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Amumu Build Guide by Holypulse

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Holypulse

Holymumu-Bandages of Stunlocker (Detailed Laning Guide)

Holypulse Last updated on December 20, 2011
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Hello,fellow summoners,I am Holypulse who is a great fan of assasin and ninja champions,and some supporters,1 months ago,I bought this champion called Amumu because I did not had any tank character.And now I am making a build for it because this sad mummy deserves some credit.Here in my guide how to play Amumu Thus,making a loooong friend list,I hope you will also learn basic characteristics of a tank character.So lets get started.

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Tanking,and Amumu's role in-team

I felt that I need to create this first because learning Amumu's role will lead you to perfect gameplay,
People Needs Amumu
For Caitlyn to shoot his enemies without getting out ranged or to be Instant nuked,For Gangplank to score double triple quadra penta kills with his ulti,for Shaco to blink in to 5 people and chunking his shivs at back of that painful Malzahar,for Brand to unleash his big bad combo with a blaze jumping around 5 people with ease without getting damaged,for Karma and Orianna to feel right and happy while they can unleash their combos with the ropes,balls on you,giving them a chance to show off what they can really manage,for Nasus and Ezreal to focus their tanks and giving an end to painful stuns slows etc with your Despair. they NEED Amumu to initiate and then stunning,slowing the other teams characters,giving your friends a total of 5 secs of nuking positioning healing doing anything they want,these are called BREATH BREAKSand [[Amumu] 's role is to create as much as Breathing Breaks as posssible,while destroying them by the core thus dealingsome serious damage.You will be the first one to go and the last one to leave the battlefield.
As a tank Amumu should always lend his abilities to his teammates for them to use those,and benefit from them this is why this is not a jungle build,you will always be with some one,give me one champion that doesn't like starting with a nice stun at level 1,nice abilities to get minions enough low health for them to be last hitted without fearing melee range,this is why Amumu should be played as lane if he wants to be a real tank, jungle is ok and viable for Amumu but If you want to jungle there are great builds,go and check out one,we want to make a looong friend list,not a Q.Q list because some people doesn't like soloing and you rushing from lane to lane,gank to gank to stop those Q.Q 's.You ALWAYS need to inform your team how many seconds left for you to initiate,how may secs left for ur ulti.You need to lead your team and maybe being at 2 places at once,tanking the mid first,then going bot,saving that turret maybe get some kills with your friends,.
Amumu does not have a second to waste!
Even while travelling between 2 lanes,"being at 2 place at once" you need to replenish hp and some viable mana,or else 400 hp left Q.Q ing Amumu tanking will just be amusable for the other team while LeBlanc one shots you with Sigiled Mimic . That's why we grab Teleport too. Boots of Swiftness will help us reaching all of our team mates,help,ng them through.

Hope this section gave you some ıdea what will we do today,by mastering this guild you won't just know "how to" do stuff,instead we will be learning




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Skills & Abilities,

Skilling with Amumu is done according game time passed,an example:At first every body are on around 550-430 hp and if you grab your Despair the damage you will do according to the mana you lose will give you an astronomical - number.
Amumu is really dependent on his skills as when you know where to use which skill,uhmmm...I even have carried my team in some games instead of Caitlyn or Ashe.So lets check what trump cards do we have.

Bandage Toss
Bandage Toss is your initiator,it shoots a skill shot which goes to desired location,if any champion or minion is struck by it,they get stunned and you are pulled to them. Only used for initiating and the damage and bonuses of our other skills are better this is taken at level 1 and then we focus to our other skills Does some decent damage and lets ou line up your skills,and with the movement you have with your Boots of Swiftness you will be able to fully use your Despair and Tantrum

This skill is under estimated at early-mid game but really shines at late game,where Veigar spams his monstrous spells and even can't get morde to half hp, you will kill hps stackers at a minimal amount of time. When you synergize with your CC's it is damaging all of the opponents effectively even grabbing up some kills ,this skill lets you burn out 5 peoples health bars,and it doesn't matter how big they are,how much hp they have (Sorry Cho,go cry out to riot :) )

This skill deals great damage to people around you(It's range is similar to Crescent Slash)and makes you an awesome farmer,letting you build lot of rich items,thats why if we don't get enough last hit it is not a problem even if we couldn't get some.Also does some physical damage block for a nice early game advantage.Who can ask more?

