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Sejuani Build Guide by DutchWolf114

Here Comes the Cavalry! [Quick & Dirty Sej Support]

Here Comes the Cavalry! [Quick & Dirty Sej Support]

Updated on March 17, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DutchWolf114 Build Guide By DutchWolf114 26 1 107,598 Views 10 Comments
26 1 107,598 Views 10 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DutchWolf114 Sejuani Build Guide By DutchWolf114 Updated on March 17, 2021
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Champion Build Guide

Here Comes the Cavalry! [Quick & Dirty Sej Support]

By DutchWolf114


At time of writing (patch 11.6 release) the game is so horribly broken and unbalanced there is no point in writing (or reading) a guide, especially for an off-meta pick. Games are a coinflip right now (at least in silver/gold elo), skill does not matter as roughly 8 out of 10 games are decided by "who has the most broken champs". Of the remaining 2 games, at most 1 is decided by the best player in the match....and the other(s) are decided by the worst feeder. Maybe some sense will return to Rito and I'll get to update these sometime, untill then so long...

Ready to ride?

Welcome to the fourth installment of "quick and dirty off meta supports" (the others, including a.o. Ashe & LeBlanc support, are available here). Let me preface this by saying this guide is primarily intended for support mains that want to have some fun. For that reason, I'm going to assume that, as a support, you know the basics of warding, laning, etc. To be honest, people are quite accepting of Sejuani support. The other champs featured in my guides all lead to "report support" in champ select, but weirdly enough Sej doesn't. aint exactly meta, so I guess she qualifies.

So what are we gonna talk about? We'll have a short discussion about the mindset behind this build and then we'll go through some Sej specific gameplay. That's it, quick & dirty.

GL;HF and see you on the Rift :)


PS. If you just want to know the build and start playing (or, you know, if you got auto-filled and panic picked), scroll back up. Got most of the items, abilities, etc. explained in the notes. Give that a read and you should be good to go.
Bear Cav Mindset

So in my other guides, I start this chapter with an introduction about playing off-meta supports that aren't strictly meant to be played as a support . However, I feel that isn't exactly necessary when discussing Sejuani. Thing is, her kit is suited for supporting rather well. We've got tanky-ness, engage and tons of CC. Heck, we even have some sort of poke in the form of Winter's Wrath. It's perfect really. The only bit that doesn't really fit is the unfortunate fact that Permafrost's passive only stacks off allied melee champs (and, the marksman tends to know....ranged).

Anyway, as for the mindset....think Leona, Alistar, etcetera...with a spark of Ashe. Why Ashe? Because your true strength only reveals itself at level 6 when Glacial Prison comes into play. So, whereas the likes of Leo and Thresh want to be super aggressive from the get-go, you might want to tone it down a bit until you hit 6 (not too much, plays are still possible early...just not as easily as with a Death Sentence).

The single most important aspect of playing Sejuani support is....breaking out your digital wallet and getting that Bear Cav skin. This is the mindset we are going for really:


When your allies are in trouble, you coming charging down midlane like the Winged Hussars to peel them. When the time comes to do battle upon your enemies, you channel the holy spirits of Patton, Schwarzkopf and Rommel and spearhead the charge. To quote Sejuani: "Trample them!". That is the mindset we are going for.
Panzer greift an!

In the spirit of the previous chapter, I aint gonna go into the itemization other than to say: build her like a tanky-support. As for gameplay and other tips:

Remember that....
* Glacial Prison stun scales with range and only stuns on hit.
* Glacial Prison counts as a Permafrost cooldown, so CC-wise short range engages are optimal (in theory).
* Winter's Wrath is quite decent for poking in lane and late-game waveclear.
* Permafrost does not have a cooldown for epic minions....but will drain mana like a b****
* Frost Armor allows some trading and aggressive positioning, keep track of the cooldown.

That's it...I mean, there's not much more to it, if you know how to play Leona, well then you know how to play Sejuani support .
Acta Non Verba

If you are reading this: thanks for going "all the way" through, please leave a like if you liked or a comment if you have any suggestions. My god, this is actually the first quick & dirty that is not in danger of receiving "in-depth" tags. As in the other installations, let me restate that Sejuani is by no means a god-tier support and you should play this to have fun...don't come crying to me if you lose LP. I do, however, honestly believe Sej is quite good in botlane and arguably the least off-meta champ we've discussed in this series so far.

That all being said, it's time to head out to the Rift and have fun,
Thanks for reading,

League of Legends Build Guide Author DutchWolf114
DutchWolf114 Sejuani Guide
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Here Comes the Cavalry! [Quick & Dirty Sej Support]

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