll be in this color.
If you buy three, it'll be in this color.

Avoid ganks at top is a MUST. If you don't buy wards at top and you get ganked, and forced to go back and heal. Then you'll be losing out on farm, and most of the time, any chance of coming back from that. You need to keep atleast 2 to 3 wards up at all times. That way you can avoid unnecessary set backs that ganking causes. Plus having wards, keeps you in a better mindset and you'll be more confident to go past the river, so long as you have wards. It makes it much easier to be more aggressive when you have wards. So really, don't skip wards just to finish an item. Wards are SUPER important!

Questions, comment below.

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Video Gameplay

My YouTube Channel

Video coming soon (:

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Just a quick summary of EVERYTHING. With Akali, stay in either top lane or mid lane. You want to make sure you're building hybrid, meaning both ap and ad items hybrid items because if you go straight ap or straight ad, you lose out on one of your great passives! Warding is a must when you're mid and solo top! Keep an eye on your farming, and keep up well with it. Make sure you buy your items in the correct order, to further your burst potential and your passives, because when you achieve full burst potential, akali is unstoppable. Or I should say legendary? ;)

Questions, comment below.

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Thank you!

I just want to thank everyone that has helped me with my build and masteries! Helping me change my build around and making it even better! You guys are such great people, you've helped me so and I really appreciate everyone's opinions and help!
Thanks so much!

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My YouTube Channel

I do many different walkthrough tutorials and different gameplays for many champions! Check out my YouTube channel, and watch my other videos. And give me some feedback! Thanks so much!

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Akali's Quotes

Upon selection

"As balance dictates."


"Without question."
"Whatever's necessary."
"Mark acquired."
"Another unworthy opponent."
"A necessary sacrifice."
"Honor is the blade's edge."


"Deftly I travel."
"Through Twilight's veil."
"Tread lightly..."
"Remain focused."
"Hesitation is the seed of defeat."
"Symmetry in all things."
"We travel the same path."


"I suggest you run... I want to savour this."


"So many noobs... will matchmaking ever find true balance?"