Curse of the Sad Mummy
My God,a multiple person stun longer than Event Horizon and more hurting than Cyrptic Gaze,you just flash or bandage into the enemy team ,ulti up and open Tantrum and Despair the other team will be offtenly confused,some will try to run some will try to nuke you,congratulations,because you are the only guy in range they will pop all of their nukes to you because they are angry and panicked.Then,when all of their spells are on cooldown your team will be there to pick up the thrashes.And if you are playing with real pros,like ina tournament, thats a 3-3.5 secs stun you have there in total of 6 secs with Bandage Toss...that's a nice team you have there ---sssssssssss--- too bad if something happened to it sssssss..(We love you lewis!)

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Items& Synergizing Amumu

Amumu hasn't got a stable build due to changes to the other teams characters,and what they build up.You aren't an Mage! You can't just go flat AP and survibility.You need to be the greatest of the multiple worlds,absorbing all kinds of damage!You need to protect your health bar,and you need to have a health bar to protect!

I have tried Doran's Shield but corrupting one of my item spots with an un upgradeable item!No thanks bro! We need some lane survibility,you need to protect your lane!And that means you need regeneration.And what do we remember when said regeneration!!? "Raises his hand up in the air" Innervating Locket !!..... go uninstal the game! Ofcourse Regrowth Pendant this is what you will be grabbing and then turning into Philosopher's Stone maybe Elesia's Miracle after first go back,grab your Boots of Speed if you have money you can add Giant's Belt or else you will just need to upgrade your boots to Boots of Swiftness then the core is done after you get your Giant's Belt and where the real deal starts!

If the other team is based on AD and AS

& &
This will give you an upper hand at AD stackers while keeping up the Hp because of the MR that you couldn't keep up,by the ccs of yours you will have a 4 sec of stun and 63% movemen't speed slow,if they keep on attacking slow gets to 80%,which is near stunning....and that really rocks.

If the other team is based on Mage's and Ability Power champions

& & & with this build combination, you will greatly regen hp while keeping MR up,as mages will deal a lot of damage in one single attack,you will regen that hp before they have the time to re CD, and because mages have abilities like Distortion slows doesn't work on them,let thet Caitlyn grab her [[Frozen Mallet] and do that job for you.

If the enemy team is Balanced and Premade(Also works as competitive build) & & & with this you will still be tanking through all forms of damage and deal some damage to support your team and avoid low hp runners,at competitive games ,ranked games your team needs all the damage they need,and you are in one of the few tanks which can do that while main-tanking.You are lowering their MR's due to Abyssal Mask and Cursed Touch thus cooling the mages,easing them in terms of nuking down targets.

Eleisa's Miracle Can be grabbed if the other team has a hard CC that will prevent you from doing your job.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter Is grabbed in all builds.That might be confusing....let me explain.
Despair skill is uppered with AP ratio,and with the AP coming from the Rylai's Cyrstal Scepter is just enough to higher that 1%,and while giving you a nice health pool,and at the competetive games I haven't grabbed it because they will be pros and they will manage to build dps alongside survibility,that means your 1% won't be notable to take,and so,we are covering the health with Sunfire Cape and instead focusing the Despair and its 1% more,I thought it would be wise to help our mages and getting some extra MR with Abyssal Mask because nearly all auto-attack champions have an ability that hits alongside with AP ( Toxic Shot& 90 Caliber Net& Trueshot Barrage & Mystic Shot and so...)

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Summoner Spells

Ok,I usually go with Teleport and Flash my reasons are,
With Teleport you can reach your teammates just when they need it,warping through the map is important! Also you can commit some ganks too with one word...PERFECT!
With Flash you will save that triple kill scorer Katarina right before she was stunned by Sion and giving out that extra gold,you can flash over the wall and catch the running twitch with your stun and punishing him,you can jump into 5 people and pop your ulti then focusing the carry with the Bandage Toss instead of using it to line up your ultimate.There are much to say about this spell but,whatever,take it!

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Amumu Through Phases,Early-Mid-Late gameplay.

Early Game

In early game,go lane with a partner,stay back ,don't worry about farming,we will get it later,hmmm.when level 2 starts start some harrasing,bandage a enemy,probably the squishy one,hit them "once" for Cursed Touch to reduce the MR,then while right clicking back Tantrum at the same time,this way you will harras hard and will not likely to get no damage at all.This is when your teammate goes in to gameplay,you partner just needs to do the damage while the opposing pair are focused on you,your team mate should take advantage of the chasing enemies and unleash a burst of damage,do it again second time you are guaranteed a kill,I will list some mates which can help you and utilize with you.

Your stun will leave your enemies vulnurable to that *** kicking spear

Your stun lets her stun to hit,then her AoE and believe me standing in that storm more than 4 seconds leads to 2 improved Frostbite and that is the best early game nuke combo....

I haven't seen anybody survive while standing in Null Zone,really great combo

Who doesn't like Chuck Norris! You 2 can instantly fly out to somebodies *** and then run away before they can count the damage which melts out their health bars

Oh wow,such a combo! While the ball is on you Ori will max her damage,with Dissonance and Attack Commands,such a delightful pair! combo I have ever seen,never losed with this pair,thanks to my fellow friend naktu1! I bandage he shunpos to me and when we pop our ulti together,,,omg double kill!!

My friend "Yahh" and I tried this combo,as Shaco is best at 1v1 ,Immobilize one of the opponents and there are only a poor opponent and my friend left on the battle field,:Yahh has slain

I have seen that Lux can deal crazy amounts of damage to stunned units and wait.....I have a stun!Thnx to Shadowwalker for showing me her great potential!

Mid Game

Yes yes,sad mummy starts to shine out! You will be roaming this phase as you will be mainly pushing mid with your double stun combo.Grab Blue buff,it is neccesary!Always gank gank gank! Staying communicated with your team is perfect help!Inform them about the status of your Ulti!Count the time,say "35 secs" "30 secs" tell if you are ganking,tell your lane mates to slow down and don't over push,then when you are sure that its the time shoot the skill shot pop despair while the bandage is in air,hit them once,pop ultimate and tantrum and let your mates to take that fuzzy kill!Trick the enemy,do like you are ganking mid,show yourself clearly to mid just by going in and out of brush,this will force mid to stay down and fear the brush while you can gank your own lane!This will cool the mid because they won't push due to "hidng amumu" and will make bot over extend giving you and your laner a chance to grab some kills,after helping everybody out ganking all the lanes always confuse the enemy but don't forget to help your lane when your laner is hardened,if he asks you to stay you should stay,use your teleport,help help help!

Late Game

All that roaming is done and team fights really started,you will organize your team up please take atleast 2 of your luxuries and build around the others,do your initiation,you will target their tank with your damage abilities and their carry with your stuns.PLEASE FOR GODS SAKE DO NOT PLEASE DO NOT GO BACK UNTIL EVERY SINGLE FRIEND OF YOU SHIFTS TO GRAY SCREEN! Even if you run extremely low, just stand back but still in combat while your Nasus drives enemies back to their holes,replenish your hp at back,you need to position yourself,always be infront of the range damage and support while letting melee tough dps and Off-Tank hold the front while you are low,when you are ok you should pick up the phase again.Normal skill lineup,Bandage,Melee hit for Cursed Touch pop tantrum and right click their tank letting your character to follow tank with your whooping Despair and your Abyssal Mask and Cursed Touch to maximize the damage,while your team is pushing a opposing turret there comes the Amuphobia(Will be explained in the section below)use the amuphobia to your advantage and take your team to victory!

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Amuphobia is a physicological technique which I use through all my games,Amuphobia is the fearsome,nerve wracking passivity of Amumu combined with zoning,you got nothing right?Ok,let me teach you with some explanations!

You are at Late game and you have been doing averagely good on your item build,so it takes more than a few nukes to keep your mouth shut, and now your team is pushing a turret and you are there too,nobody can auto attack the turret or attack any other person because both teams are equal and everybody knows if somebody makes a mistake it will lead to a really wracking defeat.There,you should press some Amuphobia into enemy playrs veins,you open despair and start to wander around so close the turret but not attacking nor,dealing damage with your minions,as they will be zoned out quickly they will have 2 choice,to waste all their nukes to you loosing the edge as it will lead a tower dive and they will lose it because they won't have any fireballs to throw,or they will need to leave the turret so they lose the turret than.Just go left-right-left-right-left-right just a few steps infront of their turret,only killing minions as they go back behind you take some steps infront,I know you didn't get it fully but as soon as I turn to Istanbul from holiday I will make a video guide and you will definately get it my people!

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A few last words...

So,I have shown you my play style to play Amumu,maybe going too in depth and bored you,I have tried my best,I need to thank my friends naktu1,Shadowwalker,cagatay123,Yahh and Elix for helping me and sharing their game experience with me,..please criticise me and discuss my build,I want you to up vote this build not because to feed my nerdic ego,I want it for this build to reach more players,if this helped go thumbs up , if didn't like it, thumbs down BUT send me a pm why you down voted.Ask for more builds,for other champs,I will try to help you as much as I can about amumu or any other champ,
Add me if you want to chill out
Do some discussive talk
Or to play some games and watch me IN ACTION!